MailGet Bolt – Email Marketing Service For Singers & Musicians

Email Marketing Service To Share The Organized Date Of Upcoming Music Events & To Promote Music Albums.

MailGet Bolt - Email Marketing For Singers

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Are you a singer or musician and hunting for a channel to reach your fans easily?

Then you need to promote yourself among the people to attract more fans, share and sell music albums.

Here we present you a lucrative email marketing platform through which you can promote tickets of the upcoming concerts or events via emails.

With our MailGet Bolt email marketing service, you can share the organized date of upcoming music events, you can also update people about your latest music albums.

So check out our premium email marketing tool and make your name iconic among the people.

Design Attractive Emails Of Your Music Album

Attractive emails can bring potential customers toward your business so make sure your business emails are dazzling enough to grab customers’ mind.

Make the use of different types of email builder of this email marketing software and create delightful emails for your business.

Drag n Drop Builder

This email builder allows you to design multimedia emails of your music album without manipulation in codes. All you have to do just drag the desired thing and drop it in this editor.

Basic Text Editor

Via basic text editor, you can design text-only emails to promote album art of upcoming music. These emails are best to promote business services.

Custom Code Editor

By using HTML codes, you can design your own email layouts. All you have to do just copy the HTML code and paste those code into the editor.

Create Multiple Contact Lists Of Your Fans

The ideal recipients of these contact lists can be those persons who have attended your music concert, subscribers, etc.

Make the use of contact list builder of our MailGet Bolt email marketing tool and create multiple contact lists of music lovers.

This e-message marketing tool also sorts all suspended, spammed and bounced contacts into their respective field.

Build Email Campaign To Start Bulk Emailing

With our email marketing platform, you can build two email sending campaign first one is a Regular and second one is Drip.

By creating a regular email sending campaign, you can deliver the bulk of informative emails of music shows to customers mailbox, so that every person know about your music events.

If any recipients missed to receive your emails then you can send follow-up emails via auto follow-up feature.

If you want to send series of a pre-written messages then a drip email sending campaign will be benefited to you. Also, this campaign can be integrated with the subscription form.

An autoresponder is the powerful tool of drip campaign, it automatically sends pre-written emails to subscribers whenever they fill the subscription form.

Email Marketing For Singers

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