For a new business, the “build it and they will come” theory doesn’t hold much weight, as those overnight success stories are often the result of years of hard work. Similarly, startup marketing is a challenge because of the limited resources.

The traditional marketing tools don’t always work & so, using email marketing should be a part of startup’s development strategy.

“What’s So Great About Email Marketing For Newbies & Startups?”

Email marketing is important at each phase of sales channel whether you’re building awareness, generating leads, onboarding clients or helping customers.

Any new business can sustain sales, decrease the churn rate & grow their business by utilizing the right email marketing software.

To help you find a suitable promotional tool, here is a list of 9+ best startup email marketing services for beginners, entrepreneurs & new startups, built with the help of an email marketing software – MailGet Bolt.

Manage your audience: List building tools & subscribers segmenting.
Autoresponder & auto-follow-ups: Automate the email sending process.
Email reporting & tracking: Improve & begin again!

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1. Email Marketing Service For Startups & New Ventures

Email correspondence is considered as the speediest and most straightforward approach to impart the message to the clients. Any new venture or startup can use this email marketing service to reliably build up their brand acknowledgment.

New businesses know well about their business and workings. Best promote yourself and startup to draw in more customers by outlining the email formats with drag and drop email builder.Transfer engaging pictures, insert text and embed a link to divert guests to the website.

Email Marketing Service For Startups

Features Of Email Marketing Software For Startups

  • Email autoresponder feature empowers startups to build solid & fruitful client relationships.
  • This top email marketing software ensures a high inbox email delivery rate.
  • Categorize the dealers & clients according to their business preferences using the list segmentation facility.

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2. Email Marketing Solution Provider For Small Business Startups

Advertise the private business by sending bulk emails so as to embrace your new startup. To draw more clients, the emails must be amazing, showcasing technique and everything else you are doing to promote the small business on the web.

Create as many lists of contacts as you want by simply importing the contacts manually or by uploading a CSV file. This tool promises a high response rate as it manages thousands of contacts impressively with the list management functionality.

Email Marketing Service For Small Business Startups

Features Of Email Marketing Tool For Small Business Entrepreneurs

  • Segment the contacts easily & send them only targeted emails suiting their requirements.
  • Run result-oriented business startup email campaigns by sending regular emails or timely emails using drips.
  • The dashboard of this email marketing tool is interactive & shows all the email opening, clicking & unopened rates.

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3. Email Marketing Tool For Hawkers, Peddlers & Vendors

Inform all foodies & street food lovers about new hawker’s corner by sending emails in bulk quantity. Use the autoresponder & drip email feature to automatically reply to the users as soon as they sign up on the subscription form or based on their action.

Once the emails are sent, you can track the behavior of the users towards the delivered email campaigns & can manipulate what works best for engaging them.

Email Marketing Service For Hawkers

Features Of Email Marketing Software For Hawkers & Vendors

  • Schedule the emails to be sent at a later point in time when you are about to launch a new food service.
  • All the emails & templates sent by this email marketing software are responsive, which inherently increases the capture rate.
  • Auto-follow-up emails send the emails again to those who forget to view the emails initially.

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4. Email Marketing Solution Provider For IT Startups

The pioneer IT innovation organizations or startups who need to make their startup prosper must utilize this bulk email sending software. Various emails can be sent to clients clarifying about the data innovation administrations, programming plans, and other related data.

The auto-follow-up emails empower to computerize the emails with the goal that you can send follow-up messages adequately. This element is helpful when you are attempting to contact the clients who had neglected to see the email on the first run through.

Email Marketing Service For IT Startups

Features Of IT Startups Email Marketing Service

  • Construct attractive & informative email templates for your IT expertise with the easy to use email builder tools.
  • Creating & managing a huge list of contacts was never so easy with the list segmentation & management feature.
  • The email inbox preview is a very helpful tool to revise the emails before it hits the recipient’s inbox.

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5. Email Marketing Service For Social Startups & Enterprises

This email marketing program enables to make excellent email formats in which you can add headings and pictures with respect to children, women strengthening and identified with other social causes. You can likewise approach them for help by including powerful buttons in the message body.

Improve conversion rates by sending personalized email to get more donors & helpers engaged with the social cause. A personal acknowledgment grabs the attention of users, thus increases the chances of email opening.

