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Are you the person who often finds yourself advising friends and families about buying certain products? Indeed you are and more often than not you might have also thought to make a personal shopper’s business out of it.

But the only thing that stopped you from starting your dream business is the lack of knowledge about promoting your occupational ideas.

To assist you in your promotional activities and to earn a sustainable profit margin, we are providing you with our new service – email marketing for personal shoppers.

Since this marketing strategy is cost-effective, easy to use and multi-functional, it would definitely set you on the course of success by enrooting your business effectively.

Advertise Your Shopping Expertise By Responsive Email Templates

In the earlier part of the decade, it is considered great to have a business card for your brand promotion. But gone are those days where you would wander the streets with your cards, flyers and pamphlets, informing potential clients about your personal shopping assistance service.

MailGet Bolt provides an optimum medium for broadcasting your consulting facilities with the help of e-templates. The email template designs are highly responsive i.e. it automatically adjusts itself according to device’s screen specification.

Now, since you are not so tech-savvy, you would be wondering how it is possible for you to build a pleasing template design. Worry no more because this problem is addressed by an easy to use drag & drop email builder. You can just drag the required field (text, images, buttons, divider, etc.) and place them in the content like this –

Drag And Drop Email Builder

Diversify Your Line Of Work By Targeting Clients With Different Assistance Needs

Let’s face the harsh truth that no business can persist if they cater dissimilar customers based on one common necessity. This will surely result in the downfall of your professional dreams.

So to overcome this issue, you need to categorize your clientele according to their need & requirements through subscribers segmentation functionality. Hence this email marketing tool would empower you to transmit exclusive emails campaigns to various divergent subscribers.

For example, Let’s say you are an expert fashion consultant but also willing to advise for gift ideas. If you are focussing only on styling aid, you are not only losing a bunch of promising clients seeking gift ideas from you but also the profit you could have generated through them.

So, with the help of segmentation technique, you can target customers with email campaigns representing your different advising services.

Make Permanent Customers By Reinforcing Relationship Through Drip Emailing

A business or profession will be yielding a great profit if you earn the trust of your existing customers. This trust is earned by regularly staying in contact by the means of emails. But because of your busy schedule, it would be quite difficult for you to maintain that constant touch.

To your delight, MailGet Bolt – email marketing for buying agents is packed with automated emailing features such as autoresponders and drip emailing.

You can set a trigger date/time on email campaigns and watch them go on the arrival of that preset date/time.

Because of this consistent communication, your clientele feels obligated to share your services with their friends and families hence making it a repeated business.

Along with all the above features and with personalized tags, list management and google analytics compatibility functions, you are guaranteed to succeed in your shopping services endeavors.

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