It is very important for e-business owners to retain their customers. This means you have to stay in touch with them deliberately.

However, you need to be particular about connecting with your consumers in moderation & without irritating them.

That’s why SMS is one of the most decent ways that every business owners prefer to stay in touch with their customers.

Although there are a lot of other options that will initialize bulk messaging system on your website but none of them is flawless.

Whereas, SMS PHP scripts have consistently ranked as the best solution.

These scripts are designed to fit perfectly into any SMS business, irrespective of their business model.

SMS PHP Script

If you are want to notify your mass customers about your companies events, liquidations, deals, offers etc. then you can go with any of these scripts to send SMS in bulk.

Further, these scripts will also assist you with many advanced features like SMS gateways, 2-way messaging support, SMS scheduler, autoresponders, message templates and tonnes of other attributes.

Let us know more about these scripts now.

Before you learn more about these SMS PHP Script, here are a few more worth reading blogs for you:

1. TextTiger

TextTiger is one of the easiest and most trusted ways to send text messages to your customers.

This script allows you can have a 2-way conversation with your subscribers & answer their queries. The best part is, all incoming SMS messages are absolutely free for you.

You can send text messages for about daily deals, events, coupon codes, discounts etc. where text messages opening chances is over 95%.

TextTiger SMS PHP Script


You can avail the regular license of this SMS PHP script at $21 and extended license at $85 only. The support provided will be for 6 months which you can extend to 1 year with $6 only.


  • This script allows you to have unlimited contacts in your subscriber lists & send a mass text to either a group or everyone in the subscriber lists.
  • Admin can send media message as this script allows you to attach a picture to the outgoing text messaging.
  • You can schedule text messages using its inbuilt calendar. This means you can schedule the outing of single/mass group text messages on any date and time.
  • Further, you can set auto responding messages to reply automatically to your subscribers.

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2. Mobile Number Verifier Via SMS

This is a powerful tool that provides instant mobile number verification via SMS. It is exclusively designed for Indian webmasters & marketers to authenticate the mobile numbers.

This script works with WordPress or any PHP based website very effectively.

SMS Verifier SMS PHP Script


Get the regular license of the PHP script at $11 & extended license at $55 only. Avail the 6 months support offered at this price and extend it to 1 year at just $2.25.


  • This lightweight script connects remotely to any Indian mobile number in seconds for the verification process.
  • Moreover, you can use this script for a variety of purposes like for registration forms, promotional campaigns, WooCommerce plugins etc.
  • You can provide the user a code via SMS which they have to submit on the website for verification.
  • Further, admin can store name, number & emails of the mobile number holders and mark their verification status (verified, not verified or incomplete process).

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3. Sendroid Ultimate

This tool exclusively is designed for bulk SMS service providers and SMS resellers.

Moreover, it provides a lot of advanced features such as providing SMS Gateway (Twilio & Infobip), text content filtering, white label reseller system, APIs, spam control protection via reCaptcha and a lot more.

It is one of the most scalable & flexible tools and provides installable modules & Add-ons to further expand its features.

Sendroid Ultimate SMS PHP Script


Buy this exclusive PHP script for SMS at $85 only and get support for 6 months. If you wish to extend this support to 12 months, you need to spend $30 extra.


  • The script supports multiple types of messaging like text, voice, MMS, WhatsApp, Unicode, flash messaging and 2-Way messaging with SMS chat.
  • Admin can provide multiple currencies for the transaction with different payment gateways like PayPal, 2checkout, Stripe, Paystack etc.
  • Facilitate your customers with multiple SMS Plans & SMS Vouchers and credit sharing option.
  • The powerful admin panel lets you manage SMS routing rules, rates, support tickets, address book, marketing list, Facebook login etc.

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4. Mobiketa

This PHP script is perfect to manage SMS & Voice campaigns for all kind of mobile marketing business and service providers.

Further, it supports multiple user systems. This means, admin can have unlimited users and sub-admins to access and manage the campaigns effectively.

This stand-alone application has a long list of important attributes. For example, you will have a database backup/restore option, automatic updates, manage currencies, blacklisted numbers etc.

Mobiketa SMS PHP Script


Get this PHP solution with its regular license at $55 & extended license at $1425 along with 6 months support. If you want to extend this support to 12 months, just pay an additional amount of $18.75


  • Admin can offer unlimited SMS packages to his customers and set cost for those packages.
  • You can facilitate the customers to buy SMS credits via multiple online payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, GTPay etc.
  • The analytics provides graphs, reports, and statistics about SMS & voice campaigns, subscribers etc. that helps you to track progress easily.
  • It provides you with APIs so that you can integrate the SMS marketing application with any other third-party systems.
  • Moreover, it has a dynamic message routing & 2-way messaging support as well.

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5. PHP Automatic SMS Scheduler

Using this amazing SMS PHP script, you can predominantly schedule your outgoing messages on a particular date, time or both. For instance, you can set SMS gateway & number, templates, customer name, title & text for scheduling a message.

This PHP script for SMS is integrated with some of the best global messaging gateways like Twilio, Clickatell, and ExpertTexting.

Automatic Scheduler SMS PHP Script


Use this solution with its regular license available at $26 & extended license at $75. You will get a dedicated support for 6 months which you can extend up to 1 year by making an additional payment of $7.88 only.


  • You can use this script to send texts for the unlimited business purpose like promotional offers, greetings, due appointments, news and a lot more.
  • Furthermore, the 5-star rated script allows you to send bulk SMS to your contact list instantly.
  • Also, admin can edit or straightaway use the provided templates that have text content for generalized occasions like birthdays, appointments etc.

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I hope this blog has helped you to find the best solution for the messaging system on your website.

These tools designed to fit perfectly into any bulk SMS business, irrespective of your business model.

Pick up the one which you find best and start using it straight away.

If you have any query or want to make suggestions, drop a comment in the below section.