Pricing Table is the important tool for any company to communicate values and benefits that a business offers to the customers. Pricing table WordPress plugins will enable a customer to see the value in the offers through clear pricing table on the business website. 

Pricing Table WordPress Plugins

The psychology of online shoppers and customers is very different than real-life ones. They tend to be pickier. It takes some extra effort to make them take the big step from research to actual purchase. By implementing a comparative pricing table on the website you can make it easier for a customer to research and pick any product.

Therefore a well-designed Pricing Table can become a crucial factor in your success. Effective Pricing Table helps the customer to compare different features. This will provide you an effective way to position your packages for higher sales. Don’t worry, as plugins will solve this problem for you.

This plugin provides customization services some of which are:

  • Provides custom plugin development
  • Theme install and set-up
  • Responsive development
  • Custom page template
  • Theme and icons design

So without wasting any time let’s get into the Top Pricing WordPress Plugins of 2018.

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1. fatcat apps

fatcat apps are the most popular WordPress pricing table plugin. It makes eye-catching pricing tables with just a few clicks. You can easily connect a fatcat app to your favorite shopping cart and payment gateways. There are inbuilt designs which will help you in sales conversion. One can save a lot of time as they can pick a good looking pricing table template from 10 available templates. Mobile users will also feel comfortable as every template is fully mobile responsive. It looks great on all devices.

The best part is 60 days money back guarantee. You can send an email within 60 days of your purchase and you will get 100 percent money back without any conditions.



It is available at a very minimal cost i.e $ 29 for personal, $ 59 business and $ 99 agency. All the purchase come with 60 days money back guarantee.


  • Provides easy setup which doesn’t require any HTML or coding knowledge.
  • You can add tooltips that make pricing table simple and clean.
  • Each and every design available is highly customized which allows  you to set it the way you want
  • Availability of one-click integration using Stripe, WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads

2. Responsive Pricing Table

The plugin allows you to add pricing table tab right in your admin panel. This will help in creating pricing table for your website in an easy manner. It is equipped with a variety of features and shortcodes which displays your pricing table wherever you want.



The pro version adds some more features which start from $ 9 and goes up to $ 89.


  • All the required fields necessary for regular pricing table are available. It helps in the creation of appealing pricing tables.
  • Enables you to highlight specific plans.
  • Provides plugin’s documentation. It contains video tutorial and other information related to the usage of the plugin.
  • Availability of skins/layout, you can preview them immediately with the Instant preview button. It makes pricing table look good.
  • You can add tooltips to your features by using the brackets (“{}”, see in your plan’s editor).

3. Pricing Table Builder-

Pricing Table Builder is one of the latest advanced pricing table builder plugins for WordPress users developer by WPManageNinja. This is a freemium pricing table builder plugin that is used to create any kind of pricing tables in WordPress.

Pre-built template feature of the plugin makes the pricing table creation super easy. You just need to have a single click to create your respective pricing table.

WPManageNinja Pricing Table


You can have all the basic feature in the free version of the plugin. For having an advanced feature, you need to purchase a cost-effective pro version of the plugin.


  • The Most User-Friendly Interface.
  • Special Feature Highlighting Feature.
  • Using Different Tooltip for Making Table Clean & Smooth.
  • Advanced Designing Features.
  • Special Customization Options for Each Part of the Table.
  • Amazing Admin Preview for a Smooth Customization.
  • Cost Effective Pricing Table Plugin.
  • Custom CSS Facility.
  • Extended Documentation and User Guide.

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4. Clean CSS3 WordPress Responsive Pricing Table

Clean CSS3 WordPress Responsive Pricing Table is a premium plugin. It creates responsive and professional pricing table. The plugin enables you to present offerings of your business according to customer needs. It gives an optimum viewing experience across a wide range of devices and in all major browsers. The plugin is designed with clean CSS3 table and no JavaScript is used. Moreover, you have the freedom to create unlimited css3 tables. It also provides free lifetime updates.

