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Take out the edible communities by an awe while promoting your food magazines & restaurant business online.

Don’t worry we are getting to the point where you get to know how you are going to advertise your food guide via emails.

MailGet Bolt is your one-click solution where you get all the features to do your email marketing for food magazines.

Create Diner Journal Email Template:

No matter what kind of emails you want to send we have got all the weapons for it.

Drag And Drop Email Builder-

For creative emails, we have got a drag and drop email builder with which you can send colorful mail fill with images and links to direct them on your food magazine websites. With the heading, text, images, grab the customer’s attention quickly.

You can send emails like-

  • Recipes of scramble egg.
  • Fruits rich in protein.
  • Best to have a juice.

Basic Text Editor-

For sending simple emails we have basic text provider where all you need is your customer’s Id and send them your ready email on food guide.

Custom Code Editor-

Use custom coded HTML email template or you can even copy the code from anywhere else. In this way, you can also add any image or text in coding which can be edit later.

Theme Template-

If you don’t want a tacky template then this theme template is all you need as it is pre-built responsive and drag-and-drop compatible theme template.

Food! Food! Food!

Don’t Wait By The Clock.

Plan Your Food Magazine Promotion Via Drip Campaign:

Planning your food magazine marketing tricks are not supposed to be a monotonous task. All you require is a relevant and clear information that you want to share with your respective subscriber.

Set an email, date and time according to your wish and autoresponder will take care of the rest so that your emails go out on the planned schedule. This will definitely decrease your workload of working off hours.

Target Your Specific Or Regular Groups:

Send your promotional emails to those subscribers who are added to your contact list. On the left-hand side, you get to see a list of your contacts which you can name them according to your need.

Other important lists are:

  • Suspended ListPresents those people Id’s who have unsubscribed you so that they won’t get any new emails from your side.
  • Bounce Email List Presents those people Id’s who are having wrong and invalid email Id so whenever you send them any mail it comes right back to you.
  • Spam/Complaint List- Present those people Id’s who have chosen to kept you in the spam folder so that in future they will not get bothered by you anymore.

Email Workflow On MailGet Bolt Dashboard:

On the dashboard, you can see all the emails which you have created so far. You can delete them or can even make a clone of them before deleting them. You can also edit it or can even send them to the other new contacts or whoever you want.

Email Marketing For Food Magazines


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