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Blast Your Clients With Emails, Describing Them About Your Cleaning Services Via Email Marketing

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Are you happy with all the growth and promotion, your carpet cleaning services are achieving with the help of all those flyers and pamphlets?

I guess not because if you were, you wouldn’t be here in the first place.

Yes, we all know how difficult it is for carpet cleaners and carpet shampooers like you to establish yourself in this fiercely competitive world. You might have also used all the marketing strategies known to you out of desperation but it changed nothing for you.

Stop scratching your head and choose our new – email marketing strategy for carpet cleaning & upholstery washing services.

This email marketing tool is devised specifically in order to revive despaired personnel and company like yours. Now you can effectively use this e-marketing technique to generate healthy revenue and develop great client relationship by keeping them informed.

Sweep Up Your Customer’s Attention

Through Attractive Carpet Cleaning Promotional Email Templates

It’s a known fact that you guys are no coders. Rugs washing and upholstery cleaning is what you guys do best. So what can you do to lure clients to your doorsteps?

MailGet Bolt is regarded as the best carpet cleaning email marketing scheme since it is integrated with an easy to use drag & drop builder. You can now put all the web designers to shame by creating captivating emails with the help of this email builder.

The builder enables you to effortlessly drag the required field (text, images, divider, button, etc.) and place it accordingly in the content area like this-

Drag & Drop Email Builder

The field option also contains an array of social media icons hence empowering your satisfied customers to share your company’s profile ultimately creating prospective leads & clients.

Manage All The Faulty Emails In Your Cleaning Service’s Database

Just ask yourself a question, how would your rug cleaning business will boom if you are constantly failing to reach your potential clients?

More often than not, improper maintenance of customer database could easily result in decreased email delivery rate and bad brand exposure.

Well, with the help of this email marketing services you can very interact, promote and easily manage your customer’s data, achieving high inbox delivery rate. MailGet Bolt automatically stores all the invalid/faulty emails in separate lists and also allows you to quickly import contacts by uploading CSV files.

Through proper list management, you can also create a segmented contact list according to customer’s need, requirements, and behaviors.

Without Any Hassle Stay In Constant Touch & Strengthen Your Customer Relationship

Just like you advise your clientele to use certain fluids for softer and stronger carpet fabric, in the same way, you can send a series of informational emails to achieve a much stronger bond with customers.

This email marketing for upholstery cleaning services is packed with automated features of autoresponders and drip emailing.

Greet your new customers with an automatic welcome email or set various other auto emails which triggers on the actions of users. Also, with drip emailing feature, you can set a desirable date/time and send periodic information regarding proper rug & carpet maintenance, monthly offers, and newsletters.

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