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Do you provide tents on rent for the various event like camps, marriage, commercial event, hiking events? But people are not aware of your name and services provided by your firm!

There is no need to get worried. With the help of email marketing, you can easily convert your leads into your customers

Here MailGet Bolt, an email marketing tool for tent rental service providers via which you can send promotional emails into the bulk.

This tool is user-friendly, result oriented, responsive in nature and all above is cost effective.

Cover Organiser’s Inbox With Valuable Information Providing Emails Templates

  • With the help of drag and drop email builder, you can make colorful and interactive email template. There is more to do with this feature like attaching the picture of tents that you installed previously. One can also add text, links & ‘visit to site’  buttons in the template.
  • Code email template on HTML & CSS platform for getting fully customized template according to the type of tent that you want to introduce in front of clients. In the custom code editor, one can simply copy paste the source code also.
  • Compose fully text oriented and snap free emails detailing about the various types of tents and their rents, build-up time to the event organizers.

Manage You Contact List With Contact Segmentation To Classify The Event Clients

In subscriber segmentation, one can divide his subscriber on the basis of their profession they deal in like

  • Commercial event organizers
  • School event organizers
  • Tracking event organizers
  • Camp event organizers

Reach Up To Event Organizers Via Drip Email Campaign

Compose the email today, choose the audience & let it go at pre-set date & time. The flexibility of choosing upcoming date & time is provided by drip campaign. By planning the pre-schedule you can set yourself free for other tasks.

Make Clients To Feel Special By Mentioning Their Name

Use personalize tags in your emails, composed for clients to mention their name in the subject line or in the email body. Emails with the mentioned name have the higher chances of getting clicked.

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