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Flowers are the most pleasing things that are gifted to mankind by nature, there is a variety of flora that exists around the world which is soothing to the eyes and pleasing in the smell.

The florist who wishes to make themselves a brand and like to see themselves among the top florists can utilize a service known as the MailGet Bolt email marketing service to acquaint people about the various flowers that they sell.

The email marketing services enable you to deliver all the essential factors directly into the inbox of the people’s mail. The email will be descriptive that will give customers a better idea of the flower selling.

The different types of flowers like roses, tulips, amaryllis, anthurium, aster, baby’s breath, bupleurum, calla and many others that you offer to your customers.

Features Of the MailGet Bolt Explained:-

Create Mails Which Will Describe Your Features Well:-

When you thought of making your email resplendent and like to show your creativity then the respective email marketing tool is the best for you, the drag and drop builder can be used to create a mail by simply dropping fields on the content section.

There are other features as well through which mail can be created like basic text editor, theme template option, custom code editor, all these features will help you construct mails in an attractive manner.

Contacts In The Form Of Email Ids For Florists :-

A number of contact lists can be created in which the email ids of the customers which you think as the potential customers can be added. The mail can be sent in bulk and specific contact lists can also be selected at the time delivering the mail.

The spammed lists suspended lists and blocked lists can be seen on the respective section of the email marketing tool.

Email As Quick As Your Reflexes Work:-

The autoresponder function of the email marketing software sends an email as soon as the subscription form is filled by the customer. Another function is sending drips to the customers that is feasible when there are a number of mails required to be sent on a specific date and time.

The auto follow up function is activated when the mail sent is not read by the customer due to any reason, in such case you can resend the mail on some other selected day.


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