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Being a makeup artist is a tough job because everyone wants you to be perfect in your work.

I understand that, but what’s more important is if everyone knows about you on a bigger platform.

We are providing you a stage you deserve known as MailGet Bolt, via which you can send bulk emails in regards to promote your parlor business. As email marketing is important for many reasons, if you use it properly it will give your business a boost with very little resources.

Now the question rises,

How Are You Going To Make The Most Use Of MailGet Bolt?

The answer is here!

Creating Different Types Of Promotional Emails Over Your Parlour

MailGet Bolt furnishes you with mainly two types of campaign.

  • Regular.
  • Drips.

Now let’s see both of them briefly.

Regular Campaign-

Here, you can send messages in one go, without any problem. In drag and drop email builder you can create a beautiful and colorful template with heading, text, and link about your makeup parlor.

Other email building tools also provide you with the facility to write emails in different types. Write text only emails via basic text editor, create custom code HTML emails with the help of custom code editor you can also copy the paste from another source too. Whereas theme template is a pre-built template from which you can choose anyone and edit it according to your business.

Going On A Vacay?

Sending Email’s Dates Are Colliding?

Don’t Worry You Have Drips Campaign!

MailGet Bolt gives you one of the best features of creating mail. It is known as Drips Campaign where you can build emails as you make in regular campaign, which is as following-

  • Drag & drop email builder.
  • Basic text editor.
  • Custom code editor.
  • Theme template.

The one and only difference is the allowance you get in drips is that you can set date, time and email which you want to send to your customers. After setting it, you are free from all the worries and can enjoy your vacation easily.

Having Too Many Customers Is Good.

But Are You Arranging Them Properly?

Being a makeup artist obviously you are having tons of contacts as they are extremely important, but you also need to arrange them accordingly. Under contact tab, you can organize them with an appropriate heading.

You can also upload a CSV file ( comma separated values ) which will directly transport your contacts in the contact tab of MailGet Bolt.

Further, you will get 3 lists which will differentiate them from one another. They are:

  • Suspended List- The customers who do not want to receive any kind of emails in regards to your makeup parlor and have unsubscribed you, this list will have the email Ids of those customers.
  • Bounce Emails List- This list will have the Ids of those customers who are having an invalid email address. So, whenever you send them emails it will automatically get bounced up in this list.
  • Spam/Complaint List- Customers who have chosen to put the promotional emails of your makeup agency in their spam box, this list will notify you of those customers.

You can also clean your contact lists which are of no use.

Other Important Features Of Robust MailGet Bolt Email Marketing Tool:

    • Dashboard- Go through all of your past emails in the dashboard where you can edit them, delete them or can even send them to your other customers.
    • Autoresponder- Make your customers feels welcome whenever they signup in your makeup parlor business by sending them an automated email which is done by the autoresponder.
    • Trace the sent emails- Trace the sent email’s status such as how many of them are clicked, opened and delivered.
    • Search bar- It is present in the contact tab as well as on the dashboard where you can search any particular emails.


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