Amazon Simple Email Sending (Amazon SES) service is a reliable, easy to use, robust, cost-effective and highly scalable email sending service that allows businesses and firms to send transactional and marketing messages in bulk and one has to only pay for what he or she uses.

With  Amazon SES, businesses can now access a high-quality, scalable email infrastructure to efficiently and inexpensively communicate to their customers without having a long-term commitment or a minimum chargeable cost.

And when it comes to costing, it’s hard to beat Amazon SES. At $0.10 per thousand emails, Amazon SES proves to be a deal worth grabbing.

To connect to the Amazon SES SMTP interface, you need to generate your IAM credentials. And for this, you need to first setup Amazon SES account first. After generating IAM credentials you can use these keys to shoot emails.

We too have recently  launched  a new email service provider MailGet which also works on the same technology. It connects to Amazon SES SMTP interface and allows you send emails with just few clicks. It is an amazingly simple email builder, which works great with Amazon SES.

Features and Benefits of Amazon SES :

Amazon SES is full of features and benefits that make it the best Email Sending Service among other existing services. Here are in brief, the features it is loaded with and the benefits that it may give you.


Amazon SES has a world class email infrastructure which has built to serve its own customer base and so it proves to be a very reliable service.
It can integrate with different applications through SMTP interface. It has monitoring services, statistics, and also a built-in feedback loop that facilitates bounce, complaint, and delivery notifications.


As far as cost of using this service is concerned, Amazon SES appears to be the leader here. This service charges a whopping $ 0.10 per thousand emails which is the lowest among all other email sending services.

Below follows a cost comparison between Amazon SES and some other email sending services.

SMTP and Account Security

Amazon SES provides a unique Access Key ID and Secret Access Key  to its users which they can safely use at SMTP end to send emails. Also, when you want to generate a New Access Key you can revoke the access to send emails using SMTP.

The SMTP credentials should be kept secret as they only allow access to send emails.


As an email sender, one always wants that the maximum number of mails he sends, reach recipients’ inboxes. Amazon SES is equipped with content filtering technologies where it scans the outgoing email and ensures that the content meets ISP standards, and then either queues it for sending or routes back to the sender for correction.

Amazon SES also detects and blocks messages containing viruses or malware before they can be sent. Additionally, it helps you know which of your emails were marked as spam by recipients by maintaining a feedback loop with major ISPs, and thus helps guide your sending strategy.

Sending Statistics

When you send emails, Amazon SES automatically collects statistics regarding successful deliveries, rejected messages, bounces and complaints. You can see these statistics on a real-time basis on SES console thereby diagnosing problems and fixing them right away.



The default quota for sending emails via Amazon SES is 10000 emails per day after you are granted production access. For new accounts in the sandbox, the quota is restricted to 200 emails per day, therefore one should request production access as soon as he/she creates an account.

Now if you send high-quality content and shoot nearly 10000 emails everyday, Amazon SES detects your utilization and increases your current limit by itself. You don’t have to send any new request or something, your quota is modified by Amazon SES as per your requirements automatically.


Amazon SES is enabled to send you notifications automatically. As far as notifications regarding bounces and complaints are concerned, Amazon SES can send them to you by either an email or through Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS).

Whereas, notifications triggered when an email is delivered successfully are send to you only through Amazon SNS.


As mentioned before, Amazon SES is highly scalable. It is readable & clickable no matter which size environment it is being read in.

Amazon SES uses the same cloud-based technology that Amazon websites use to send innumerable messages every year.

The Final Word…

For businesses that require bulk email sending for marketing or any other purpose, Amazon SES service is of great use. It is simple, scalable, very economic in terms of pricing and provides high deliverability. It is based on proven technologies of and so is very reliable.

Especially with email builders like MailGet, It emerges as a great deal and can surely make businesses’ growth graphs go steeper.