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Want Your Customers To Go Around The Country?

How About “Around The World In 80 Days”?

No doubt you are providing the above packages but the question arises when it hits you that,

“Is my travel agency is known by everyone?”

If you think this much, meaning that you are concerned, and if you are concerned than we’ve got your back. MailGet Bolt is an email sending software via which you can do healthy marketing of your tour company. Send bulk emails to your customers about offers and discounts given by your travel agency.

Want To Send Different Types Of Emails Germane To Travel Company?

MailGet Bolt email software is offering you 4 different types of email building tools under 2 main email campaigns i.e.

  1. Regular Campaign.
  2. Drips Campaign.

With these tools, you can create as many emails templates as you want without any considerations. All you need is your client’s email Id and you are good to go.

Let’s have a brief look on all the 4 email establishers under the regular campaign.

Drag & Drop Email Builder- Organize email layouts and send colorful and attractive emails with the help of this builder, as you can add heading, photos, and text for a better appearance.

Basic Text Editor- Send only text emails via this tool as they are very simple to send and to understand.

Custom Code Editor- Our developers have made this trait to let those fellows who wish to play with multimedia files with respect to the template. With the custom code editor, one can simply build an attractive email by copying embed or HTML code and pasting it to attach media files.

Theme Templates- Select pre-built responsive and drag & drop compatible theme templates from these theme templates and edit it according to your travel firm and send it your clients.

Occupied By Laziness?

Don’t Wanna Spend Anymore Time In Front Of The Screen?

Keep on sending emails in regards to tour company to your clients via DRIP CAMPAIGN.

It is as similar as the regular campaign with the above traits, but the only and important difference is that you can set the time, date and any of your respected emails which you want to send. It is very convenient especially when you are busy somewhere else. This tool will automatically drop the email in your customer’s inbox and drop the email sending worry from your mind.

Email Contact Arrangement In The Contacts Tab.

Arrange all your client’s email Id in the contact tabs under any name according to your wish. You can create as many lists as you want so that can sort out the contacts while sending any particular email.

Further list is also mentioned here. Such as:

  • Suspended list where you can see the email Id of those who have unsubscribed you.
  • Bounce email list where you can see the email Id of those clients who are using invalid email Id.
  • Spam/complaint list where you can see the email Id of those of your clients who have chosen to ignore your travel agency promotional emails.

MailGet Bolt Dashboard’s Work In Your Travel Agency:

The dashboard allows you to see all the emails that you have created so far. You can edit it before sending it to your other clients. You can also delete it or can make a clone of it.

This area will definitely come very handy while promoting your tour company via this responsive email marketing tool known as MailGet Bolt.

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