I am absolutely sure you must have tested quite a lot of tools to integrate media galleries into your website.

And I know the amount of time and efforts that you put in for searching the best video gallery solution goes in vain most of the time.

So, if you are done trying all the solutions which are almost an era old, its high time to switch to the video gallery PHP script.

Let us understand how these scripts are going to be bliss for webmasters of every class.

Video Gallery PHP Script

The foremost advantage of using these scripts is that you can include unlimited images/videos/audios of almost every kind in your web page.

Now when I say including these media sections, you can include your own images & videos or derive them from sites like YouTube, Vimeo etc.

Secondly, even on bulk upload of these videos, your website will not suffer from page reloading.

Plus, you are provided with various effects to enhance the website layout like sliders & themes.

There is a lot more to discuss these scripts, so let us directly dive into this article now.

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1. Video Gallery

This PHP script is the best solution if you want to display videos on your website. Also, you can create attractive galleries in a matter of few minutes or embed/export or duplicate it.

This robust script is very easy to use and can be set up in a minute.

Moreover, you can embed these galleries anywhere you want. For instance, a static HTML website, Tumblog (multimedia blog posting on Tumblr), on open source CMS to create websites like WordPress, Joomla etc.

Video Gallery Video Gallery PHP Script


  • You can configure various settings like select any video player skin, enable/disable video overlay, add sliders, display Vimeo player byline etc.
  • Also, you can display Youtube & Vimeo videos as feeds on the web page.
  • It is very responsive on every device screen and absolutely compatible with all the major browsers.
  • Finally, you do not have to mess around with the database as this script does not use the database to store media files.


You can avail this script at a very reasonable rate of $20 and get a support for 6 months. In future, if you want to extend the support for 12 months at $5.63 only.

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2. YouTube Vimeo Video Gallery Scheduling

One of the best ways to play YouTube and Vimeo videos on your website or organize them in your video gallery is to integrate this PHP script.

Another add-on which you get on using this script is that you can schedule the videos publishing on a particular date and time as per the requirement.

Whereas, video management can be done in either way, manually or automatically.

YouTube Vimeo Video Gallery PHP Script


  • You can define video player layout settings like autoplay, player dimensions, show/hide video information, etc.
  • It allows you to configure the video list setting like its layout, elements dimensions, and padding, number of videos to display, thumbnail image width, number of chars for video title etc.
  • In addition to this, you can manage video list navigation buttons, background colors, text size and put the video list in a loop as well.
  • Also, you can set the timezone so that video go live at the right time. This is a very crucial aspect of website configuration when a video is set on air.


Get this amazing script at the most reasonable price of $11 only with 6 months support. If you want to extend this support to 12 months, you need to spend an additional amount of $2.25 only.

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3. Media Gallery

It is one of the most used web application to create photo/video gallery wall and display it online in a hassle-free manner.Media Gallery lets you have a gallery wall that has multiple galleries of different categories in the same view. Further, you can scroll the images/videos of the galleries both horizontally and vertically.

It is integrated with CMS that includes file uploaders & resize technology.

You are provided with over 40 parameters for unlimited settings for your gallery, for example, preview & delete the image, generate jQuery code and copy it into your website etc.

Further, it allows protecting the single media gallery with a password. And if you want to share the images, you can send the permalink of the gallery/image to the person via email.

Media Gallery Video Gallery PHP Script


  • With lazy loading option, the images will be loaded only when they are visible to the user. In this way, you can revamp the overall page loading process.
  • The VR panorama viewer helps to have a 360 degree VR media that you can embed on any desktop, mobile, and native apps.
  • Images can also be viewed in a lightbox which will be touch-friendly. This means you can drag, scale, rotate, tap the images easily on touchscreen devices.
  • You can display the EXIF data like camera model, focal length, exposure time etc. plus, it will create an automatic thumbnail for every image.


Media Gallery is available at $24 plus 6 months support. You can extend this support to 12 months at $7.13 only

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4. Awesome Media Gallery

Awesome Media Gallery is one of the best media sharing solutions for images, videos, audios. You can add this application to an existing website or use it as a stand-alone website. Therefore, it is widely used by photographers, art & music communities, graphic design portals, tourism groups etc.

It is integrated with Owl Carousel 2 (a jQuery plugin) to create a beautiful carousel slider for your website.

You can have 18 modals for pop-ups with different effects like for contact us, member sign up, upload images/videos etc.

Since this application allows members to post their comments, it also automatically censor the bad words used by any member on the website and notifies the admin.

Awesome Video Gallery PHP Script


  • It comes with 3 readymade email templates for – “Welcome”, “Activate Your Account” & “Password Reset”.
  • This application support watermarks for all the images. You just have to choose the size & place it anywhere on the image (top, bottom, side, corner etc.)
  • Moreover, it provides an option of social login via Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft & WordPress.
  • It automatically posts images to Facebook as a link or photo. Similarly, a group of images, videos & audios can be automatically posted as a post on the WordPress website.
  • Now you can easily manage a meme site as it supports animated GIFs as well.


Get this application for your website now with the one-time payable amount of $18 only.

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5. Instant Video Gallery Engine

This is one of the most famous video gallery engine that allows quick searching of videos on the basis of the playlist, user upload, user favorites etc. Not only this, it provides a pagination option for indexing the unlimited video galleries.

Moreover, this application also ensures absolute responsiveness of your website on any screen size of different devices.

Instant Video Gallery PHP Script


  • It facilitates users to browse through the trending topics for the current date. In this way, they get an option to watch unlimited videos of different genres all around the world.
  • You can have 18+ Bootswatch color themes (which are free themes for Bootstrap).
  • Furthermore, it is completely compatible with all modern browsers like IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc.


You can avail this video gallery engine at just $16 along with 6 months support. To extend this support to 12 months, you just have to spend $4.13 additionally.

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I don’t have to swear by on something to prove the importance of having a video gallery in your website as including an image/video gallery in the website, is trending across the world for a sensible reason.

After going through all these video gallery PHP scripts, you must be in a rush to purchase the best-suited tool.

Well then, go ahead. These scripts are already tried & tested at the personal level to save your time and efforts.

Don’t worry if you have any query, as we revert to all your doubts with the best possible solutions. Also, we would love to have your suggestions which you can post in the below section.

Thanks for reading.