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As a coaching institute owner, you must be aware that marketing strategies play an important part in the business expansion and its profits.

An email marketing will be the best tool in the digital age to promote Security awareness Coaching on the global level.

To make this task smooth, we came up with the latest & smart MailGet Bolt software which is bulk email marketing tool.

This tool enables you to target your audience in an effective manner to propagate your data security awareness.

Exciting Features Of MailGet Bolt For Email Marketing Of Data Security Awareness Coaching Institute

Email Builder

It’s a unique feature which consent you to create the multimedia email template. It’s effectively built to deliver the information visually.

Drag & Drop – This enables you to make the template within a moment by drag & drop of the essential field into the email content.

Social Icons – Insert the icons of the social communities in the email by which you can target your audience from multiple platforms.

CTA Button – Call To Action button plays the vital role as it redirects the users to the web page directly. Hence this creates more traffic on your website.

Template Preview – It grants you to review the template after the completion of the email content so that the errors can be eliminated.

Email Automation

Drip Campaigns – It popularly also known by the names of lifecycles emails, which keeps nurturing your leads by providing the correct information of security awareness at the correct time.

Drip campaign sends the series of emails automatically over a scheduled period of time.

Auto FollowUp – This feature makes sure that your IT security marketing campaign emails or newsletter should be opened by every leads or recipient.

So in order to achieve that, auto followup sends the email again automatically to those who forget to open the emails.

Autoresponder – This sends the automated acknowledgement or message to the new users when they register themselves on your official website.

Tracking Of Emails

MailGet Bolt offers you to track the dispatched emails in the real time. It represents the following data on the software dashboard:-

Sent –  It shows the total no. of sent emails.

Opened – This quantity display the number of emails opened by the users from the unique devices.

Clicked – The no. clicks made by the users on the given links is displayed by the clicked.

Bounced – The numbers of emails get undelivered due to an invalid address or the recipient’s server issues is denoted in this category.

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