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Email Marketing Service For Health Insurance Companies To Send Fundraising Messages In Bulk To Customers.

Email Marketing For Health Insurance

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Health insurance is the scheme that protects the person against the cost of medical expenses by covering all policies. It provides a financial structure to an insurer in which the person have to pay a little amount of money at periodically to maintain financial spool.

Many people bereft of health insurance benefits because of the lack of promotion.

So if you want to proliferate your insurance policies then you need to promote your business all around the world. There are no better options to merchandise yourself than an email marketing.

Here we offer you an outstanding email marketing service which helps you to communicate with the audience easily by just sending emails.

With our MailGet Bolt email marketing service, you can send fundraising messages in bulk to customers, also tell them about the new policies, expiration date of the agreement and other special offers via emails.

An email marketing is the cost efficient and also has other benefits.

Start Sending Emails By Using Our Services

This email marketing tool has two email campaigns first one is Regular and second is Drip. let’s scrutinize each campaign separately.

In the Regular campaign, you can send emails in bulk to the customers which are present in your contact list so that every person get better ideas about your health insurance policies. You can create multiple contact list and import as many customers email in the list. Also, you can manage a list of spam, suspended and bounce customers email.

In Drip campaign, you can send a pre-written set of emails to customers which are based on your pre-set schedule. The timing of emails are followed a pre-schedule structure which is created by you and these emails will be sent in a series to the customer. Drip email marketing can be used with the lead generation form or other subscription forms.

An autoresponder plays an important role in drip campaign, whenever user fills the subscription form, an automated pre-set message will be sent to the subscriber via autoresponder feature. Also, these subscriber emails automatically enrolled to contact list.

Create An Email Via Different Module

We offer you a profitable email marketing service with so many professional tools by using which you can build your multiple emails with no sweat. Some of them are –

Drag n Drop Email Builder is the best tool to create multimedia emails within minutes. Anyone can build multimedia email who don’t have the knowledge of coding. By using this email builder, you can create beautiful email templates, also you can set business relevant images, heading, etc.

A Basic Text Editor allows you to create text-only messages which are perfect for promoting your health insurance policies.

By using Custom Code Editor, you can create custom emails via HTML codes, also you can copy other template codes and paste on this editor.

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Email Marketing For Health Insurance


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