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For a hairdresser, styling hair is very easy but what takes more mind power is the advertising of the shop. In the world of technology, what is more, effective than an email marketing?

Email marketing for hairdressers, is far more effective means of communication than phone calls back and forth to schedule, cancel, promotion or enquire about sales & discounts.

Introduction Of MailGet Bolt:

Keeping this in mind we are introducing you with MailGet Bolt which is an email marketing service via which you circulate information on your hair care services by sending mass emails to your customers.

MailGet Bolt can be used by:

  • Hairdressers.
  • Hairstylists.
  • Hair salon owners.
  • And other barbers.

Send Hair Care Routine Emails To Your Users:

The good news for hairdressers is that mobile devices are opened anytime anywhere, that’s why you have got a greater chance to catch the attention of the reader, but the bad news is you’ve only seconds to grab the attention of them.

MailGet Bolt allows you to run 2 types of campaign. That is regular and drip. In it, you get 4 types of email building tools. They are as following:

  • Drag & drop email builder: Create eye-catching emails with the help of this tool. Make it more understandable by adding heading, subheading, text, and link for free to that email and send it your potential customers. Send them emails of hairdressing such as:
  • Save Up To 70%.
  • Online Hairdressing Training Videos.
  • Weekend coupons.
  • Basic text editor: Formal emails tends to attract more customers as they are easy to write and understandable. Choose fonts according to your need and create a worthy hair care email.
  • Custom code editor: For a person who has a basic HTML knowledge can use this editor as they can create a promotional email of hairdressing salon by adding custom HTML code. You can also copy the code from outer source.
  • Theme template: Choose from among the pre-built responsive and compatible template if you are busy somewhere else. All you have to do is edit it according to your hair salon and send it your potential customers.

Usage Of Drip Campaign In Your HairDressing Salon:

Apart from regular campaign, drip is the other campaign which is very important for the promotion of your hairdresser salon. It also contains the above-mentioned top email building tools. But the only favor point is that in drips you can set the date, time and email which you want to send.

Hairstyling Customer’s Contact List:

Arrange customers contact list in the contact tab of MailGet Bolt. Update the list of the best users of your hairdressing site by uploading a CSV file to add more contacts. The following list will differentiate one lot of customers to the other which are:

  • Suspended list
  • Bounce email list
  • Spam/complaint list.

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