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All the above-listed email templates have been created by marketing experts and are guaranteed to give desirable results.

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1. Latest Email Template For Off Road & Exploration Tour Agencies

Take your clients to the best off road trip by first informing them about your services through this stunning email template. This email template is an artwork of drag and drop email builder which enables you to drag multiple fields like images, heading, buttons, etc. and place them in the template designing area.

Off Road Tours Email Templates

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2. Brand New Email Template For Community Tour Services

Gather a large number of interested tourists to take part in your community trips by notifying them via this email template. You can monitor the online behavior of your recipients as this email template is sent with email tracking ability. All the open, clicked and unsubscribed rate can be viewed from the dashboard itself.

Community Tour Email Templates

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3. Top Email Template For Kayak & Rafting Tours/Services

Entice all the kayak and rafting enthusiasts to opt your services by sending them lucrative email templates like this. In order to effectively promote your services, this e-template is perfect as it is dispatched with 99% inbox delivery rate. With such a high success rate, you can spread the word about your kayaking services effortlessly.

Kayak Tours Agency Email Templates

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4. New Email Template For Sightseeing Travel Guides

Educate and invite your potential customers to avail your sightseeing services with the bulk transmission of this email template. While you are away with your current clients, you can still contact with others with the help of automated emails. Drip emailing mechanism is one such feature where you can set a triggering date/ time on a set of emails and watch them go.

Sightseeing on the go Email Templates

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5. Responsive Email Template For Vacation Services & Planners

Promote your vacation services with the help of this especially built email template. The template allows you to send auto-responding emails as soon as your users/subscribers perform an action like signing up, booking, payments, etc. The prompt response, in the form of e-templates assures you loyalty and long-term relationship with your customers.

Vacation Service Email Templates

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6. Best Email Template For Adventure Trips & Tours

Accumulate a decent amount of adventure trip lovers by educating them about the tour’s commencing date through this email template. The e-template allows you to attach a subscription form in the layout, providing a medium for you to collect some leads and also for your clients by signing up and confirming their presence for the trip.

Adventure Trips Service Email Templates

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7. Ideal Email Template For Tourist Centers

Make your tourist center the “go-to” tourist agency by sending e-templates containing captivating offers. In order to increase the awareness about your travel agency, you can send this email template as an auto follow up email. Usually, auto follow up emails are sent to those recipients who forgot or ignored your previously sent emails. This feature ensures high open rates.

Tourist Center Email Templates

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8. Free Email Template For Camping & Hiking Agencies

With the help of this email template, designed especially for hiking and camping services, you can enhance your business. The template also allows you to embark a long-term relationship with your clients as it can be addressed with the recipient’s name with the help of personalized tags. These tags are generic code lines which attach either first, last or both the names.

Holiday Camping Email Templates

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9. Perfect Email Template For Retreat Planning Services

Take your retreat planning business to a new level by informing your potential and existing clients about it with this email template. For the purposes of spreading the word about your business, you need to effectively manage your emailing list, which this e-template enables you to do. The e-marketing service associated with it filters out a separate list of bounced and unsubscribed email addresses.

Retreat Planning Service Email Templates

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10. Customizable Email Template For Travel & Tour Guides

Become a well-known tour guide of the area by opting this email template for your promotional business. The template allows a lot of shareability options one of which is an array of social media icons. It is available in the drag & drop building section and through this, you get maximum exposure on social media circuit as well.

Travel Guide Email Templates

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11. Optimum Email Template For Travelling Accessories Dealers

Through this stunning email template, provide pleasing deals on traveling accessories and achieve a desirable customer base. The e-template allows you to be error proof as it facilitates editing and also allows you to view how it would look after landing in the in inbox via email inbox preview option.

Travel Email Templates

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To Conclude

By opting any of these email templates in your marketing strategy, you are destined to embark your journey towards success.

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