Are you able to convert your traffic into sales ?

Many Businesses Fails to Recognize the Impact of Forms on Sales Conversion


  • They don't know how to capture leads & their feedback
  • They don't know what their users need
  • They don't have tools to effectively communicate & sell to their customers
  • They don't have coding skills to enhance forms conversions

So, How do you maximize leads
conversion and enhance your sales ?

Neeraj Agarwal

You can increase your conversions by doing few things right with your Web Forms.

Simply setting up your web form without focusing on conversions is not the right way.
  • You need form that appears right in front of users eye all the time and captures leads and feedback.
  • Forms that looks good across all devices, smartphones and normal computers convert more.
  • Personalized forms with easy sharing options can increase form conversions manifold.

At the same time, Experimenting with your forms is another great thing to do.

However, we know your lack of programming skills has always deterred you to experiment with forms.

so, How does FormGet Brings Conversion In Few Clicks

FormGet makes it easier for you to gather feedback & optimize leads conversion.
With FormGet you can manage all your forms at one place and play and experiment around with your forms.
You can embed these forms on your site or share links directly to reach as many people as you want.

With integrated tools, you can market and sell to those leads.
Forms with precise fields, unique looks and proper branding are the ones that convert best.
And FormGet gets you exactly the same !

FormGet is an intuitive app that will help you
make strong converting online forms.

Watch this Video to increase your form conversions today !!!
Start Converting Today - Even If You Have No Coding Skills
With the plethora of features from Payment Collection to Management
FormGet has been built just to optimize your conversions.
Form Builder Logical Branching Payment Collection Form Design Templates
Email Notifications Built-in Helpdesk Custom Branding Spam Prevention

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You can instantly start building your forms and optimize your conversions right-away!

Is Money An Issue??

For only 20 cents/day, you can invest in your business and get conversions forever.
This is a fraction of other apps which range anywhere from $500-$3,000.
Your business can't afford the loss you gonna make with poor built, hard to setup online forms.

You Can No Longer Afford To Fail At Conversions

It’s no more fair to lose conversions because of low grade Online Forms. Forms can be much more
than just a combination of fields.

If you truly want to bring in more leads every single time… convert more prospects into paying customer... and get an distinctive boost in your income, then you must definitely build an engaging
and trustworthy looking form.

FormGet forms are completely responsive on all device leaving no point for visitors to abstain from
filling it out. Your form is the gateway for your visitors to reach you.

What makes FormGet stand out??

  • Payment Integration - Collect Payments Instantly Through Forms
  • Email Integration - Store Leads in Email Lists
  • Team Management - Assign forms to your team members
  • Custom Design - Change colors, background, text, etc.
  • Embed - Embed the form on your site
  • Form Sharing Link - Share your forms on all networks
  • Real Time Interaction with Users
  • Excellent Analytics to view your Form Behaviour

Given the number of features in FormGet with such a reasonable price, you might feel sorry for yourself
for not getting this before. Its way less than your designer’s price and of course you need no one
to help you customize it.

form builder warranty

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So Many People Have Grown Their Business With FormGet..


I was asked to organize an event at our college and get participation of students from different city with a certain amount of fee. My personal visit to college included, making the students aware of the event, fill the forms, again ask them for fees and yeah finally end up counting the notes and writing down their names in list.

It was way too irritating than I imagined and I decided to give up. But I thought of giving it a last try. I googled for online form building apps and I stumbled upon FormGet. It definitely wasn't at the top of the search list but it was pretty convincing and affordable.

After I visited the site, I was convinced to buy it and got the package. Even the sponsors told to back off since it was new and risky.

Don’t think I am a smug, but I do created a stunning online form ( no programming skill ) supported with an Event Banner and Payment Field. I used their form sharing link and in no time our forms were there on all social sites, and it started getting filled.

More than 2000 students showed up in the event and none escaped since they paid while registering. FormGet was definitely worth a try. It helped me organize an event way better than I planned!

All hail FormGet!!

First Author Josh


I am an online marketer and I strongly believe a good landing page enhance the conversions. A simple landing page was the goal for my online ad campaign of ebook and I created my landing page using FormGet Form. The default templates in FormGet saved my designing time. This was the first time, I was letting my conversions depend on a single form and to my surprise I got overwhelming response.

I created a short, precise and beautiful online form with a download button which I used to navigate to my site for downloading ebook. This way I collected leads and also got them on my download page.

Form analyzation got easy with their analytics and the best part was, it hardly took me five minutes to create the landing page with form. My landing page got me pretty good leads and my ebook got huge downloads. The mail campaigning for my next project became easy with the collected leads.

I don't think a custom designed landing page would have done it better than this.

Second Author Daisy


Few months back I started off with a job consultancy business.

Our official website had a "Contact Us" page which brought in many queries but it was more or less all messed up creating confusion among our staff with "whom to respond and who will respond whom".

Unaware of the situation, I felt its going good. But only after a staff told me the whole lot of mess going in the backend I realized I have ended up in trouble. I told my employee to "Google It" and he came back with a FormGet review which was pretty impressive. I wasn’t sure if it will work but the price was quiet affordable.

I did not wait for longer and I got it. Man! it was amazing!! you wont believe my contact page looked super-cool and I got the queries distributed to my staff accordingly, like we had separate group responding to marketing jobs, engineering jobs, teaching jobs etc. And I had to put no extra efforts to get their details since I asked their details in the form itself.

Conversions through forms was new to me and the credit goes to FormGet.

Third Author Bryan

Note From Founder

If you were asked to point out what effects your online business, very rare would notice that their Online Form is

Exactly! I wondered that myself ..

After shutting down a website due to mismanagement of queries and bad contact page and successful in
running an another site today, I learned how certain form patterns bring conversions.

So my team and I created this application that will help people create forms with no tech skills and get their
business more conversions than ever before.

The impact of online forms left us awestruck.

Here's an example

I was just going through a site where I found FormGet forms were used to sell products online. I would have
never thought of doing anything with forms other than making queries.

There's no limit to your imagination. It dawned on me how a simple forms can bring so much difference to
one's business.

If you want to create a form that converts then FormGet will help you
make a

Secure your spot to successful conversion. Start instantly.
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