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What role does corporate bank, financial institution, investment banker, insurance agency or stock market broker play?

They serve a diverse range of clients & customers ranging from small to mid-sized or large local businesses or commoners. Helping with a few million in earning revenues to coordinate with billions in sales & marketing and offices across the country. And helping with few millions to give assistance on either getting maximum tax exemptions or benefits of savings etc.

But sometimes bankers and financial institutions need to do a lot of marketing for selling any government schemes or awakening people about savings etc. And similarly, insurance agencies have to deal with their agents all around the world.

For dealing with your customers, employees or department that are located to different cities or country you must be using “Gmail account” as your communication media to send emails I am sure. 🙂


If bankers, financial institutions or insurance agencies are using Gmail for email marketing it might not be a great idea to carry on with. This is because –

Gmail strict sending bulk emails:

  • 500 emails per day when sending from their web interface
  • 100 emails per day when sending from a desktop email client
  • 10mb per message

Email Marketing won’t bound you to any restrictions:

  • Send unlimited number of emails per day and hour to your customers & clients
  • Set automated emails that can be triggered according to the set schedule

Create beautiful email templates or email campaigns to do branding or to attract new customers.

more consumers look to deal with their banks online, banks & need to know the impact & importance of email campaigns.

Send Emails Templates That Will Double Your Response Rate Via MailGet Bolt –

Corporate banks & insurance agencies can make beautiful and professional email templates to attract new clients and customers. If bankers give regular email templates informing their customers about any news or government’s new money-saving schemes, this builds relation with your customers. Plus keeping them updated & aware about the money saving schemes would help them actively participate in the banking activities.

Your email templates can be all about – Give weekly updates about ” How to get high return investments” Or “Bank Bazaar: Saving schemes” Or “Senior Citizen Saving Scheme”

Targeting Key Customer Segments to Drive Bank Profits – segment your list of contacts of customers

Keeping an organized address book can help banks tailor their product and service offerings easily. Categorization of customers is essential because each segment(customers or clients) demands different revenue potential, investment objectives, levels of satisfaction with their bankers & current financial institutions.

Banks can combine an in-depth understanding of each segment with their business objectives to refine cross-sell efforts that maximize their share of wallet and long-term profitability.

Some examples of segmented list of bankers – “Holders of saving Account” Or “Holders of RD or FD accounts” Or “Persons benefiting under government schemes”

Email Autoresponders – your way to win customers’ hearts

Financial institutions, banking industries, investment bankers, insurance agency, & stock market brokers can now send a series of mail to your large list of subscribers. Keep in the oop with your banking customers or insurance agents for any matter & cases.

Examples of some automates mail series – “Get Weekly Updates So that You Can Break Into Investment Banking” Or “Balance Alerts”

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