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Are you the type of guy or an organization who even after following the latest technological trends fails to get proper public attention and respect?

Your days of miseries are over as MailGet Bolt has devised a new scheme- email marketing for IT services, which will prove beneficial for you in setting a benchmark in the world of information technology.

With the latest shift towards digitalization, it would be wise for you and other IT industries to opt for more efficient and viable marketing strategy i.e. email marketing. This email marketing tool is capable of turning your luck around as it has been proved as the most effective, easy to use and pocket-friendly method.

The e-marketing for IT support services packs a lot of important inbuilt features within itself. Let’s begin with the basics first –

Greet & Regularly Inform Your IT Service Seekers With Classy E-Templates & Drip Emails

In order to maintain a healthy relationship with your clientele, you must be willing to send attractive personalized emails quite often. But the above process takes a lot of work and time to tempt potential customers to choose your IT assistance.

With the help of following features, you can definitely build a forum for your loyal customers-

  • Drag & Drop Feature For Easy, Informative Template Building-

This feature is the best when it comes to time management and ease-of-use. You can quickly place various text, images, social icons and button fields just by dragging and dropping them in the template.

Customizing the background, text and body color is also an option provided by this attribute.

  • Personalized Tags For Individualistic Approach In Emails-

Sending every email along with the name of its recipient is quite a tiresome task.

So, this function is entitled to address an email with the recipient’s name. Now with the help of a single tag line, you can easily add the first/last name of your clients in every email. Because of this personalized touch, they feel connected towards your IT solutions company.

  • Autoresponders, To Remain In Regular Touch-

It becomes very difficult to be in constant touch with customers because of the busy schedule of your IT consultant company.

So, this marketing strategy is empowered with autoresponder feature which enables an automatic email to be sent on your behalf to the corresponding client. This is triggered by the user actions like sign up, payment, feedback, etc.

Another auto responding mechanism packed in this e-service is drip emailing. The only thing different is the fact that it is triggered because of preset date and time. This technique is effective in sending weekly/monthly email campaigns like a newsletter.

By now, you might have got an idea about how pleasing this email marketing is at the front end. Let us now explore more advanced features which will be helpful in generating huge interests for your IT firm.

Devise Your IT Company’s Future Marketing Strategy Through Google Analytics Compatibility

Email marketing for IT services will be a lot more fruitful if the companies get to know the behavior of audience generated on their website through email campaigns.

MailGet Bolt yet again comes to your rescue as it provides compatibility of Google analytics function.

This feature is optimum in fabricating your new e-marketing service by analyzing your company’s website and segmenting the results based on certain demographics. That is, you can now easily monitor the number of visitors, their website interaction period, location, device used and much more.

This email marketing tool with the help of above-mentioned characteristics and along with customer segmentation, email tracking features, etc can guarantee an exponential growth in your IT services & solutions business.

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