If you want to add lightbox effects to a live WordPress site and make your media content look attractive then you have landed in the right place.

This blog will clarify all your doubts and will help you find the best lightbox WordPress plugins as we have defined some of the premium and top class plugins currently available in the market.

All these plugins are capable of making media content like images, videos, iFrames, and other types of data become responsive and fully optimized for any WordPress site.

Here are some blogs which will help find interesting and beneficial plugins for WordPress websites:-

Let’s get started with the detailed description of lightbox WordPress plugins

1. iLightBox – Revolutionary Lightbox For WordPress

iLightBox WordPress plugin allows you to create responsive windows for your website using jQuery JavaScript library.

This plugin is perfectly mobile responsive and automatically adjust to the size of the device screen. You can include custom CSS and apply custom changes on the skins provided.

Price Plans For iLightBox – WordPress Plugin

  • $21 is the price of the regular plan which has got all the basic features which can be applied to make website images & gallery look attractive.
  • Extended plan is priced $105 with which you get access to advanced features & facilities of this plugin.

Lightbox WordPress Plugin


  • Compatible with jetpack gallery, NextGEN gallery, and regular WordPress gallery.
  • Provides 6 ready-made designs.
  • Supports a variety of browsers like Chrome, FireFox, Safari etc.
  • Video and image links are detected automatically.
  • Fully responsive in design.

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2. FooBox – Lightbox WordPress Plugin

Lightbox WordPress plugin by FooBox enables you to add attractive images, videos, HTML and other media content on your website.

This plugin automatically resizes all these elements according to the size of screen. You can also add media content as a part of gallery or even as stand-alone lightbox on website.

Price Plans For FooBox – Lightbox WordPress Plugin

  • Personal Plan:- Get plugin updates and single site implementation with this plan at the cost of $30.
  • Multi Plan:- This plan permits you to execute the plugin on 5 different websites and charges $70 for it.
  • Business Plan:- This plan comes with a price tag of $150 and allows you to apply the plugin to 25 websites with premium support & software updates.

Lightbox WordPress Plugin


  • FooBox lightbox helps media files looks great on phones, tablets, computers and other devices.
  • Automatically adjusts to the size of the screen and is mobile-friendly.
  • Option to include and exclude FooBox facilities of website pages is also available.
  • Allows you to add caption to images, videos, iFrames, etc.
  • You also get fullscreen and slideshow modes with this plugin.

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3. WooCommerce Quick View Pro – Lightbox WordPress Plugin

Unlike the other plugins featured, WooCommerce Quick View Pro is a WordPress lightbox plugin specially for WooCommerce-based stores. If you’re using the free WooCommerce plugin to sell online, then a quick view lightbox is the perfect way to increase your sales.

It works by adding quick view links or buttons to the pages in your WooCommerce store. Customers use them to view extra images, more information, choose options and add the product to the cart without being taken away from the main list of products. It’s an excellent opportunity to add one-page shopping to your store, and the developers have even provided a complete guide to adding WooCommerce quick view to your shop.

Lightbox WordPress Plugin

Price Plans WooCommerce Quick View  – Lightbox WordPress Plugin

Personal License:- The single site license costs $79 and comes with plugin updates and email support.

Business License:- The next plan up lets you use the plugin on up to 5 sites, and also comes with premium support and guaranteed response times for $139.

Agency License:- This plan comes with a price tag of $279 and allows you to use the plugin on up to 20 websites with premium support & a free site audit to help you get the most out of the quick view lightbox.


  • 3 layout options: Images, Product Data, or both.
  • Choose what information to include in the WooCommerce lightbox.
  • 2 image gallery styles: thumbnails or bullet navigation.
  • Fully responsive lightbox.
  • Supports variations, add-ons, subscriptions and more.

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4. WP Lightbox Ultimate Plugin

Using lightbox ultimate plugin for WordPress you can easily embed media files like images, videos, mp3 etc on your website.

You can also project videos and media content hosted on Amazon S3 account via lightbox ultimate plugin. It is an easy to use plugin which comes with a variety of customizations.

Price Plans For WP Lightbox Ultimate Plugin

  • Standard plan is priced around $40 for lifetime access with which you get free upgrades, support and single site execution of the plugin.
  • Developer plan permits you to apply this plugin on unlimited site. It is useful for people who want to implement this plugin of multiple sites. This plan will cost you around $80 which is the one-time cost.

