Sliders are in vogue! And WordPress repository is flooding with a wide range of it, be it full-screen sliders, boxed sliders, image sliders and more. However, choosing one out of 2172 slider WordPress plugins is as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack.    

Do you think you would have found a perfect slider WordPress plugin all by yourself?

The nook and cranny of every slider plugin are hard to find. But not impossible! We’ve shortlisted slider WordPress plugins so, you can sit back and adorn your website.

Let’s count the things that you’ll find in this post of slider plugins. Full-width sliders, 3D effects slider, carousel effect, animations and a lot more.

Are you all set to give your website a makeover with slider plugins?

Now, here’s the list of 7+ slider WordPress plugins (Free and Paid) for you.

You can trust us as we have considered ratings, reviews, features, active installation and in fact things that even you might have ignored.

1. Revolution Slider – WordPress Slider Plugin

Revolution slider comes in the top searches of WordPress slider plugins and over 250,000 installations. The love it has received from the users is immense. I was pretty much interested in reviewing it seeing its popularity and it didn’t disappoint at all. Features, ease of use, the results are worth the appreciations.

Now here’s the revolution, Revolution slider isn’t just for slides but you can get a one-page web presence without a single code with it. Then even a beginner can create a theme with ease. It’s a simple ‘drag and drop’. Rich in feature and high in performance goes apt for it. Multi-media, navigation, social media and a lot more has been given serious attention.

If we dig deeper into the features we’ll find a robust visual editor with all the elements for slides creation, then the layout is completely responsive (Optimized for Android and iPhones). Let me list a few features for you.


Ratings – 5/5

Pricing of Revolution Slider – WordPress Slider Plugin

The price plan of revolution responsive slider WordPress plugin is simple. It is $25 for a regular license. The price plan is once for a lifetime kind of so, you have to pay once to get the plugin with complete features.

Features of Revolution Slider – WordPress Slider Plugin

  • 3+ types of sliders(Hero, carousel, and classic slider features)
  • Parallax effects combined with improved lightweight Ken burns effect to take appearance to another level.
  • Animation builder is equipped to create custom animations. In fact, you can add an unlimited number of layers to the slides.
  • Whiteboard is another exciting feature. Here you can create hand-drawn animations that viewers will absolutely fall in love with.

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2. Layer Slider Plugin – SEO Optimized WordPress Plugin

Layer slider WordPress plugin is a multi-purpose plugin with a soft corner for animations. We’ve talked a lot about the features and this plugin makes me count support team as well. The plugin has got a really great, dedicated support team that comes up with the best solutions every time! All it’s features and performance persuade us to rank it as one of the best slider WordPress plugins.

Layer plugin has got a lot of features so definitely we are not going to ignore any. Now it is completely SEO optimized and compatible with every browser available. This can be used perfectly for personal needs, business needs, commercial use, in fact for billboards!


Ratings – 4/5

Pricing of Layer Slider Plugin – SEO Optimized WordPress Plugin

Price plan of Layer Slider is $23 for once, for a regular license.

Features of Layer Slider Plugin – SEO Optimized WordPress Plugin

  • 200+ predefined slide transitions with 3D effects, parallax, and Ken Burns effect.
  • LayerSlider Editor is powered by Adobe Creative Cloud. You can create slides in few clicks with drag and drop option.
  • Full-screen sliders, hero-scenes, and full-width slider work perfectly on every device. Plus there are 18+ skins and complete customization enabled environment.
  • Optimization gives retina ready, high-resolution slides which are optimized specifically for mobile phones. ( For the perfect “WOW” factor!)

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3. Meta Slider WordPress Plugin – Image Slider

Meta Slider has held the throne of best slider WordPress plugin for a long time. It has an active installation of 900000+ as on date. (keeps on increasing!) No fiddly stuff, it is the image slider to work with. Download, install and it’s good to go.

With this WordPress plugin, drag and drop become the key to a perfect slideshow on your website’s homepage. Simply select images, drag and drop, add a slide caption, SEO optimize it. Voila! Your mesmerizing slideshow is ready!

It offers 4 types of slideshows- Flex Slider 2 (2 transition effects, carousel mode), Nivo Slider (16 transitions effect, 4 themes), Responsive Slider (Extremely lightweight), Coin Slider (4 Transition effects). All these slideshows are responsive and look great on every screen.

meta slider

Ratings- 4.5/5

Pricing of Meta Slider WordPress Plugin – Image Slider

The price plan of Meta Slider ranges from $39 to $289 depending on the site license. Now, this is a one-time price that you have to pay to avail all the features within the plugin.

 Price Plan  $39 $79 $119 $189 $289
 Meta Slider WordPress Plugin  1-2 Site License 5 Site License 20 Site License  100 Site License  Unlimited Site License

Features of Meta Slider WordPress Plugin – Image Slider

  • Completely responsive and SEO optimized.
  • Supports captions, links, alt texts, title texts for the images slider.
  • Full-width slider support.
  • Loads of slideshow configuration options (transition effect, speed, etc.)

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4. Smart Slider WordPress Plugin – Best in WordPress Slider Plugins

With 600,000+ active installations, smart slider WordPress plugin is second in the race of popularity. The USP of this WordPress slider lies in creating beautiful sliders without any coding. Sliders made with this plugin are completely responsive and even touch-friendly.

The slider plugin comes with 6 sample slides so creating slide will never be a rub. In fact, is its a matter of few clicks because you just have to pick a slider template and add the elements to it. Like you add colors to a canvas! Then you get an element of animations. (favorite part!) The slides you get with this plugin is too sweet to pass!

