This article is in reference to generate Amazon IAM (Identity and Access Management) credentials which you will need to connect to Amazon SES using MailGet. This article assumes that you have already done the following :

  1. Created an Amazon SES Account.
  2. Granted Production Access by Amazon SES.
  3. Verified your Email Address.
Click Here if you haven't completed any of the steps above.

Now that you have fulfilled all the above mentioned requirements, you can now generate your IAM credentials and avail MailGet full access to Amazon SES.

Step 1. To generate your IAM credentials, from the management console click on “Identity and Access Management” button.

Identity and Access Management

Step 2. Now here click on “User” and then on the “Create New Users” button.

IAM Management Console

IAM Management Console 1

Step 3. Type “MailGet” in the first box, then click on the “Create” button.

IAM Management Console 2

Step 4. On the page appeared, click on “Show User Security Credentials”. This will give you your  Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.

IAM Management Console 3

You can also download credentials to keep them safe for future use.

Step 5. These are your needed IAM credentials. Copy and enter them in Settings panel inside MailGet.

mailget credentials settings


Attention: Don’t skip the remaining steps below, else you won’t be able to access Amazon SES via MailGet.

Step 6. You now need to Attach User Policy to your Access Credentials to avail MailGet full Amazon SES access. Click on “Close” button (shown in the image associated with step 4), then click on “MailGet” and then on the “Permissions” tab in the page that follows.Then click on the “Attach User Policy” button.

IAM Management Console 4

Step 7. Scroll down and find Amazon SES Full Access and click on the “Select” button.

IAM Management Console 5

Step 8. Then click on “Apply Policy” on the page that follows.

IAM Management Console 6

Now you have successfully generated your IAM Credentials, saved it in MailGet and allowed MailGet full access to Amazon SES. You can now send unlimited emails via MailGet connected to your Amazon SES account.

In case you still have any issues connecting your MailGet Account with Amazon SES, email us at and we will help you out.