Today the market is flooded with tons of File Upload PHP Script but sometimes we are not able to find the best one without using them or without knowing the people’s experiences.

Best File Upload PHP Script

Generally, it happens with every product either it is software, scripts, or any materials. All the time whenever we look to purchase any kind of new product we used to ask about that from different people in order to collect their experiences, advantages/disadvantages of the product, etc. before using them.
Similarly, the same thing we do with the scripts also. So, after going through deep research and as per the opinion of different users we’ve compiled the list of 4+ best File Upload PHP Scripts that are capable to provide you all the useful as well as advanced features. These File Uploader Scripts can handle multiple types of files with different sizes & formats.
Moreover, the defined scripts are fully responsive, helps you to create folders, fetch files through different search option and many more.

Explore jQuery Ajax Image Upload PHP Script, it is a user-friendly PHP script that allows you all the different types of upload. It has the feature of multi-select and multiple file upload in which you can crop & resize the image. With this script, you can add both types of image or text watermark on your uploads.

So, these are the few brief introductions about these scripts, let’s get started with the complete description which we have collected for you below.

1. Filepicker: PHP File Uploader

Filepicker is one of the most advanced PHP file uploader script built with PHP and JavaScript. The product allows you to upload multiple files to a server quickly and easily. It provides a lot of options like to run the files with ease and many ways to change it to better suit your requirements.

In addition, the uploader includes three plugins which are pagination plugin which converts the large data into discrete pages, webcam plugin for taking pictures and image cropping pluginto resize the images accordingly. Also, it uses the Intervention Image Library which gives you the option of image editing.

Filepicker File Upload PHP Script

Other Useful Benefits:

  • Filepicker comes with a progress bar feature which determines the exact completion time of file uploading.
  • The product supports file validation that prevents unknown binary file format attacks against Microsoft Office 97-2003 file formats.
  • The script integrated with RESTful API which provides you an opportunity to take advantage of existing protocols on your site.
  • It provides a list management which displays all the listed files arranged on your website.

Pricing Details:

Buy all the above-listed features and functionalities of this product at $18 only.

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2. HTML5 File Upload: PHP Large File Upload Script

This script is the most popular in the market. It uses the latest version of technology like HTML5, Javascript, and PHP to offer a reliable and efficient product which allow your visitors to upload the files on your website.

The script is easy to install and it includes fully documented Javascript library which allows for easier development of JavaScript-based applications, PHP Class that takes care of all your security concerns related to data and etc.

HTML5 File Upload PHP Script

Other Useful Benefits:

  • HTML5 File Upload allows you to upload a large number of files (more than 1GB+).
  • If any files already exist on the server then that can be automatically renamed with the help of this product.
  • The product support HTML5 file slicing which gives you the pause, restarts and cancels option while uploading the files.
  • It provides notification to your users when their file upload get succeed.
  • HTML5 File Upload supports file upload queuing which allow in reducing upload error risk and minimize bandwidth usage.

Pricing Details:

Buy its all the above-listed features at $11 with 6-months support and you can also go with its extended license i.e at $55 for more benefits.

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3. Easy File Uploader: PHP Script For File Upload

Easy File is a PHP file uploader script that allows you to upload multiple files and manages them effectively. It supports writable folders where you can store all the files and later can view them.

It comes with a drag and drops file uploader feature which makes your work hassle-free. All the files can be viewed in a downloaded file section where you can easily search any of the past and recently downloaded files, their size, thumbnails.

Easy File Uploader PHP Script

Other Useful Benefits:

  • There is separate login based secured page called “file manager administrator” with which admin can download the files, displays the types of files, sizes along with delete option.
  • Easy File Uploader supports “progressive bar” which displays the total completion time of the file uploading.
  • It is “bootstrap based file manager” which give you the option to upload the files via drag & drop or via file browser option.
  • You and your users can view the date, time and size of an uploaded file any time from anywhere.

File Manager shows uploaded date & file size

Pricing Details:

For a regular plan of its, you need to pay $11 only. Whereas, if you want more advanced features just pay $65 and enjoy its benefits.

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4. Data/File Upload And Management: Multiple File Upload Script In PHP

This script is one of the best choice of the website owners who governs any kind of businesses. It allows your users to upload and manage the files in real time on your website. The product supports any kind of files either it is txt, jpeg, HTML etc.

Data/File Upload And Management PHP Script

Other Useful Benefits:

  • The product provides three basic options such as uploading, viewing and deleting so that you can upload, view and delete the files anytime.
  • It is coded in PHP along with jQuery which enable you to use various cool effects on your site.
  • Data/File Upload And Management is easy and fast in installation, simple to use and fully customizable.

Pricing Details:

Get all the above-listed features at $6 only with 6 months support and make your work completely bother free.

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5. FTP Uploader: File Upload Script In PHP

One of the most popular file upload script in PHP is FTP Uploader. The script allows you to upload the files from the local computer to remote FTP Server by using login details. It is a browser-based FTP client which do the work easily and quickly. FTP PHP File Uploader is easy to customize and lightweight which supports almost all major browsers.

FTP Uploader PHP Script

Other Useful Features:

  • The product supports large file so that you can upload the bulk data in it.
  • It gives you a detailed activity report about every files which are uploaded.
  • If you embed this PHP script you will be able to upload the files securely and safely.
  • There is no timeouts option available which makes you free from timing issue while uploading the files.

Pricing Details:

It will cost you $16 if you will purchase its regular plan. Whereas in case you need to get more advanced features than pay $115.

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Winding Up:

Now, these were the lists which I have collected for you which provide you with a hassle-free work in uploading any of the file from a temporary directory to a targeted destination. I hope that the blog helps you to find the relevant script for file management.

So, use them once and share your experience with us via a comment section below.

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