If you own a website then you must well aware of spam comments. All of us has gone through it at least once. Spam messages are nothing but it is an unwanted network that leaves unwanted messages on your website.

A spammer can both humans or bots, who use multiple methods to access the websites. So, in order to protect your website, you must take protection tool to maintain the overall quality of your site.

Now, today, we’re going to talk about some of the top listed anti-spam WordPress plugins that can make your life hassle-free. The following plugins will ensure that any spammers won’t be able to register on your site or not even any unwanted users or viruses.

However, these widgets also provide security via email confirmation, CAPTCHA protection, security questions & answers and so on.

So, without any delay, let’s delve below to find out the 6+ best anti-spam WordPress plugins.

Lets’ see which anti-spam plugins are taking the largest market share.

1. CleanTalk: Anti Spam WordPress Plugin

CleanTalk is one of the best anti-spam WordPress plugins with an active installation 248,000 till date. The plugin is easy to use so you can add this to your website while sipping your coffee.

It protects your website from spam bots, junk mails or various malicious contents. It saves a lot of times by managing your website & business, without exhausted your another task.

Whenever a visitor writes a comment on your website CleanTalk analyzes the comment first and if the comment is a spam bot, then the plugin blocks that comment or restrict the registration of that users.

CleanTalk Anti Spam WordPress Plugin


The plugin cost starts from $238.06/year for a single website and extends up to $446.37/month for unlimited websites and in which it provides a daily basis spam checker service.


  • It gives you a imperceptible protection against spam on your site that your visitors can create an account or leave a comment in a secured manner.
  • This tool doesn’t support CAPTCHA, question & answer and other methods to protect your site. It directly detects the spam messages on your website.
  • CleanTalk protects all sections of your site including comments, registration, feedback section, contact and more.
  • The plugin is completely SSL Certified so that it provides a secure connection from the web server to a browser.

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2. Anti-spam Pro: Anti Spam WordPress Plugin

Now, this is yet again a great anti-spam plugin. The tool is the extended version of popular anti-spam WordPress plugin.

Anti-spam Pro plugin blocks 100% spam messages automatic on your website. The plugin provides two extra fields in a comment section.The first field is filled with a unique code and the second field kept blank for the user’s comment. If anyone tries to fill a spam comment or an unwanted message then, the plugin automatically reject that comment.

Anti-spam Pro WordPress Plugin


This plugin comes with two licenses. At $25 you will get its regular license with a 6-months support and extends its service at $90 with a 12-months support.


  • It provides powerful automatic spam checker functionality.
  • The plugin is compatible with multi-sites.
  • It automatically detects the spam contents on your website.

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3. WP-SpamShield: Anti Spam WordPress Plugin

SpamShield is the powerful WordPress anti-spam plugin that protects your website from the spam messages, comments etc.

The WordPress plugin doesn’t support any CAPTCHAs or security-related questions to protect your site. In fact, this plugin works silently in the background and makes spams disappear automatically from your site.

WP SpamShield Anti Spam WordPress Plugin


This SpamShield plugin has two pricing model based on a site license. It offers its regular license at $28 only with 6-months support and extended license at $118 for 12-months support.


  • The plugin supports BuddyPress to create a social networking site on WordPress and bbPress to add a forum software in your website
  • It is compatible and optimized for all major cache plugins such as WP Super Cache, WP fastest cache and many more.
  • SpamShield tool improves the security of your website by preventing SQL injection in your website.
  • The plugin supports WooCommerce plugin.

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4. WPBruiserPro: Anti Spam WordPress Plugin

This plugin is designed for the purpose of securing a website from a spamming. The plugin is based on algorithms that can easily identify spam bots without using any CAPTCHA schemes.

The tool always stays at the front of the spamming and abusing message. We can say it is one of the best guards for you to protect your WordPress site.

WPBruiserPro Anti Spam WordPress Plugin


WPBruiserPro WordPress plugin cost you $28 without burning a hole in your pocket.


  • The plugin prevents the bots from leaving spam in the first place of your site.
  • It is compatible with various cache plugins like WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, ZenCache etc. to increase your website’s speed and keep free from junk files.
  • It provides an email notification in case of brute force attack is detected.
  • This plugin supports multiple sites of a WordPress.

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5. Akismet Anti-Spam: Anti Spam WordPress Plugin

Akismet Anti-Spam is one of the most advanced anti-spam WordPress plugin with a pricing of $0. This tool is absolutely free to download and use. It provides you a deep insight of all the activities of the user on your website.

The plugin checks all your comments & contact form submissions in its global database and prevents your site from malicious contents.

Akismet Anti Spam WordPress Plugin


This anti-spam WordPress plugin is completely free to use. In fact, it also doesn’t cause hassles of registration and sign-ups.

This Akismet anti-spam WordPress plugin is free to use. In fact, it doesn’t bother you of any registrations and sign-ups to buy this.


  • It automatically checks all the comments posted by the audience and filtered out the ones that looks like a spam.
  • With Akismet plugin, you can find out which comments were cleared or which were spammed or unspammed.
  • The plugin saves your disk space and speeding up your site by discarding the spam contents.
  • This plugin allows the moderator to see the number of approved comments for each users.

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6. Cerber Security & Antispam: Anti Spam WordPress Plugin

It is free but still contains a rating of 5/5. This free anti-spam WordPress plugin has won the hearts of users. It tracks every record about how many numbers of users get login into your website, their activity, etc.

The plugin notified you via email. mobile or a desktop notification about each and every user’s performance on your website.

Cerber Security & Antispam WordPress Plugin


The plugin is absolutely free. You can get this from wordpress.org.


  • It provides restriction if anyone logined on your site by IP address or any different subnet.
  • Supports Cerber Anti-spam engine for protecting your website’s contact form.
  • It provides “submit captcha option” to protect website’s login form, registration and comment forms.

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7. Antispam-bee: Anti Spam WordPress Plugin

Anti-spam is an extremely productive spam fighting WordPress plugin which protects your website from various unwanted messages or comments. It includes privacy hints and protection against spam contents.

Antispam Bee WordPress Plugin


You can buy this WordPress plugin at free of cost only from wordpress.org.


  • It selects spam indicators to send a notification to you in the case found any spam contents.
  • The plugin provides a spam-check comment form on its archive pages.
  • It automatically deletes the spam contents from your website.

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Final Word:

We wrote this article to introduce you the best anti-spam tools. There are thousands of plugin are available in WordPress and we’ve picked those plugins as well that can do excellent work to protect your site.

Moreover, if you have any suggestion regarding this blog post, do share with us.

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