Security is one of the biggest concern of every single webmaster running his website, be it of any genre. And I am sure, you too must be using some so-called best tool that claims to safeguard your site from a handful of vulnerabilities.

BUT, the number of online intruders are way beyond your count. Hence, I would strongly suggest you to start using (or switch to) security PHP script if you really want to be at 0 risks from site attackers.

Security PHP Script

In addition to this, you will also get benefited with several other options. Some of the highlighting features are:

  • The scripts are integrated with multiple tools provides the best protection from SQL injection, XSS vulnerabilities, hackers, bots and much more.
  • Admin will get notifications on any kind of attack or threat detection. This alert helps to quickly take the relevant action against the attacks.
  • One more amazing advantage of using these scripts is that they automatically detect & ban some of the known hackers. Although, you can configure the ban settings as per your choice as well.
  • The admin panel gives full authority to monitor all the activities closely & have stats about visitors, total spammers etc.

Want to learn more about these security PHP scripts?

In this blog, we have compiled some of the best security PHP script for you that are tested by expertise.

Let us straightaway explore these services one by one in detail now.

1. Project SECURITY

This is one of the most robust website security application that gives security for all kind of hackers and attacks. For instance, it will provide protection against SQL injection, spammers, XSS vulnerabilities, proxy visitors, and many other types of threats.

The algorithms used in this script helps to detect all the known hacker attacks and threats. Later, it automatically takes relevant action against these threats.

Most importantly, the webmaster will receive email notifications on any kind of attack or threat detection. Also, an alert is generated from an antivirus scanner against malicious files for the website.

Project Security PHP Script

Key attributes

  • The powerful admin panel helps you to manage your website security very efficiently. For example, it allows you to ban any suspicious browsers, IP, countries etc.
  • Further, you can anytime enable/disable different security modules such as spams, adblocker detection, bad bots etc as per his choice.
  • Moreover, you can also maintain an IP whitelist that will hold the list of spam free IP & email addresses.
  • Also, you can generate different warning pages with desired text from the admin panel against proxy, blocked browsers & OS, spams, banned countries and a lot more.
  • Besides this, the built-in analytics will help you to monitor live traffic & track numerous daily & monthly stats such as bot visits, total visits and a lot more.

Pricing Plan

  • The regular license of the script will cost you $35 that comes with a variety of important features.
  • The extended license of the same script is available at $180 and is bundled with a lot of enhanced features.

All of this comes with a dedicated 6-month support which you can extend to 12 months by paying an additional amount of $11.25 only.

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2. IT Security Tools

This PHP web application is integrated with many important, yet easy to use tools for all the IT & security professionals and companies. Moreover, it can also be used as a SaaS (software as a service).

Additionally, it includes VirusTotal tools like website scan & MD5 Hash Scan and hash tools to generate the hash on the files.

Furthermore, the login is protected by a math Captcha to protect from brute force attacks.

IT Security PHP Script

Key attributes

  • The dynamic admin panel will give you various updated statistics about login logs, alerts & notifications as well as RSS feed for latest IT security news.
  • It is integrated with many domain tools such as Whois lookup, domain availability, IP Blacklist Check etc.
  • Admin will get email alerts on important activity occurrence like when a website/IP goes offline or MD5 scanning gets complete.
  • There are few more miscellaneous tools like password generator, port scanner, grab user IP etc. to give you an all-round security from every possible threat.

Pricing Plan

  • Get facilitated with entry-level services of the regular license at just $33.
  • Next comes the extended license which offers even more enhanced services at $175.

If you wish to extend the robust 6-month support to 1 year, pay a minimal amount of $10.50.

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3. SecMonit – Web Security App

SecMonit is the first web application to regain control the server security. It can block the most common & familiar attacks from bots, and hackers like SQL injections, denial-of-service attacks and a lot more.

You will get a responsive admin panel to view all the logs, and take actions against attackers and hackers.

SecMonit Security PHP Script

Key Attributes

  • It is integrated with very important tools, namely, password generator & port checker.
  • Also, it has a directory scanner that enables you to scan a specified directory on the file system.
  • In addition to this, admin can have system overview about the server CPU & memory usage as well as free disk space available.
  • Besides, you can have complete logs about attacks (IP, type, date etc.), protected pages (with their name & URL), and IP blacklist (IP, reason etc.)

Pricing Plan

  • Use the regular license of SecMonit at the most reasonable price of $14 & avail all the basic functionalities.
  • Plus, its extended license is also very pocket-friendly as you can purchase it for $45 only and gives you many surplus features.

The 6-month support system can be extended to 12 months by paying a very basic charge of $3.38 only.

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4. CC Web Security PHP Script

CC Web Security is a script that helps you to protect your website from different kinds of hacking attacks. It effectively safeguards your site from SQLi (SQL injection), DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), XSS, Proxy, and various other types of hacking attacks.

Further, it has an auto ban function which automatically bans every hacker. Although, you can disable this functionality or configure it as per your choice from the admin panel.

CC Web Security PHP Script

Key Attributes

  • The script is integrated with DNSBL which is a DNS based spam blocking list. It contains the IP addresses of email servers from where you might get spam or has received spam from databases. So, if the spammer from this blocking list visits your website, it will be blocked and gets redirected to another page.
  • Furthermore, you can browse all the hacking attacks & store each of them in the database without any duplication.
  • Moreover, the script includes the scanner for malicious files (to scan virus), proxy and tor detector & blocker and many more essential tools.
  • The script is very much easy to set up and provides an amazing UI. Also, it is well documented in order to assist you at every step.

Pricing Plan

  • Avail the regular license of this script at a very affordable price of $28 with various important functionalities.
  • Whereas, the extended license will cost you only $84 and get assisted with all the advanced features.

Get a dedicated free support with these pricing plans & use it either for personal or commercial use.

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Needless to say, you must have observed the vitality of these security PHP scripts.

So, now what are you waiting for?

Quickly analyze the best-suitable tool for your website and start using it on regular basis.

Your budget worries are resolved without even your saying, as they are most affordable PHP scripts for security available in the market.

We would love to have your suggestions and queries (if any) anytime. Drop your comments in the below section.

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