Leverage browser caching WordPress plugins will help you deliver the content in milliseconds, improves site’s ranking and also put a great impression on your visitors.

Leverage browser WordPress plugins help you increase the overall performance of your WordPress website.

Here a question arises!!!

What are really leverage browser caching WordPress plugins and how do they increase the overall website’s performance?

Below is the best explanation:

As we all know, WordPress generates a website’s content dynamically and for this, it uses a large database. The more content added to your website result in the more database request execution.

Consequently, it will slow down the site’s performance notably when the database resides on a different server. Enabling leverage browser caching will serve files from the browser instead of the server.

That’s how leverage browser caching WordPress plugins will allow your website the functionality to cache files. These files get saved into the browser instead of the server. This will result in the moderate increase in the overall site’s performance as well as speed.

Have a look at these popular listings-

In this article let’s have a discussion on the topic of our interest The 7+ Leverage Browser Caching WordPress Plugins 2022 (Free and Paid)-

1. Borlabs Cache– Best in Leverage Browser WordPress Plugins

Borlabs Cache is an easy to use, yet powerful Leverage Browser Caching WordPress Plugin. It provides GZIP to compress your page. The Plugin combines all JavaScript and CSS files to increase your site’s performance.

Borlabs Cache

Pricing Plan-

The Borlabs Cache WordPress Plugin have a regular licence of $49 only.


  • It caches every post, page, category, feed and tag.
  • Automatically refresh the cache.
  • Provides statistics about every page/post in the cache.
  • Optimization with JavaScript, CSS, HTML, database and miscellaneous settings.

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2. WP Rocket – Popular in Leverage Browser WordPress Plugins

With WP Rocket Leverage Browser Caching WordPress Plugin make your website load fast in just a few clicks. WordPress experts recognized it as the most powerful caching plugin.


Pricing Plan-

The WP Rocket WordPress Plugin pricing plans are-

  • Single- $39 (1 website)
  • Plus- $99 (3 websites)
  • Infinite- $199 (unlimited websites)


  • With less configuration get immediate results.
  • Simplicity and the speed is a major advantage.
  • Ultra-fast Page loading time with cache Preloading.
  • Improve Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

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3. Comet Cache– Prime in Leverage Browser WordPress Plugins

Comet Cache appends an excellent combination of simplicity, reliability and most importantly the Speed. It can be an effective solution to your site’s speed problems. The Plugin saves a lot of your time which can be very expensive from the performance viewpoint.


Pricing Plan-

The Comet Cache WordPress Plugin have the pricing plans as-

  • Single-site: $39
  • 3 Sites: $99
  • Unlimited sites: $139 (Most Popular)


  • Comet Cache increases the speed of your site and improves SEO.
  • No hard coding or technical knowledge required.
  • Freedom to experiment with emerging themes, plugins and configurations.
  • It reduces server expenses.

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4. Page Speed PROLeverage Browser Caching WordPress Plugin

In Leverage Browser WordPress plugins Page Speed PRO is the one that will support you to optimize the speed constraint of your website. The overall functionality of the plugin will result in high visitors engagement, maintenance and progress.


Pricing Plan-

The Page Speed PRO WordPress Plugin has a regular pricing plan of $25 only.


  • Leverage browser cache functionality.
  • Enable compression for a reduction in the response time with 90%.
  • Significantly reduce time to download the resources, data usage via. the client, and recover the time to fast render your page.
  • Eliminate render-blocking and optimize JavaScript and CSS external file delivery.

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5. Google PageSpeed Insights Optimizer WordPress Plugin

Google PageSpeed Insights Optimizer WordPress Plugin is developed to efficiently optimize the resources and speed up your website. It helps you to make your website faster and to get the best results.

Google PageSpeed Insights Optimizer

Pricing Plan-

The Google PageSpeed Insights Optimizer WordPress Plugin have a regular licence of $19 only.


  • Instructions to compress HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Image compression without losing quality.
  • Asynchronous Google font loading.
  • Easily translatable in many languages.

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6. One Click Optimization 2.0– Leverage Browser WordPress plugin

One Click Optimization 2.0 WordPress Plugin will let you start optimizing your website without any additional setup and hard coding. It is a quick and simple-to-use plugin with enormous features and one-click installation. Support for every theme and plugin.

One Click Optimization

Pricing Plan-

The One Click Optimization 2.0 WordPress Plugin have a regular licence of $19 only.


  • Provides speed optimization for WordPress.
  • It has JavaScript migrate optimization.
  • Provides short-link and WordPress embed remover.
  • Support emoji/similes remover.

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7. PageSpeed Ninja– Must Use Leverage Browser Caching WordPress Plugin

PageSpeed Ninja is an ultimate Leverage WordPress Plugin. An easy-to-use, all in one plugin with performance-boosting capabilities. The plugin supports a vast variety of screens such as desktops, mobiles etc.

PageSpeed Ninja

Pricing Plan-

The PageSpeed Ninja WordPress Plugin is a FREE.


  • Provides minified HTML, JavaScript and CSS files.
  • Optimize styles as well as scripts.
  • AMDD database available for mobile device databases.
  • 200 000+ installations.

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8. Leverage Browser Caching WordPress Plugin

Leverage Browser Caching WordPress Plugin fixes slow loading and caching issues on your website. It also increases the overall page speed score.

Leverage Browser Caching

Pricing Plan-

The Leverage Browser Caching WordPress Plugin is another FREE plugin instead.


  • Gradual speed up of the entire website.
  • Saves data for the user perspective.
  • Reduces load on the server.
  • Also saves bandwidth.

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Having a reliable Leverage Browser Caching WordPress plugin can solve many problems and also it’s gonna give you much more time to work on other things as well.

Please feel free for any further suggestions, queries, precious thoughts and comments. We would definitely love your feedback.

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