Clean CSS3 WordPress Responsive Pricing Table will definitely work as an asset for your business.



The pricing for the plugin starts from $ 9 for 6 months which goes to $ 54.


  • Allows quick Disable / Hide One Or Many Columns From Admin Panel.
  • Provides predefined Sample Configurations, color versions & a wide choice of 42 Tick / Cross Icons.
  • Combination of pure CSS & HTML.
  • Configurations are conducted via one intuitive control panel.
  • Support of both videos and images in the pricing table.
  • Google Font support is also provided to match with the font used on your site.

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5. Responsive CSS3 Pricing Tables

Responsive CSS3 Pricing Table is the latest pricing table plugin. Creates pricing tables with simple and clean, yet attractive design. It is packed with 6 color schemes, 2 variants (light or dark), Responsive layout, CSS tooltips. Moreover, the plugin is compatible with all the major browsers like Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 and 9, Firefox 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, Chrome (from version 4 to 13) & Opera.



The plugin is available at a very affordable price i.e $ 9 and goes to $ 49


  • Provides mobile-friendly layout which is highly responsive
  • Includes month/year pricing toggle which makes things clear
  • Well documentation for easy support
  • Animations on hover are set for columns and buttons and you can add other animations for sure.

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6. WordPress Pricing Table Plugin-

WordPress Pricing Table plugin creates and publishes customized & responsive pricing tables. The plugin provides a graphic visual representation of prices for easy comparison. It is equipped with responsive widget width, that can be arranged and customized to get the perfect look.

WordPress Pricing Table Plugin


Starting price for the plugin is $ 9 which goes up to $ 29.


  • Pricing redesign is possible at the just single click
  • Fully compatible with WordPress and works with any WordPress theme
  • No coding knowledge required
  • Updates with new features are automatically installed on the website
  • Excellent support system by experienced professionals
  • Mobile friendly.

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7. uPricing – Pricing Table for WordPress

uPricing allows you to create appealing pricing tables. This plugin is a premium quality pricing table WordPress plugin. It Is highly customizable and comes with multiple themes. Saves a lot of time for the user as is easy to set up and use. uPricing is beneficial to both – new WordPress users as well as seasoned expert users and developers. Availability of best feature set to include it within your own themes makes it a unique Pricing table plugin.

uPricing - Pricing Table for WordPress


uPricing plugin is available from $ 5 to $ 75.


  • Integrates easily with other plugins.
  • Availability of multiple themes.
  • Provides sleek slider both at the front end and admin.
  • Updated uPricing added tooltips, improved HTML Call to action support added property dividers and many more.

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8. Pricing Table by Supsystic

Pricing table by Supsystic is an easy to use pricing table builder. It creates attractive pricing table without any programming skills. The inbuilt editors open transparent field. It makes changes and customization with day to day necessities.

Pricing Table by Supsystic


You can download this plugin free of cost from WordPress official website.


  • Using alternating background colors you can visually separate plans in pricing. This attracts attention to the plan that you want to be bought by the user.
  • Allows you to insert icon beside your header, add pricing table rows and columns which enables to highlight a certain price.
  • Columns editor – for large-scale and great changes in entire columns
  • Availability of animation effect which makes it attractive.

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9. Pricing Table by PickPlugins

Pricing Table by PickPlugins displays pricing grid on your WordPress site. The plugin tables can be ingrained into your website via a shortcode. It provides. It includes multiple featured columns. This will let you add custom images and ribbons, embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

Pricing Table by PickPlugins


It is available free of cost


  • Customization options that allow you to change the background color of column header & column price
  • Option to Display Image on Each Column
  • Availability of unlimited ribbons and highlighting featured column.

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With these free WordPress Pricing Table plugins, you will be ready to craft an appealing Pricing Table to sell your goods and services. These plugins will create a chance for customers to weight the pros and cons of each your product against his own personal needs, possibilities in the financial sphere. We hope that this blog helped you in choosing the right plugin for your business.

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