Forget the bustle around social networking media, specialists agree that the best approach to fabricate deals for an independent business agency is still emails.

Email marketing is a proven methodology to promote any agency. It helps to pull in new clients and keep up close associations with existing loyal clients.

To help you find a suitable email marketing solution, we have indexed down a list of 6+ best agencies email marketing services for trade firms, travel companies, recruiters & other businesses.

Creating Custom Campaigns

The services listed below have drag-and-drop builder, which is part of a powerful email marketing tool – MailGet Bolt. You can start from scratch by importing HTML codes or use a readymade template featuring your company’s services.

Getting Started Shouldn’t Be Daunting

Manage your contacts by simply keeping a list of names and emails, or create a database full of subscribers segmented by demographic and engagement levels.

Tracking Business Emails Was Never So Easy

The services offer a level of tracking, as sending out emails is no help to any business agency unless you can track the successes, failures and make adjustments based on them.

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1. Email Marketing Software For Placement & Manpower Agencies

To broaden your placement cell’s reach, this email marketing software is the ideal stage. By sending job-related emails in bulk to the employment seekers, will help you to gather various clients for the manpower firm a hustle-free way.

This tool helps in building up your placement agency’s brand image of by ensuring that the emails are delivered to the recipient’s inbox. You can even send the email with personalized tags of the user to get maximum response.

Email Marketing Software For Placement & Manpower Agencies

Features Of Email Marketing Service For Placement Agencies

  • Build email templates to describe your placement cell services & duties with the help of pictures, text. You can also add social icons & powerful button links in the message body.
  • Easily manage a huge contact list of job seeking candidates with the help of list management feature of this software.
  • The autoresponder & drip emailing facility makes the whole online promotional process an automated one.

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2. Email Marketing Service For Business Owners & Trading Companies

An email marketing service for business owners is a strict demand of this competitive world. This tool will fulfill all the demands & will assist in making a fruitful communication with your business new & existing business clients via emails.

Create a list of thousands of contacts, segregate them according to their business requirements with the list segmentation feature. You can then select a particular list & send them only those messages which relate with their business quests.

Email Marketing Service For Business Owners & Trading Companies

Key Elements Of Email Marketing Tool For Trading Agencies

  • Send emails featuring your business seminars, trading mottos & drive your potential clients to your website with powerful button links.
  • The autoresponder can be used to send welcome emails, special offers & top deals of your business in an automatic manner.
  • Personalize the email campaigns, so that it grabs the reader’s attention & tempts them to open the emails.

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3. Email Marketing Service For Tour & Travel Agencies

Email marketing is gaining popularity in taking any travel management company to a whole new level. For all the persons who are in the tours and travels business can exhibit their travel destinations & booking services in an email template & send it to millions of customers.

Run a drip campaign to inform the clients about touring facilities in a systematic manner through a series of emails. This will give the right information at the right point of time, thereby increasing the chances of lead conversion into a regular customer.

Email Marketing Service For Tour & Travel Agencies

Elements Of Email Marketing Solution For Travel Agencies

  • Apart from featuring top travel destinations, catchy holiday deals, you can also add an unsubscribe handle in the message body to reduce the chances of being marked spam.
  • All the emails & templates designed & sent with this email marketing solution can be effectively viewed from any device.
  • Target the potential customer base all over the world by scheduling the emails to be delivered according to their time zones.

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4. Email Marketing Service For Domestic & Maid Service Providers

An ethical email marketing strategy for your maid service provider company will not only bring fame but will also extend your domestic help agency to those in need. Display your maid service charges & fees, their specialties in the email templates & arrange them according to your requirements.

To increase the productivity of your marketing plan, schedule the emails your maid service company to be sent at the most convenient time. This ultimately leads to better user engagement with the emails.

Email Marketing Service For Domestic & Maid Service Providers

Traits Of Domestic Help Agency Email Marketing Software

  • Before hitting the send button, you can also preview the designed emails so as to rectify any errors or to have an idea of how the email looks in the inbox.
  • One of the main traits of this software is that you can skip the process of email template designing & straightaway use one of the pre-built theme templates available for free.
  • Track the success rate of the email campaigns with the stats of email opening, clicking & unopened displayed on the dashboard.

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5. Email Marketing Service For Cooking Gas Agencies

Promote cooking gas delivery agency services by sending your potential clients’ emails describing your quick gas connection, registration process & other additional services that you provide, with this email marketing solution provider.

You can effortlessly increase your subscriber’s list by embedding email sign-up forms on high-traffic websites. You can link the subscription forms with the autoresponder feature that automatically sends welcome emails to new subscribers & starts building a consistent communication.

Email Marketing Service For Cooking Gas Agencies

Features Of Email Marketing Software For Cooking Gas Agencies

  • To ensure that your gas agencies emails are recognized & opened by the user, you can send emails with personalized tags.
  • Email tracking is another salient feature of this software which gives complete information regarding the statistics of the sent emails.
  • Easily design email templates for your gas booking agency by simply dragging & dropping content, images & arrange these content blocks to suit your mindset.

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6. Email Marketing Service For Electronic Appliance Stores

This responsive email marketing software is perfect for electronic gadget stores, home appliances dealers & all alike agencies. Without much difficulty, promote the exclusive range of appliances among a huge number of customers with the help of informative emails.

You can design email templates or use the free pre-built theme templates available with this software. You can not just send thousands of emails, but also track the emails and analyze them with the integrated Google analytics feature.

Email Marketing Service For Electronic Appliance Stores

Main Features Of Appliance & Gadget Stores Email Marketing Software

  • Manage a huge list of contacts by segmenting them according to the gadgets they are interested in, as this will help you to send messages relating to their needs.
  • The autoresponder & drip emails are the most important schemes to inform the clients about the utilities in a systematic manner.
  • To create a list of thousands of contacts you simply have to import the contacts or add a CSV file.

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7. Email Marketing Solution Provider For Cement Dealers

To become a star among all the legitimate cement dealers, you need to promote your cement supplier agency with the quickest mode, i.e., via emails. This email marketing solution provider will help you in doing so & you can also custom design the email templates featuring the different types of cement you supply

Schedule the emails to be sent at a later point of time when the user is most likely to connect with it. To get a high response rate from potential clients, this software also gives the facility to automatically resend the same emails to those who have not opened the emails for the first time.

Email Marketing Solution Provider For Cement Dealers

Features Of Email Marketing Software For Cement Dealing Agencies

  • The email auto-follow-up feature gives you another chance to engage with your subscribers by automatically sending different emails to those who haven’t responded for the first time.
  • To ensure that your cement dealing agency’s emails do not follow into the spam, provide an unsubscribe handle in the message body.
  • Embedding email sign-up forms on high-profile networks & linking them with the autoresponder emailing feature will increase your contacts without much effort.

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Let’s Wind It Up

From simply sending email updates to advanced marketing tools that’ll manage your contacts & automate the process, there is email marketing software of all kinds. Hopefully, this roundup has helped you find a way that will work for your business promotion.

All these services are built on the base of MailGet Bolt.

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Ready to go on the track of email marketing to promote your business agency.

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