Lightbox WordPress Plugin


  • Allows you to embed videos using shortcodes.
  • Extremely simple to install and setup.
  • This plugin is compatible with all types of browsers.
  • Helps you display videos and media content in a responsive way.
  • Fetches content from DropBox, Amazon S3, Google Drive, etc

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5. Album & Image Gallery Plus Lightbox – Plugin

This is one of the best WordPress plugin which will help you add images and media content on websites in an impressive way.

You can add captions, titles, descriptions, or rearrange images in galleries as well as albums using this plugin. You can apply shortcodes to show grid, slider or carousel view of images on a website.

Price Plans For Image Gallery Plus Lightbox Plugin

1st Plan 2nd Plan 3rd Plan 4th Plan
$19 $29 $49 $99
Single Website 5 Websites Unlimited Sites Developer License

[Note:- 45 pro plugins bundle will cost you $45]

Lightbox WordPress Plugin


  • Provides over 15 different gallery designs.
  • Fully responsive & 100% Multilingual.
  • Display gallery or albums along with titles and descriptions.
  • Perform order change just with drag & drop.
  • Add custom links on albums and gallery.

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6. ModuloBox – NextGen Lightbox Plugin For WordPress

ModuloBox is a top class modular lightbox plugin through which you can create an eye-catchy slideshow on website popups. With this plugin, you can unveil media content in a responsive way on your website.

This plugin supports images, HTML content, iFrame and allows you to embed videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.

Price Plans For ModuloBox – WordPress Plugin

  • The price of regular license is $19 which provides features like fullscreen mode, thumbnail & zoom support, lifetime updates, etc.
  • Extended license will cost $119and give you 6-month support, multiple gallery, video embed, and other facilities.

Lightbox WordPress Plugin


  • It’s compatible with Visual Composer, NextGen, Jetpack, Woocommerce, etc.
  • Automatically detects the formats of images & videos.
  • Allows you to perform import and export of settings
  • Multisite support and Javascript API also available.
  • Provides unlimited color options

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7. Revolution Lightbox – WordPress Plugin

Revolution lightbox is a flawless WordPress plugin which perfectly runs on all major browsers and looks great on devices with different screen sizes. This plugin supports images, audios, iFrame, AJAX, HTML content, Google maps, flash, etc and helps you project this content in an attractive way.

Price Plans For Revolution Lightbox – WordPress Plugin

  • Regular plan charges $36 and comes loaded with huge amount of features which helps media content look awesome on your website.
  • $156 is the cost of extended plan which supports a variety of file formats and gives you access to various features.

Lightbox WordPress Plugin


  • Add media files like images, videos, audio, also embed YouTube and more.
  • Supports all types of mobile and desktop browsers.
  • The layout provided is fully responsive.
  • Provides two different skins and themes which are customizable.
  • Allows adding buttons for image zoom in & out.

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8. Simple Lightbox Plugin For WordPress

Simple lightbox plugin for WordPress has got 200,000 plus active installations and holds 4.7-star rating on wordpress.org. This plugin is easy to install and its implementation of website is even simpler. You can apply custom changes, group image links, apply page filters, etc with simple lightbox plugin.

Price Plan Of Simple Lightbox Plugin For WordPress

  • Simple lightbox WordPress plugin is free and can be downloaded and applied to any WordPress website with ease.

Lightbox WordPress Plugin


  • Allows you to insert links to images on posts and pages.
  • Display title, description, captain and other media details.
  • Automatically resizes the content on the basis of window size.
  • Provides themes that are fully customizable.
  • All the themes are mobile optimized.

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9. Responsive Lightbox By dFactory

Responsive Lightbox WordPress plugin helps you optimized large size images and galleries to make them look attractive on different devices. It offers 7 types of lightbox scripts which are swipebox, prettyphoto, fancybox, nivo lightbox, image lightbox, etc.

Price Plan For Responsive Lightbox WordPress Plugin

  • You can download and apply this plugin on WordPress sites for free. Not a single penny is charged by dFactory for responsive lightbox WordPress plugin.

Lightbox WordPress Plugin


  • Single image and gallery widget available.
  • Supports WooCommerce gallery for products.
  • Compatible with visual composer.
  • Allows you to customize lightbox scripts.
  • Add lightbox to galleries, image links, video links and widget content automatically.

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Final Conclusion

This is the end of 7+ best lightbox WordPress plugins blog and I am pretty sure that you must have made a choice.

Picking a suitable plugin which works well and full fill all your website needs is not an easy task, but through this blog, we have simplified your process of finding a lightbox plugin for a WordPress site.

Feel free to mention your queries and questions related to this blog below in the comment section.