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Employment Recruiters Can Now Send Emails Describing Job Vacancies To Their Potential Targets Via Email Marketing.

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Hiring managers and recruiters, are you content with the outcome of your services?

With the increasing crowd in the market, it is often difficult for placement service providers to filter the favorable candidate.

So, to improve your desirable candidate search rate, you desperately advertise about the vacancies via the long-established means i.e. newspaper ads & phone calls. 

By now, you might have figured out that the old conventional methods aren’t giving the desirable results that you were hoping.

So, the question you might be asking is – what more you can do to advertise, promote and earn a profit for your recruiter’s portal?

Just try our new tool, MailGet Bolt – that offers simple email marketing for recruiters. It is an exceptional method to improve your brand coverage & image as it is inexpensive, easy-to-use and enabled with multiple functions like email inbox preview, Google Analytics compatibility, etc.

1. Design Classy Email Templates For Your Recruiter’s Office/ Website Promotion

If you are opting for email marketing strategy, you should always consider various ways to improve your open & clicked rates. Since, if a large number of recipients opens an email, more are the chances of them to choose your recruitment services.

To ensure this, MailGet Bolt is enabled with a drag & drop email builder which helps you to craft attractive e-templates, hence tempting your clients to open them. The prime motive of this feature is to reduce the time spent on HTML & CSS coding and quickly design a template comprising of various fields like text, heading, images, social icons, etc.

Sometimes, all these captivating email designs won’t work that effectively to please your clientele. This problem can be solved by adding few personalized tags like {firstname},{lastname}, etc. to give a little personal touch in emails, hence converting a passive lead into a loyal customer.

2. Automate Your Recruitment & Job Agencies’ Email Campaigns

It becomes extremely difficult for a hiring manager or headhunter like you to be in constant touch with your prospective employees because of your busy schedule.

The best email marketing tool like MailGet Bolt is integrated with autoresponders and drip emails, which ensures that the clients/applicants are being contacted on regular basis.

The auto responding emails are set off by the user actions. So, you can greet, inform or alert candidates according to their interests. While drip email is triggered on the arrival of preset date and time scheduled by the recruiter. It allows you to send weekly/monthly newsletter and other email campaigns just to ensure and build a healthy client-manager relationship.

3. Target Right Applicants For Right Job

The most important part of a company or industry is their hiring managers, executive search managers and recruiters like you. The only reason organization is performing so well is because of your well-placed candidates.

Since a company has various diverse departments, it would be wise to appoint employees according to their skills and qualities, befitting the job profile. You of all people would know how difficult and tiresome task it was to filter the right job-seeker from the ocean of talents.

This recruitment email marketing is designed to diminish the tedious task of filtration by authorizing you to create a segmented list of potential employees based on their skills and interests area. This way you can target multiple candidates with different skills set simultaneously with relevant information, consequently saving time for the recruitment process.

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