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Manufacturers, Fabricators, And Industrialists Can Use Email Marketing To Reach Their Large Group Of Consumers & Let Them Know About Your Current Innovations.

Email Marketing For Manufacturers

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From over a past decade manufacturing sector is on rage, new designs and products are emerging. With the increase in varieties of products, the number of consumers are decreasing for each product. Because for a specific product, there will be a specific number of consumers.   
Everything you are using is made up by manufacturers. It may not be complete but it has some part of manufacturing in it.

Now I have a question for manufacturers, “How much money have you spent on marketing and promotions”? A lot of right??   

Now think about increasing your customers just by sending Emails??

Sounds Good..?

Well, here I present you the MailGet Bolt – Email Marketing Service For Manufacturers.

MailGet Email Marketing has so many features that can help you build a strong customer relation.

Build A responsive, Impressive And Attractive Template to Showcase Manufacturing Ideas To Your Audience 

Got something in mind and want to share with your subscribers?

Do it efficiently with our responsive email marketing template by using varieties of editing option in it. So, it is beneficial for casting, coating, molding, machining and other manufacturing processes.     

Creating email on MailGet builder is so easy that it can be done in few clicks and result in a stunning and eye-grabbing template and it can easily work on any device.

This builder has the drag and drop feature so that it will save your quality time. Instead of wasting money on other marketing ideas, you can just invest it here to stretch out your ideas directly to the consumer inbox.

Not Getting Replies, Consumers Are Not Opening Your Emails…???

No Worries…! We Are Here With A Full Proof Solution – “ The Email Tracking”

The major problem with today’s email marketing is low opening rates. It means a very low percentage of people are opening your emails or clicking on it.

This problem can be solved by the Email Tracking feature.

With the help of this amazing feature, you can analyze and resend the same email to your clients, who didn’t open your mail at the first time. Moreover, you can schedule this email as per your marketing strategy.

This feature will elevate your open rates and will definitely increase your sales as it will definitely convert maximum leads into loyal consumers. 

The Drip Campaign And Auto Responder, Your Ace Of Spade….!!

As I said the drip campaign and autoresponder can be the trump card in your marketing strategy. With drip campaign, you can schedule mail timings as per your wish or you can set it to the auto respond mode.

Now suppose, you are going on a business trip for a week and there is no one who can send these emails but drips will do the work for you.

All you have to do is add an email campaign by selecting drip emailing option and click on save and continue. After that, choose the day and timing according to you and click on save settings.

If you want to use the autoresponder for your subscribers, then make another email campaign and you have to add it to auto responding option.

With this feature, if someone subscribes you, then he’ll automatically get a welcome email from you and in that automatic email, you can write personally address the new subscriber.

This is how you manufacturing ideas and product details can reach up to your current lead and you can convert them into your future consumers.  

Email Marketing For Manufacturers


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