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Insurance Agents Can Send Mass Emails To Notify Their Clients About New Insurance Policies Via Email Marketing Services.

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The biggest task for your insurance agencies in order to sustain a livelihood is to convince the general public to buy an insurance scheme from your agency. To add more complexities to this job, you often need to inform and promote your insurance services.

So, what more can you do to maximize your chances of rising up in the insurance division tier?

With the help of MailGet Bolt’s email marketing service for insurance companies, you would be able to generate a great revenue through commissions and create a long term relationship with your clientele.

This email marketing tool is extremely cost-effective and coherent means to communicate with your targeted audience. Along with some other exclusive features provided by this marketing service, you can surely become one of the biggest conglomerates in the insurance sector.

Save Paperwork & Promote Your Insurance Schemes Via Personalized E-Templates

Benjamin Franklin once said, “A penny saved is a penny earned”. This holds true in all aspects as the e-marketing strategy reduces all the printing cost of pamphlets and brochures hence saving a lot of money that would have been used in your insurance firm’s promotional activities.

Email templates allow you to formulate various email campaigns and to create visually attractive templates, we use drag & drop functionality. If you want to insert an image or text or both, you can do so by dragging the required field and placing them in the content. As simple as that.

Now, to make your emails a little more personal, MailGet Bolt provides a few personalized tags. Let’s face it, nobody wants to be a part of that old school generic email campaigns. So, with the help of few tag lines like {firstname}, {lastname}, etc. you can add a personal touch to it.

Through Drip Emailing, Nurture Relationships With Insurance Services Seekers

Insurance industries thrive on constant support and communication process. Without it, they won’t achieve any success they had hoped for.

Drip emails are the means to increase your credibility and interests as it would re-initiate insurance policies sales with existing and potential customers. The drip emailing effect is achieved by setting a date and time on emails which would automatically trigger them for sending purposes.

For example,

Let us consider a situation where you had presented an insurance plan to a client and he decided to take his time to move towards further processes. In the meantime, you can send a series of automated emails informing him about your other insurance related services too. By this way, you are staying at the top of your customer’s mind while he browses all other options.

Other examples insurance agencies can use for drip emailing

  • Renew your expiring policy.
  • Missed your installment due date? Pay online.

Monitor Your Insurance Grantees Behavior Via Email Tracking

In order to survive and stay on top in the banking & insurance sector, you decided to provide various insurance services like home insurance, travel insurance, automobile insurance, etc to your clients. All the addition of services has not only ensured higher chances of profit generation but also increased the workload on your staff.

So, MailGet Bolt has provided a segmentation feature for insurance companies which grants you the right to easily segregate your clientele. Through this segregated list, you will get to know your client’s requirements/needs and attend them accordingly.

Another unique feature offered by this email marketing service is email tracking by which you can measure all your email campaign’s effectiveness by studying various factors like open, click and unsubscribed rate.

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