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Advancement of technology is a boon to us but it has caused people to stick to their phones and other devices. Because of this, general public prefers reading over tablets & mobile phones.

This sudden shift in the reading medium has drastically affected the publishers and the printing agencies like yours.

Every once in awhile you would be wondering, what more you can do to reinstate the lost reputation and invite readers to your doorsteps.

For every pressperson and publication houses like you, we are providing a game-changing medium i.e. email marketing for publishers, which will allow you to survive in this fiercely competitive world by generating enough profit and traffic at your publication house & website.

Manage Expenditure Of Your Publication Agency Through Creative E-Templates

Even though you had tried the old conventional method of promotional activities via newspaper ads and pamphlet distribution, I am sure that you aren’t satisfied with its outcome and instead lost significant funds over these promotional campaigns.

With the help of MailGet Bolt, you can design cost-effective, attractive email templates through effortless drag & drop builder and use it for your advertising purposes.

The template designing is done by dragging relevant fields like text, heading, images, button, etc. and placing them in the content. Other than this easy-to-use feature, you get to save these template designs online and hence it acts as e-pamphlet over the internet ultimately saving your advertising money

Further design customization and email campaign cloning option is also provided in this feature.

Cater Your Reader’s Request Even After Working Hours Via Drip Emails

Let us tell you a fact – you are more likely to lose a potential client when you fail to address his needs and requirements in comparison to any other situation.

To prevent your publication firm to even get into that situation, MailGet Bolt is integrated with drip emailing and autoresponder features which ensure that you are in the constant touch with your reader’s community.

For instance, a reader from different nation subscribes to your publisher’s blog, but you cannot welcome him because of time zone difference. Hence to solve this issue, you can use auto responding emails to greet him.

Similarly, drip emails are set with the preferred date/time and upon its arrival, email campaigns are triggered automatically.

Expand Your Publication Community By Embedding Subscription Form In E-Campaigns

Who doesn’t like a good fan base and who doesn’t want to increase it? A group of positive subscribers and followers not only facilitates your sales to rise high but also improves your brand name.

The email marketing for publication houses is fused with the option to add a subscription form in the email campaigns.

This form enables you to generate leads which can turn into loyal customers and as we all know, more leads/clients means greater chances of making a profitable sale.

To your assurance, MailGet Bolt is considered as the best email marketing service provider by other miserable publishers as it guarantees to increase your audience, sales/profit and brand name.

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