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According to recent studies, consumers still prefer email as a means of communication with business.

Does your medical practices have a strategy to communicate with patients via email?

Then MailGet Bolt provides you the powerful & professional Email Marketing services to educate your future & existing patients.

It can be used for more than a decade with fantastic results. Today it’s a faster & more portable than ever before in its ability to reach the social patient’s.

Email marketing for medical services can be broken down into two parts:-

  • As reaching out to your future patients
  • And also maintaining contact with your existing patients.

You can call it blended strategies. Have you discover how MailGet Bolt can increase your revenue and build your business effective. The best part is, that we do the work so that you don’t have to do.

Speciality Of Template Builder In Creating Emails For Medical Services

As a doctor, you won’t have so much time to waste upon designing the creative email templates. So, to save your time MailGet Bolt provides you a drag & drop builder.

With its help, you need to just drag the object like images, text etc as per your design requirement and within a few minutes your responsive email templates will be ready and you can easily send them to your patients.

Here you will find a theme template in which their are some pre-built templates. You just need to choose them and is set for the distribution among your patients.

Another email building tool is a basic text editor. You can simply write information that you wish to deliver to your patients.

Don’t Let Any Of Your Patients Miss Your Medical Events

An excellent feature we have is drip campaign, here you can arrange your emails on pre-scheduled date and time. So, that your patients receive all the details of your events and will be able to attend them on time.

Automate Your Health Care Services

Another amazing feature that MailGet Bolt have is autoresponder, as the patient sign-up with the embedded form on your medical practice’s site.

Then they will be able to receive an automatic generated mail in their inbox which inform them about the services that you provide and your details like contact number, email address, meeting time, etc.

Secure Your patients Valuable Contact Details

You can create a new contact list of your customers using MailGet API feature in which you can simply write down the details of your patients such as name comma email address terminated by semicolon or otherwise we can upload a CSV file also.

Here you can see the email Id’s of your patients who unsubscribe your emails in suspended list. Also, you can view the invalid id’s in bounce list. And if any patient is not interested to receive your emails then this you can check in your spam list so, that further you won’t send emails on that id’s.

MailGet Bolt will help you grow your medical practice services and will increase your health care business.

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