Email Marketing Service For Social Startups

Features Of Email Marketing Tool For Social Startups

  • To create a number of contact lists you simply have to upload a CSV file or manually import the contacts.
  • Use the drip emailing feature to constantly & automatically inform the clients about upcoming social events.
  • Grow the list of samaritans by embedding email sign-up forms on other high-profile social help websites.

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6. Email Marketing Service For Media House Startups

Choosing a perfect email marketing service is very crucial for the success of a media house startup. A smartly picked email campaign will build the shot of getting an appropriate reaction from the crowd.

Easily create contacts lists, segment them accordingly & send bulk emails matching their business mindset. With the integrated Google analytics, keep an eye on all the emails & update your services accordingly.

Email Marketing Service For Media House Startups

Features Of Media House Startups Email Marketing Software

  • Convert leads into valuable deals by sending them proper informative emails promoting the media house.
  • To reduce the chances of the emails being marked spam by the user, add an unsubscribe handle in the email.
  • You can also send simple text emails to give the clients any social message or motto.

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7. Email Marketing Software For Scalable Startups & Agencies

Scalable startup owners who want to allocate their services on the web through emails can use this email marketing software. This service is packed with various elements with which you can promote all the brand-new services of your startup without much hassle.

The easy to work email builder tool is responsive & is the best medium to target clients with catchy emails. Arrange the contacts with respect to the administrations offered by you, numerous contact records can be made which can be picked at the time of dispatching a mail.

Email Marketing Service For Scalable Startups

Features Of Email Marketing Tool For Scalable Startups

  • Extend the business across more people in less time and turn loyal subscribers into paying customers with the autoresponder emails.
  • A series of emails can be sent on desired date and time chosen from the “drips” section of bulk email sending software.
  • The dashboard gives complete information about the spam, bounced & unsubscribed users.

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8. Email Marketing Service For Financial Business Startups

Email marketing service is an ultimate solution for financial startups who want to enhance their finance services to a greater level. Create multimedia emails which convey more information visually and furthermore grab the client attention immediately.

To create well-arranged lists of subscribers you just have to import the contacts manually & group them accordingly. Educate your leads/customers about the financial supports & products with email automation facility.

Email Marketing Service For Financial Business Startups

Features Of Email Marketing Tool For Financial Startups

  • Drip campaign is a feature in which a series of emails get triggered into the client’s inbox at the set time & date.
  • Highlight the finance service website with effective pictures, text, call to action buttons & social icons in the email templates.
  • Build the finance organization as a brand as this email marketing software promises a high inbox email delivery rate.

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9. Email Marketing Solution Provider For Beginners & New Entrepreneurs

A legitimate promotion is an unquestionable requirement to draw in clients and to build up the enthusiasm of financiers. Email marketing for beginners can be the best system to gain a rank in business marathon.

Send bulk emails via regular or drip email campaigns to reach the users at a most appropriate time. Schedule the emails to be sent later when you are about to launch any new service.

Email Marketing Service For Beginners

Features Of Email Marketing Tool For Beginners

  • Give a professional yet personal touch to the emails, as this will lead to more & more engagement with the emails.
  • To build up the list of contacts in an error-free manner, implant subscription forms on different networks.
  • Analyze the success & failure rates of the previous email campaigns with the help of real-time statistics displayed on the dashboard.

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10. Email Marketing Service For Newbies & Beginners

To help newbies to fabricate a bridge between their client and trade, email marketing today is a definitive advertising strategy. This single software won’t just grow beginners business brand but will likewise help them gain acknowledgment generally.

Get the chances of emails being opened by a higher rate with email marketing personalization. Because of the startup process, many emails are skipped to be sent, but now entrepreneurs can set such emails in advance that will automatically be delivered to the customer’s inbox.

Email Marketing Service For Newbies

Features Of Email Marketing Tool For Newbies

  • One of the most time-saving technique to send bulk emails are the templates where you can feature business taglines, images & much more.
  • This email marketing tool also enables to resend the same emails to those subscribers who have not opened the message for the first time.
  • Escalate your brand awareness with the email tracking & auto-follow-up feature of this tool.

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Startup marketing is a complex methodology. Some great ideas have failed due to a lack of proper customer attention and awareness. Others have gone under, thanks to a poor strategy. But still, others have spiraled to billion dollar fame because of the elusive process to startup marketing success.

Using any of the above email marketing services will be a cake walk for you. So, explore them closely, chose the one that matches with the business demands & begin the journey of email marketing.

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