With our fast paced life, everybody is prone to some kind of dangers and threats. So to combat this issue, people desire to get insured but fails to find any good insurance agencies, firms and agents.

But you, being a highly knowledgeable and skilled insurance agent who also represent an upcoming insurance agency, failing to convert interested candidates into loyal customers?

For all the frustrated insurance brokers we recommend you to start using MailGet Bolt’s email templates because of its multipurpose behavior and benefits like,

  • The email templates can be used for either promotional activities or for regularly informing clients about the due date for the upcoming installment.
  • It has been known to reduce the workload on you as along with manual email sending, you can also dispatch them with an automated process.
  • The e-templates are bound to visually please and educate the recipients as it is dispatched with 99% inbox delivery success rate.

Just go through our assembled list of best insurance email templates and choose the most apt template for your services in order to boost it up.

Reinforce and popularize your insurance agencies, venture capital firms and companies with the help of 10+ Best Insurance Email Marketing Services For Life Insurance Companies, Pets, Vehicles & Banks.

1. Brand New Email Template For Insurance Agents & Brokers

Promote your policy selling services by sending lucrative offers in the form of email templates. The e-template has been made visually attractive with the help of a powerful email building tool, called as the drag & drop email builder. It facilitates you to quickly arrange various fields like heading, images, buttons, etc. into the layout, just by dragging and dropping them.

Insurance Agents Email Template

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2. Top Email Template For Pet Insurance Companies & Firms

Advice your potential clients to get their pets insured by your insurance company by constantly reminding them about your services with the help of this email template. This constant communication can be taken care with the help of an automated mechanism called, drip emailing. Now, you can send your clientele a set of email templates on regular basis by setting a triggering date/time on them.

Pet Insurance Email Template

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3. Latest Email Template For Insurance Agencies & Companies

Get your insurance agency to the new height in the business arena with the help of this email template. The template assures maximum exposure for your firm as it is packed with 99% inbox delivery rate. When clubbed with proper sending time, your template is surely going to get higher open rate and conversions.

Insurance Agencies Email Template

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4. Responsive Email Template For Vehicle Protection Coverage & Insurance Services

If you are a vehicle insurance company, then the mass transmission of this email template will guarantee you efficient exposure in the marketplace. The e-template allows you to monitor the actions of your recipients. Hence you can effortlessly notice the open and clicked rate from the dashboard itself.

Vehicle Insurance Email Template

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5. Best Email Template For Loan Providing Agencies

Initiate a long-term relationship with your new customers and also with your current customers by sending them informative email templates. The e-template is helpful in reducing your workload as you can send them with the help of email scheduling functionality. The only thing that you are required to do is set a setting-off schedule (date and time) on them.

Loan Provider Email Template

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6. New Email Template For Microfinance Fund Banks

Drive a large number of entrepreneurs and small business owners at your bank’s doorsteps by informing them about your services with the help of this email template. The template allows you to create a sense of personal relationship by using personalized tags in your emails. This generic tag helps you to address your clients with their names.

Microfinance Bank Email Template

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7. Customizable Email Template For Education Loan Providing Agencies

Help students to brighten up their future and also yours by educating them about the new education loan plans that your firm is offering, through email templates. You can smoothly maintain a healthy list of email addresses of your clients with the help of list management feature. This amenity allows you to create a separate list of faulty and unsubscribed email addresses too.

Student Loan Provider Email Template

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8. Improved Email Template For Hedge Funds & Investment Companies

Create a secure and reliable aura and invite various individuals to invest in your hedge fund company by sending tempting email templates. With the help of subscriber segmentation feature, you can create a separate list of clients based on their needs and investment requirements. This also encourages effective targeting of leads.

Hedge Fund Management Company Email Template

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9. Free Email Template For Factoring & Financing Companies

Invite a large number of clients to work with your factoring company by informing them about you through the use of email templates. The e-templates also helps in creating a great first impression with the help of auto-responding email mechanism. Usually, this mechanism is activated when your subscriber has performed an action like sign up, payment, etc.

Factoring Company Email Template

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10. Ideal Email Template For Venture Capital & Investment Firms

Through this email template, publicize your venture capital firm and achieve a great position in the business arena. The template can be used for promotional activities effectively as it provides a lot of shareability options. One such option is an array of social media icons which certainly helps in showcasing your investment services.

Venture Capital Firm Email Template

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11. Optimum Email Template For Debt Counselling Centers

Enlighten your potential and current clients about the dangers of ignoring debts with the help of this email template. The template will surely generate a lot of leads as it provides you an option of embedding a subscription form in the template’s layout. Also, it will increase your open rates too if sent with auto follow up emailing feature.

Debt Counselling Center Email Template

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Just like you excel in managing the risks of health, cars, pets, etc., similarly, we shine in uplifting your insurance agencies/ investment firms with the help of our email templates.

All the email templates are considered complete in every sense but if you want to skip them and design your own template, do it with the help of MailGet Bolt email editor.

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