“Integrate online radio PHP script to webcast your radio & TV portal”

You must have found the need for a supplement to create an extraordinary online radio station website.

In that case, you have landed on a perfect place. Because here in this article, we will discuss some of the best online radio PHP scripts.

Online Radio PHP Script

These scripts for internet TV & radio stations will take your website to another level of excellence in the following way:

  • Webmaster can do required configurations like autoplay, online/offline radio mode, social sharing links etc.
  • With these scripts, admin can have Shoutcast & Icecast for audio streaming over internet.
  • Also, they can manage all the list of RJ’s, active listners, scheduled programs and a lot more, all at one place.
  • Moreover, they can completely frame the website layout in a unique manner with the help of these scripts.

Now, to find the in-depth functionalities of these PHP scripts, let us go through this blog.

1. Stremo

Stremo is an online radio & TV streaming CMS that is perfect for radio station of all sizes.

With this tool, you can have your radio & TV broadcasting in a very coherent manner. This is because you will find many facilities like managing RJ’s, connecting with listeners etc. all in one place.

It offers a dynamic player where streaming starts with one click and user can also download the song.

Stremo Online Radio PHP Script


  • You can provide advertisement spaces on 4 slots, list of daily programs & RJ’s on the frontend to the users.
  • Through admin dashboard, you can “add/edit/delete” site logo, background image, sliders, banners, program schedule, RJ and a lot more.
  • Moreover, you can easily customize the menu section of the webpage by editing all the elements like Home, About Us, Contact etc.
  • With this CMS, you can also configure radio & tv streaming codes easily.


You better purchase Stremo as quick as possible because it is available at a very reasonable price of $21 and 6 months support. And whenever you choose to extend this support to 1 year, just pay an additional amount of $6.

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2. Web Radio Portal

With this script, you can easily manage to stream unlimited radio stations globally.

It is developed using Laravel & Angular frameworks and uses jplayer which is a jQuery plugin that lets you embed web-based media (audio/video) in your webpage.

The admin can effectively manage radio stations, genres, users (along with their posted comments & reports), have records about active users & radio, new radio request etc. via admin dashboard.

Web Radio Portal Online Radio PHP Script


  • The script uses Shoutcast and Icecast softwares which are abundantly used for streaming media over the internet.
  • Admin can make the website offline for a certain time and a display the default message to the users “Website is under construction, we’ll be back soon”.
  • Further, he can provide a user-friendly module for listeners to register/login option. This allows them to add their favorite radio, give like/dislike, post comments etc.
  • Besides listening, users can also add a radio just by providing basic details like radio name, stream URL, genres etc from the frontend.


You can instantly use this amazing script by spending a reasonable amount of $51. You will also get a dedicated support for 6 months which you can extend to 1 year at just $17.25

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3. LetsPlay

LetsPlay allows you to have your own TV and radio channel listing website with this software in a matter of few clicks.
You can provide the latest live channels to the users with your live streaming station for radio & TV.

This ultimate solution is created by PHP based Laravel framework along with MySQL at the backend for easy database management.

Admin can manage site title, slider, logo, header & footer image, and various other elements easily.

For instance, along with displaying all the channel on the website, you can also highlight featured TV and radio channels.

LetsPlay Online Radio PHP Script


  • You can provide a social media sharing option for the tracks to the users via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram.
  • You can provide a list of popular categories on the home page like daily talk shows, news, cricket, entertainment, comedy, drama etc.
  • Users are facilitated with many other options like they can place banner advertisements on the website, give ratings & comments and much more.
  • The website layout will be completely responsive for every device screens.


LetsPlay is available at an exclusive price of $31 and 6 months support. You can extend this support to 12 months in $9.75 only.

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4. The One Radio Engine

You can use this popular CMS to create an online radio station website in minutes. It allows you to set up radio station IP or server through the admin panel.

With this script, you can construct a radio website of absolutely your style. For example, you can provide ad space on every page, set and update the sponsors, link program schedules with RJs, create customized theme & page templates etc.

The Online Radio Engine Online Radio PHP Script


  • You can provide a simple contact form to the users which have inbuilt HTML5 and PHP validation for form fields.
  • Further, it is integrated with MailChimp email marketing service which helps you to collect your leads automatically when the users submit their details.
  • With the multi-admin option, the super admin is authorized to update other admin/users details or block them.
  • Also, the admin can upload gallery image and enable the gallery image popup at the frontend.


Buy this PHP script at a very affordable $30 only. You will get a support for 6 months which you can extend to 12 months at just $9.38

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5. Radio Web PHP Script

If you are in search of a CMS for single radio station website, then Radio Web is the best PHP script.
For example, if you want to have a radio station in a native language, then you can confidently go for this script.

The script is absolutely customizable and is developed from CodeIgniter framework and core PHP.

On your website, you can display miscellaneous sections. For instance, a list of top 10 songs, program schedules, RJs, playlist history etc.

Radio Web Online Radio PHP Script


  • The webmaster can configure all the site components like sections of latest releases, latest news, slider etc.
  • Moreover, you get Google Analytics integration to keep track of all your website traffic.
  • Beside customizing site name, logo & favicon etc. admin can also include social media links & app links on the website.
  • It has Shoutcast & Icecast softwares to support multiple audio formats like AAC, AAC+, OGG, MP3 etc.


Avail this script for your website at $40 along with 6-month support. You can also extend this support to 12 months in $13.13

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6. Q Player

Q Player lets you have an outstanding player for online radio streaming which is compatible on the devices like desktops, tablets, smartphones etc.

It allows the admin to do the customization generously on the diverse sections of your website. For instance, you can alter colors of icons, button text, site background etc.

Also, the site owner can configure all the website sections like timezone, radio autoplay, choose any Shoutcast version (VI,V2), radio title & description etc.

Q Player Online Radio PHP Script


  • This script enables you to auto-fetch streaming information like current playing track, playlist history, active listeners and other details.
  • From the admin area, you can select the different type of languages (English, Arabic, Kurdish, Germany), choose online/offline radio play mode and much more.
  • You can integrate Last.fm (a music website) to your radio portal via API. Plus, it permits you to alter song names and remove unwanted words from the playlist.
  • Furthermore, you can provide social sharing options via Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.


Avail this feature-rich solution at $25 only along with 6 months support. You can anytime extend the support to 12 months at $7.50 only.

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I believe this article would help you to pick the best PHP script for an online radio station. We have derived them after a lot of surveys and testing on the personal level.

Hence, you can now straight away start using any of these tools and get best results in a really short span of time.

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