MailGet Bolt – Email Marketing For Salad Ingredients Sale

Conduct A Hassle Free Email Campaign To Promote And Raise Your Salad Ingredients Sales

MailGet Bolt - Email Marketing For Salad Ingredients Sale

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Salad is a well known for it’s diverse nutrition and healthy ingredients and for this health conscious world, appetite for salad is increasing each and every day.

Planning to raise your salad ingredients customers worldwide.This is a tremendous opportunity for you to advance your business via bulk email service. Before you make a move, your salad ingredients campaign needs promotion and marketing.

“MailGet Bolt” can do that work for you, MailGet Bolt is an email marketing service by which you can send bulk emails to your subscribers.

This is the best and most economical way by which you can reach out to customers. Share new recipes, ingredients and other salad details just by an email and let them feel your presence.

Choose Your Campaign Type For Salad Ingredient Marketing Strategy

At MailGet Bolt, before building an email, you have to select your campaign type, which are –

  • Regular Campaign – As the name stated, with this campaign you can build emails and send them to your list of contacts. These emails will send off immediately to your customers.
  • Drip Campaign – In drip campaign, email building is same as the regular campaign, but the real catch is in the timing of email. In details, you can schedule email as per your wish. You can set different date & time with a large number of emails for in case if you are going offline for some days, drip campaign will do your work on schedule.      

Build A Breathtaking Email For Salad Ingredients, In Just A Few Clicks

MailGet Bolt provides you the unrivaled editing features of all time so that you can construct an email with a strong and attractive base. Here we have 4 ways by which you can build your email –

  • Using Builder – This is the most popular and awesome platform which is loaded with too many features like image-text, heading text, 3 column feature, divider, social icons and many other.
  • Basic Text Editor – This is a simple text format editor by which you can create a formal email, first you have to give a subject for your mail and then email content, that’s it, your email is ready.
  • Custom Code Editor – This email editor is almost as same as the basic text editor, the difference is you have to put a custom CSS code in the email content and you’re done.
  • Theme Templates – I must say, these theme templates is one of the most exciting features we’ve ever got in MailGet Bolt. These templates are predesigned by us for premium email marketing.

The Soul Of MailGet Bolt – “Auto-Followup And Email Tracking”

Subscribers and customers are not opening your email..?


We are here with a solution – auto follow up and email tracking.

If someone doesn’t open up your email for the first time, you can give him a follow up by sending the same email again and that same email will be forwarded to all of those who haven’t open up your email.


  • Increase opening rates
  • Builds a much stronger customer relation
  • Convert leads into customers

Talk about email tracking, as name said, it’ll keep track of your every email detail such as –

  • Time of opening your email
  • Who opened your email
  • Use number of ticks to inform about reading status

MailGet Bolt - Email Marketing For Salad Ingredients Sale

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