There’s Ken Burns Effects (panning and zooming effect), 61+ background animations with background videos to give your visitors a perfect treat. Every slide is SEO optimized and that’s another reason why you can count on it.

smart-slider wordpress slider plugin

Ratings – 4/5

Pricing of Smart Slider WordPress Plugin – WordPress Slider

The price plan of Smart Slider Plugin ranges from $25 to $200 depending on the domain license. It has price plans of one-time price and you get the complete compilation of features and site license in it.

 Price Plan  $25 $100 $200
Smart Slider Plugin 1 Site License 10 Site License Unlimited Site License

Features of Smart Slider WordPress Plugin – WordPress Slider 

  • Particle effect and animated shape dividers are two “WOW” features of the plugin.
    Particle effect gives an animated illusion of playing with dots and geometry where animated shape divider creates an illusion between parallax background and the elements of slides.
  • Slide library provides with pre-defined slides where you’ll find 100+ slides.
  • Layer animation system gives layer motion and transitions.
  • Comes with 4+ extra sliders. ( Carousel, block, full page, showcase)

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5. Master Slider Plugin – Slider Plugin for WordPress

Want to know my favorite? It is master slider plugin. This slider plugin for WordPress has taken the sliders to the next level with captivating looks, super smooth transitions, and responsive approach. You’ll find beautiful parallax effects, a lot of animations, video backgrounds, and a lot more.

Responsiveness starts from here with touch navigations and pure swipe gestures. With around 400,000+ downloads this image slider has won the hearts of users for sure.

Add animation effects, slide transitions while sipping a cup of coffee, it’s that easy! There’s isn’t a single code required, you gotta drag and drop. Trust me, it is easier done than said. (No bragging!)


Ratings – 4/5

Pricing of Master Slider Plugin – Slider Plugin for WordPress

It has two pricing plans based on its versions. The prices are one-time. $14 for jQuery Edition and $24 for Pro Edition.

Features of Master Slider Plugin – Slider Plugin for WordPress 

  • 6+ interactive transitions to provide super smooth transitions across as many browsers and devices as possible.
  • 6+ unique skins in different colors and tones. All these are retina ready + editable with common CSS.
  • Completely SEO optimized (You can use HTML elements for heading, paragraphs etc., tune sliders markup for SEO)
  • WooCommerce, Flickr, and Facebook sliders are the feathers in the hat of Master slider.

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6. Fast Slider Plugin – Best in Slider WordPress Plugins

The name says it all. You can actually build a slider in about 1 minute with the Fast slider. Creating a slider becomes extremely fast and easy with this slider WordPress plugin. It is one of the best slider WordPress plugins to choose from in a pocket-friendly price.

Now if you have less time to give on slider then this will work well for you. It looks great on every screen with the responsive layout also, there can be multiple sliders on a single page with Fast.  It is packed with a lot of features (A LOT!). There’s not a single feature that you would not find the relevancy with.

100+ effects, translation readiness are a just a few to knock.


Ratings – 4.5/5

Pricing of Fast Slider Plugin – Best in Slider WordPress Plugins

Fast Slider WordPress Plugin is a perfect pick for the pocket. It has a one-time price plan of $15 for a regular license.

Features of Fast Slider Plugin – Best in Slider WordPress Plugins

  • 3+ transition effects (Fade, horizontal, vertical)
  • 20+ tailored slider demos which are good to go with at any second.
  • Custom colors with 7+ button styles to choose from.
  • Multiple sliders on the same page.

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7. Slider by WD – WordPress Slider Plugin

Slider by WD is a responsive slider WordPress plugin. It is a solution to fast loading, beautiful and responsive sliders. You get supported by images, videos which could be spiced up with transitions, parallax effects, and animations. The layout is completely responsive and every element can be molded to your own taste. Now, there are six major elements that are supported in this slider. These elements are images, texts, media files (YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Flickr or Dailymotion, HD video), hotspot and social sharing buttons. 

It can also give a touch-screen effect to slides plus be it any screen, the slides will perform at its best. It has active downloads of 10ok+ which indicates the horizon of its reach. 

slider by WD- slider WordPress plugins

Ratings- 4/5

Pricing of Slider by WD – WordPress Slider Plugin

This slider plugin has got three different pricing plans which differ on the basis of domain license. Moreover, the price plans are one-timely and support is covered in each of the plan.

 Price Plan  $20 $30 $40
Slider by WD 1 Domain Support 3 Domain Support Unlimited Domain Support

Features of Slider by WD – WordPress Slider Plugin

  • You can add an unlimited number of slides along with multiple layers with this slider plugin.
  • Sliders are SEO friendly.
  • Completely responsive.
  • Easy to download and use with real-time previews.

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8. Kick-Ass Slider Plugin – Best in Free WordPress Sliders Plugins

Here’s some free stuff! Now here’s this free image slider which is really effective. Relatively it has lesser features but it will work perfectly for blogs or for any individual user. Its beauty is lying in its simplicity. There’s nothing much to it. Nothing to exaggerate. A simple slider with animations, embedded videos, bright colors and beautiful enough to win hearts.

If you have just started with slider plugin then I would recommend you this. The plugin is MIT licensed and with CSS3 transitions.


Ratings – 3/5

Pricing of Kick-Ass Slider Plugin – Free WordPress Slider

This plugin is free and won’t cost you a single dollar. Kick-ass is good if you are looking for slider WordPress plugin free.

Features of Kick-Ass Slider Plugin – Free WordPress Slider

  • Drag and drop panel for easy slider creation.
  • 3+ layers to create a slider.
  • Animation effects and also video embedding feature.
  • Customization enabled

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The Takeaway

This was from our side on the best 7+ slider WordPress plugins (Free and Paid). We hope that you must have found a perfect fit for your website. Although we have carefully picked those sliders, you must check whether a slider’s features are aligning with your expectations.

Moreover, if you have any great slider in your mind then please let us know. We would love to take this list even further.

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