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Do you travel in the field to look for the best athletes playing basketball, football, tennis etc. and help organizations to fill vacant post with best players.

You spend long hours driving and flying across the country to reach top athletes but in spite of your hard work the scouting services that you offer are not familiar among the players and large organizations. Then you need to rigorously promote the scouting services via an online channel.

MailGet Bolt is an email marketing service for sports scouting agencies with which you can send bulk emails to the clients and can make them aware of the sports scouting agency.

These responsive emails enable you to reach any subscriber’s inbox in just a few hours & compel them to try your sports scouting services.

Create, Manage & Segment Relevant Contact List Of Scout Agency Subscribers

You can create an appropriate contact list of sports scouting agency clients by inserting their names manually or by uploading CSV file.   

It also enables you to manages spam, suspended and bounce list means it removes all the bad addresses and provides us the facility to reach potential clients who actually requires best sports scouting services.

This email marketing software also allows to segment the list of organizations & players who needs the services. This will give you the ability to educate different organizations, that which player is best for them by sending them appropriate emails.

Automate Your Replies Related To Scouting Services With Autoresponder

With the availability of autoresponder feature present in MailGet Bolt, you can automate the emails and reach to the agents of scouting services at the same time when they contact you which in result increases clients engagement.

You can automatically send a welcome email to the new subscribers who recently joined your services through signing up subscription form.

Give Personal Approach To Sports Scouting Services

Get more conversion rates by inserting particular client’s name make them feel recognized and get more customers engagement. When you write the name of client they feel connected and hence leads to the increase in scouting services.

Program The Emails Of Sports Recruiting Agency Via Drip Campaign

You can pre-schedule the email templates of sports scouting services so that if you are busy in some other events so clients cannot miss your free advice & tips on scouting services.

You just have to set the date & time of the emails and it will automatically hit the customer’s inbox.


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