With the passing of days, everybody desires to look good. So, for that purpose, general public hunts for a decent fashionable clothes store.

Are you one of that fashion store owner, fashion designer or an advisor, who inspite of respectable knowledge fails to accumulate a loyal customer base?

Just like you help others to look good, we would like to help you look good & grow your business by choosing our MailGet Bolt’s best fashion email templates.

The email template’s construction has been carried out under the supervision of prolific marketing experts and the e-templates have assured to give benefits like,

  • Reduced Workload:- The email templates are packed with automated email transmission mechanism, which allows you to focus on some other important tasks too.
  • Improved Accessibility:- All the email templates have been blessed with 100% responsivity, meaning that it can be accessed on either laptops, tablets or phones.
  • Cost Effective:- The email marketing service associated with e-templates is highly inexpensive, which indirectly helps you save money.

So, just to speed up the process of making you a highly esteemed brand, we have compiled a list of best email templates for fashion designers and stores.

12+ Best Fashion Email Marketing Services For Clothing Stores, Footwear Shops & Accessories Houses is one of the few fruitful ways to promote and strengthen your fashion related business.

1. New Email Template For Model & Designer Wear Outlets

Mass transmission of this email template will be the sole reason for the upliftment of your designer wear store. The template is integrated with the facility to track your subscriber’s actions like open and click rates. This effective tracking of emails will surely help you in knowing the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and also to improve it.

Model Wears Email Template

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2. Responsive Email Template For Groom Shopping Stores & Boutiques

The email template for groom shopping stores is designed especially for the betterment and effective advertisement of your boutique. The drag & drop email builder is the tool behind the construction of this visually attractive email template. The builder facilitates effortless dragging of required fields and dropping them in the template’s layout.

Groom Shopping Store Email Template

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3. Best Email Template For Beauty Exhibition & Fashion Events

This email template is the best when you have to put the word out about your upcoming fashion event as this e-template guarantees 99% delivery rate. With this amount of delivery percentage, you are destined to reach your subscriber’s inbox without any hassle. This will also result in productive brand promotion also.

Beauty Exhibition Email Template

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4. Latest Email Template For Closet Organizers & Wardrobe Managers

Tempt your potential customers to subscribe to your services by sending them classy email templates on the regular basis. The e-template can be transmitted with the help of an automated mechanism, known as drip emailing. Under this feature, you only have to set a triggering date and time on your email campaigns.

Closet Organizer Email Template

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5. Brand New Email Template For Fashion Houses & Designer Stores

With the help of email template designed for fashion & designer stores, you can effectively promote our business by sending this template to your customers at the right time. This pinpoint email transmission can be achieved with the help of email scheduling feature where you can set date & time on your email template to get sent.

Fashion House Email Template

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6. Top Email Template For Virtual Stylists & Online Fashion Experts

Publicize your new business of online and virtual fashion expertise by sending lucrative email templates to your potential and existing clientele. In order to create a great first impression, you can send an automatic welcome email with the help of auto responding mechanism. This feature is usually activated because of various user actions like signing up, payments, feedbacks, etc.

Virtual Stylist Email Template

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7. Ideal Email Template For Wedding Dress Shops & Marriage Apparel Providers

One of the most constructive ways to boost your wedding dress business is with the help of this email template. The mass sending of email templates allows you to stay on top of your customer’s mind. Along with this, the list management feature allows you to easily manage a healthy list of email addresses of your clients.

Wedding Dress Store Email Template

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8. Improved Email Template For Vintage Clothing & Accessories Stores For Men

Although you might be selling vintage clothes for men, but you don’t have to opt old promotional means like flyers, newspaper ads, etc. Instead, you can use this email template as an e-pamphlet for the purpose of effective brand promotion. The template also enables you to add an array of social media icons so that you give your customers an opportunity to share your store on social media platform.

Vintage Men Clothing Email Template

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9. Supreme Email Template For Vintage Clothing & Attire Outlets For Women

Unlike your vintage style clothing services, this email template is highly advanced in enhancing your old-style clothing outlet. The template designing falls under the supervised hands of drag & drop email builder. It allows you to quickly build or customize your email template by dragging and dropping relevant fields in the template designing area.

Vintage Women Clothing Email Template

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10. Perfect Email Template For Fashion Academies & Schools

All the fashion institutes, academies and schools can promote their courses, as well as their brand with the help of technologically advanced email templates. Just like you will review the work of your current and future students, similarly, you can preview your email template before hitting the send button.

Fashion School Email Template

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11. Premium Email Template For Trendy Shoe Suppliers & Boot Showrooms

Through the bulk sending of this email template, you are destined to get all the desired promotion and success that you were longing for. The stylish shoe store owners can create a strong bond with their clientele by sending them a personalized email, as it is now easy to attach their names just with the help of personalized tags.

Trendy Shoe Store Email Template

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12. Free Email Template For Luxury & Lavish Bags Stores

Because of the regular updates received from you, in the form of stunning email templates, you will achieve maximum exposure in a very less time. Since you are known to create and provide exceptional boots, your customers must be restless to know the updates about them. For this purpose, you can provide them a subscription form in your e-templates, so that they can subscribe to your services and receive instant notifications.

Luxury Bags Email Template

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13. Optimum Email Template For Fashion Accessories Shops

If you looking for a way to make a grand entrance in the business arena then this email template for fashion accessories shops will definitely help you. The e-template is compatible with the Google Analytics feature. Hence, you can easily keep track of your visitors, the duration they stayed on your website, browsers used, along with all the necessary demographics.

Fashion Email Templates

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With the proper usage of above-listed email templates, you are guaranteed to get all the success that you deserve.

Are you looking for a way to create your own email template or to add few customizations in e-template, you can undeniably do it via MailGet Bolt.

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