People love sliders! Almost every website has got sliders, be it a boxed slider or a full-width slider. We cannot deny these sliders are ‘rad’ stuff in current trends. But why to choose an image slider plugin when you can switch to 3D slider WordPress plugins!

Finding a perfect 3D slider WordPress plugin can be a catch. With the number of sliders available it’s like finding a needle in the haystack. But before we begin let’s see what 3D slider plugin do for your website.

A 3D slider will give enhance the look of your website plus in a carousel 3D slider, you can showcase many images at one-time in an eye-pleasing way.

We have curated a list of 7+ best 3D slider WordPress plugin to enhance your website, please the visitors and take the appearance to another level.

1. CSS Slider – Premium Slider WordPress Plugin

CSS Slider is a unique one with different 3D transitions. Where almost every plugin came up with a flip effect, CSS plugin tried hands-on different transitions, it has got 14 3D transitions along with 16 2D transitions.

The plugin supports HTML captions, autoplay of slides along with custom transitions per slide. It works perfectly and looks great on every screen be it a mobile, desktop or a tablet.

Pricing – The price plan of CSS Slider WordPress plugin is of $21 for a regular license.


  • Touch Navigations with Fallback option
  • AJAX upload of multiple images at one-time.
  • Option to use transparent png format for images for 3D transitions.
  • 14+ 3D Transitions with 16+ 2D transitions along with a slideshow manager.

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2. Slider WD – WordPress Slider Plugin

Now, this is yet again a great Slider plugin and I am fond of it. You can add anything to the slider, an image, a video, a map, practically anything. This plugin supports 27+ transition effects for slides. The backend is highly simplified with drag and drop builder.

It has touch swipe navigation which is optimized for mobile screens and desktops. It’s a responsive slider plugin so, you can be assured that the slides will look great on every screen. Plus there’s a hotspot slider to add additional information on slides.


Pricing – It has 3 pricing plans depending on the use. $30 for personal use, $45 for business, and $60 for the developer.


  • 27+ transition effects including Zoom, 3D random, 3D horizontal and a lot more.
  • Six types of layers of images, text, media (YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr or HD Videos), Hotspot and social sharing buttons.
  • It also has a carousel effect to engage user even more with the view.
  • Comes with a parallax slider for more attractive 3D slides than ever.

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3. Master Slider – WordPress Slider Plugin

Master Slider is so far one of the best slider WordPress plugins with an active installation of 100,000+. You can create a slideshow in it while sipping your coffee, it is really that easy! In addition to the ease, the slideshows create with Master Slider are a treat to eyes with colors, elegance and super smooth transitions.

It has a responsive layout which is optimized for desktops and mobile. Its equipped with over 6+ transitions, the best parallax effects, and animated layer. So, its a pack of all the essential and effective features that you need to make the appearance of your website come alive.


Pricing – Master Slider plugin has two different price plan based on its edition. $24 is for Pro Edition (regular license) and $14 for jQuery Edition (regular license).


  • Responsive layout with touch-swipe navigations.
  • Slide video background enabled.
  • 6+ Modern and unique skins which are retina ready and editable with CSS.
  • Completely SEO friendly.

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4. Stack Slider 3D Image Slider

This slider gives you an experience of flipping the images in 3D. With a beautiful design, this image carousel gives a cascading effect to the images. Here you can add a number of images which moves horizontally.

The slider is highly lightweight and doesn’t take time to load. It is cross-border compatible with a completely responsive layout. Creating a slideshow in easy with this slider plugin as it has drag and drop of images.

Stack 3D Slider WordPress plugins

Pricing – Stack slider’s price ranges from $6 to $40 depending on the site license.


  • Completely responsive layout.
  • Easy drag and drop builder for slideshows.
  • Cross-border compatible.
  • Touch-based slider.

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5. Simple 3D Carousel WordPress Plugin

This slider is worth checking out and I am afraid if words could do justice to it. With this slider plugin, a normal image is displayed in partial transparency, this is to give the perfect carousel effect in the 3D layout. It’s perfect for an awestruck appearance of your website.

It’s built on latest CSS techniques and OOP codes. The plus points that you get with this slider is ease of use. Installing and using it is extremely easy, in fact, it is just a matter of few clicks.

Simple 3D Carousel WordPress Plugin

Pricing – It has a price plan of $25 for a regular license.


  • Responsive and fluid layout.
  • Powered by API key.
  • Mouse scroll and keyboard support for navigation.
  • Completely customization enabled

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6. Royal 3D Coverflow WordPress Plugin

Royal lets you create and organize your slideshow in a 3D layout in seconds. It runs on almost every major browsers be it Android, Mac, or Windows. Moreover, it supports images, videos, audio, Vimeo, YouTube, Google Maps, and Flash as well. Built on the latest CSS technique, it is highly flexible, optimized for mobiles and desktops with easy installation.

This slider plugin is perfect for any kind of presentations. The slideshow created using this plugin is sure to leave a great impact on the viewers with the mesmerizing 3D effects, flip effects and a lot more.


Pricing – It has a pricing plan of $36 for a regular license.


  • Completely responsive layout, optimized for mobiles and desktop.
  • Displays multimedia content. When clicked on a thumbnail, it supports the display of images, videos, YouTube, Vimeo, and also flash.
  • API key enabled.
  • It comes with three skins with shortcode generator.

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7. Slider – WordPress Slider Plugin

Free stuff! Slider is a free slider WordPress plugin which is equipped to create impressive sliders with some really cool effects. The slider allows you to add unlimited images, texts, links and description so, here customization is enabled. You can select animations for the slides, the transition speed, number of slides and a lot more.

It is a responsive slider plugin with beautiful designs. It is built on CSS with jQuery on the fallback. This works well on every screen and almost every browser. There are various effects that you can add to the slides be it slicing, folding, fading and more.

Slider 3d Slider WordPress plugins

Pricing – It’s a free WordPress slider plugin. So, you can use it right away without thinking of the cost.


  • You can choose from 10+ slider types and 50+ slide effects.
  • Cross-browser compatible with responsive layout.
  • Drag and drop for backend slides creation.
  • Options of touch-slideshow.

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8. Slicebox – Free WordPress Slider Plugin

Slicebox is some really cool, free stuff. This 3D slider plugin knows exactly how to turn a few plain images into an awesome slideshow. It uses various 3D transitions like it creates 3D slices which rotate, flip and finally reveal the next image with the same 3D effects.

If in case a browser doesn’t support 3D slideshow then it automatically fallback to 2D slides. It’s free and creates really cool slides using all the 3D transitions.


Pricing – You do not need to worry. It’s a free slider WordPress plugin for beautiful sliders on your website.


  • It is built on CSS.
  • Has graceful fallback for the times when a browser doesn’t support 3D animations.

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Final Words:

This was all from our side on best 3D slider WordPress plugins. There are a lot of slider WordPress plugins available all over the web so, if you come across some great stuff, do let us know!

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