Pharmacy management system has become an inseparable component of every hospital & dispensaries.

That’s why using an automated solution is suggested unanimously to enhance the workflow of your online business of pharmacy & eventually boost sales.

BUT, out of the many available options in the market, using PHP scripts has gained a lot of popularity for a very long time now.

Pharmacy Management System Script In PHP

With these scripts, all of your miscellaneous tasks will turn out to be more accurate in a very less time.

Let me brief you about the areas where these scripts will help you out majorly:

  • Maintaining patient’s records
  • Generating bills & invoices
  • Tracking inventory & stock
  • Calculating sales and expenses
  • Managing suppliers.

Following scripts will provide the best-automated solution to handle these daily to-do tasks in the best manner.

1. Pharmacare

Get the amazing pharmacy management system script in PHP for your online pharmacy department with one-click installation.

It allows you to streamline your web-based pharmaceutical since you can manage your workflow through different modules such as customer and product management, supply & sales record, inventory logs etc.

The store owner can add medicines in the stock with brand/generic name, barcode, category, picture, VAT percent and many other details & can be easily retrieved with a quick search option.

Further, he can alter opening stock of each product, print barcodes, take contact details of the customers as leads and do many such important configurations.

Pharmacare Pharmacy Management System Script In PHP


  • You can generate and print the POS invoice to record complete sales transaction. Further, in the purchase management module, you can have data storage in the form of first in first out or last in first out.
  • All the information that is stored in the database (of customers, suppliers, products) will have a backup and restore option. It can be done as per the requirement or automatically.
  • Moreover, admin can view the stock report in 3 ways: batch wise, manufacture wise and product wise.


Include this automated solution in just $46 where you get a support for 6 months. You can anytime extend this support to 12 months in $15.38 only.

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2. Clinic/Pharmacy Management System Pro

This is the best pharmacy management system script in PHP that allows you to effectively manage your web-based pharmacy and clinic.

The module is designed in a way so that you can analyze pharmacy stock usage, generate patient report & export it to CSV/PDF format etc.

The dashboard will provide stats of 4 entities – medicines available, under stock medicines, number of patients this month & revenue.

In addition to this, it also allows a hassle-free pathology management.

Clinic Pharmacy Management System Script In PHP


  • You can refer patients of different categories like new/revisiting patients, unpaid patients, their departments etc. Also, you can search the patient by date range, ID, name, contact to view their entire medical record.
  • Further, you can check various records like patients EMR (electronic medical record), pathology/pharmacy payments & dues and much more.
  • It allows you to refund money or medicine to the users with a complete log of refund reason, date, doctor, amount, medicine list etc.


Buy this PHP script at $25 and get 6 months support along with it. If you want to extend this support to 1 year, pay $7.50 only.

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3. Multi Pharmacy

This application is suitable for every kind of medical & departmental store with which you can manage things either in online or offline mode. You can install this application for single or multiple pharmacy setups.

It dynamic dashboard helps you to manage point of sale where you can select multiple items and get the complete cost estimation based on the quantity & discounts applied.

Likewise, you can have a database of your staff, users, with ID, name, contact & residential information, due balance of customers etc.

Multi Pharmacy Management System Script In PHP


  • Admin can set various parameters like discount type, partial payment option, currency choices and many more.
  • You can also analyze the expenses in multiple areas and many other reports like gross selling, gross purchase & profit etc.
  • Besides this, you can easily do medicine stock management, sales management, generate invoice etc.


Avail multi pharmacy in just $50 and get 6 months support along with this. To extend this support, you just have to pay $16.88 additionally.

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4. Pharmacy Management System

This CMS for online pharmacy management system is developed via PHP & CodeIgniter framework. Also, the website created will be absolutely responsive as the script includes Bootstrap framework.

You can have one of the best online pharmacy portals without knowing any programming skills by using this script.

Also, it allows you to have multiple admins/cashiers and provide different access permission to them so that you can have an effective workflow. For example, admin can easily manage sells & invoice query, alter site title & logo and much more.

Further, it has a dynamic search option that works on every section like product search, invoice search & quickly responds with “no result found” if there is no record in the database.

PMS Pharmacy Management System Script In PHP


  • Your online medicine website can be useful for even more users as this script offers multi-time zone & multi-currency support.
  • Besides having complete information about suppliers, products & brands, you can also store the details of the referrers.
  • It provides email sending options which can be used for a variety of purposes. For instance, you can easily send a backup report via email to sub admins or cashiers.


Quickly purchase this CMS as it is available at an exclusive price of $26 only. It also comes with 6 months of support that can be extended to 12 months in just $7.88.

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5. Rx Tera

Rx Tera is a popular medicine inventory management application with the best responsive user interface. It allows multi-level user management system with default administrator, dispenser & cashier accounts.

All the important statistics such as top users, inventory amount, total sales & expenses etc. will be summarised in the dashboard.

Furthermore, you are facilitated with inbuilt medicine master list which has more than 2000 brands.

Along with this, you can easily create and manage unlimited customers and suppliers list.

Rx Tera Pharmacy Management System Script In PHP


  • The owner can view the financial statements of all the employees, POS invoice details like date, invoice prepared by admin/dispenser/cashier and a lot more stuff.
  • Also, you can have the list of expired or soon expiring (with date) medicines, out of stock medicines where you can easily add/edit the list.
  • In addition to this, you get a calculated profit & loss amount for a date range on the basis of product costs & expenses.


Get this feature-loaded application at a very reasonable price of $36 and 6 months support. If you want to extend this support to 1 year, just pay an additional amount of $11.63

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I hope this article has helped you in finding the best pharmacy management system script in PHP.

Moreover, you do not have to spend extra time and money on testing them as each one of these scripts are already tested and used in abundance.

If you find anything ambiguous or want to make any suggestion, do comment in the below section.

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