We created MailGet with the sole purpose to help you to generate more revenue out of your email marketing while keeping your expenses low. We are continuously enhancing and innovating MailGet to make it awesome each passing day.

SMTP Routing is a new way to send your email campaigns.

SMTP Routing, not only enhances your email deliverability but gives you an amazing way to test and experiment between different email deliverability services.

As you might know, MailGet allows you to connect any SMTP service for sending emails.

NOTE: If you have connected more than one email sending server in your MailGet account then this feature will show at the time of Sending mail and you can use it.

For example : 

If you want to send a total of 10,000 emails and you have 3 email sending server ( Amazon SES, MailGun SMTP and Mandrill SMTP) connected within MailGet.

MailGet will distribute your emails and send them dynamically through multiple SMTP services.

Let us suppose, you choose 33% emails from Amazon SES, 33% from MailGun SMTP and 34% from Mandrill SMTP.

Now,  3300 emails will be sent using Amazon SES, 3300 emails will be sent using Mandrill SMTP and 3400 emails will be sent using Mandrill SMTP.

SES/SMTP : It is your email sending servers name.

Email list In (%) : Here you have to enter how many emails (in %) will send by particular email sending server.


Once the campaign is sent then you can track it on click of ADVANCE REPORT button and analyze the open, click and unsubscribe rate segmented by SMTP’s to allow you to track and enhance your email deliverability.






If you get low opens through one SMTP, you simply choose the best one and send the higher percentage of your emails in your next campaign through the best SMTP.

Your overall expenses for sending emails are also averaged. So this means if Amazon SES charges the lowest and MailGun charges the highest. With SMTP routing, your pricing is consolidated and you get the best pricing with the best deliverability.