Nowadays, there are hundreds of SSL WordPress plugins which are floating around the market.

To choose the best out of them is must, but the question arises why?

For secure communication over a computer network, HTTPS (HTTP Secure) is used in place of HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol). It is done to prevent hackers from attacking your network.

That’s why people are demanding for those SSL WordPress plugins which have unique features & flexibility.

So for those folks, I’m mentioning a list of some plugins in which both free & paid plugins are mentioned.

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1. HTTPS SSL Manager: Best SSL WordPress Plugin

HTTPS SSL Manager plugin by CreativeMinds is one of the best add-on in a bunch of SSL WordPress plugins as it has an attractive dashboard with website HTTPS indicators.


Pricing Of This SSL WordPress Plugin:

  • The pricing of this WordPress plugin starts from $29 for 1 site to $499 for 200 sites. For example: At $59, you can use this plugin on 5 sites. To know more about its charges, just visit on its website.

Features Of This SSL WordPress Plugin:

  • Just one click button to turn on as well as off https.
  • It also detects & fixes contents which are insecure by scanning all files on the site. After scanning, it resolves the insecure/improper content after installing SSL certification.
  • This plugin provides URL Mapping which allows anyone to map URLs that host their HTTPS matter on a different URL.
  • Support of URL filters which allows specifying what content should always be secure/insecure using simple string differentiation.

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2. Really Simple SSL pro: Cheapest in SSL WordPress Plugins

Really Simple SSL pro is another amazing plugin which comprises of complete scan for mixed content issues, Strict Transport Security of HTTP and many more.


Pricing Of This HTTP To HTTPS WordPress Plugin:

It has 3 price plans according to the number of sites on which this plugin can be used:

  • Single Site: $25
  • 5 Sites: $59
  • Unlimited: $189

Features Of This HTTP To HTTPS WordPress Plugin:

  • Security improvement by enabling HTTP script transport security for the site.
  • This plugin works with all kinds of SSL certificates.
  • All of the licenses are renewed at 50 percent of discount on the yearly basis & can be canceled at any time.
  • It also provides premium email facility to its customers.

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3. WordPress HTTPS: Best In Free SSL WordPress Plugins

WordPress HTTPS (SSL) by Mike Ems is one of the best add-on in SSL WordPress plugins as it mainly focuses on performance & speed.


Pricing Of This WordPress SSL Plugin:

  • This plugin is free of cost which will help you to secure your website by using HTTPS in place of HTTP in URL.

Features Of This WordPress SSL Plugin:

  • This plugin changes all of the internal links, images & scripts to HTTPS prevent incomplete encrypted errors.
  • It plugin also saves loading time of website by changing the external links/elements into HTTPS.
  • This WordPress SSL plugin forces only those HTTPS elements who should need to be of HTTPS.

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4. Force HTTPS: Best HTTPS Redirection Plugin

Force HTTPS by LittleBizzy is an SSL WordPress plugin which redirects HTTP to HTTPS & also fix insecure content without modifying the database.

It also works with CloudFlare.


Pricing Of This HTTPS Redirection Plugin:

  • This plugin is free of cost & it SSL redirect feature is best in the market of SSL WordPress plugins.

Features Of This HTTPS Redirection Plugin:

  • It has the feature of database storage & fixing insecure content in it too.
  • Through this plugin, one can also uninstall the data too.
  • For security & performance reasons, it supports only single site WordPress installations.
  • Compatible with MySQL 5.7 & PHP 7.0 versions.

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5. Easy HTTPS Redirection: Best HTTPS Redirection Plugin

Easy HTTPS Redirection by Tips and Tricks HQ is a plugin which automatically redirects non-HTTPS & HTTP URLs to HTTPS.

It redirects only at some conditions, the system must have installed SSL certificates.

ssl wordpress plugins tips-and-tricks

Pricing Of This HTTPS Redirection Plugin:

  • This plugin doesn’t charge any amount.

Features Of This HTTPS Redirection Plugin:

  • Embeds all the static files with HTTPS URL.
  • This plugin also forces loads elements such as images, CSS, JS & many more.
  • You can also choose which URLs you want to redirect to your sites.
  • One can also force the entire domain to open in HTTPS rather than in HTTP & non-HTTPS.

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6. One Click SSL: Best SSL Redirection Plugin

One Click SSL by Tribulant Software is a simple WordPress SSL plugin which redirects all non-SSL pages to SSL. It also cross-checks whether all of the redirected links are properly loaded or not.


Pricing Of This SSL Redirection Plugin:

  • It is free of cost & includes setup wizards which are user family.

Features Of This SSL Redirection Plugin:

  • This plugin checks whether the SSL feature is supported on the server/host or not.
  • If the SSL redirection is not enabled, it redirects the URL to the non-SSL page.
  • You can select SSL areas such as- admin dashboard, website frontpage & everywhere.

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So here are some of the best SSL WordPress plugins which can easily redirect the HTTP & non-HTTPS to HTTPS URL. We really expect from you that you will choose the best plugin. Well, some of these WordPress plugins are free while others are paid.

Apart from that, these plugins are way too easy to use in such as way that even a person who does not have any technical knowledge can also use it with so much ease.

So all we want from you is to try them out & use the best one according to your requirements.

If you have any questions, please let us know & we’ll answer our best. If you want to suggest some more SSL WordPress Plugins, please comment below & we’ll surely mention them.