The world is moving at a fast pace and instant has become a new favorite, that’s why nowadays most of the people prefer online communication tools such as Skype for instant contact with one-another.

If you are running an online business website, then your viewers want instant and efficient support from your end and the old school contact form fails here.

So, it’s high time to get into face to face conversation with them by using useful WordPress Skype Plugins.

Now, we are asking you to upgrade your website with WordPress Skype plugins to get to skyrocket the support vertical of the website.

Here we have compiled a list of 6+ WordPress Skype plugins which will help you to get connected with your clients within a fraction of the time. As instead of leaving a written comment, users could press the button and speak with you instantly.

However, the WordPress Skype plugins are not just to ease up the support for viewers but it’s also for your clients who may want to have video chat with you at a time.

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Without wasting your much time let us discuss each WordPress Skype plugins in detail

1. Skype Us – WordPress Plugin

Skype Us plugin is one of the finest plugins in the list of WordPress Skype plugins. The plugin helps you to do face to face communication with your visitors via Skype.

Further, by using this plugin you can create an ample number of Skype buttons and add them anywhere on your website. Moreover, you can enable or disable chat, call, video call actions according to your choice.

 Skype Us WordPress Skype Plugins

Pricing :

You can buy this Skype Us WP plugin at $13 with 6 months support and regular updates.

Features :

  • It has an admin options panel by which you can do as many changes as you want with ease.
  • You are allowed to display, hide or change any Skype action button according to your need.
  • The plugin provides you many Skype action button such as chat, call, video call etc to get connected with your users.
  • Skype Us plugin consists of a send file option by which you can easily send documents to your clients.

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2. Chat It – Skype WordPress Plugin

Chat It is a powerful WordPress plugin with the help of which your users can get your content across the world in a single click. This plugin helps you to add useful buttons for sharing site content in the most popular messengers, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype etc.

It has customizable button design by which you can make easy changes according to your need.

Chat It WordPress Skype Plugins


You can get this Chat It plugin at a reasonable price of $19 with 6-months support and regular updates.

Features :

  • You can set button title text and background color according to your choice.
  • It gives a perfect look to your website with unlimited color and edit options.
  • This plugin provides shortcode for embedding sharing buttons into the post content.
  • Chat It plugin provides a widget for showing share buttons in any sidebar on your site.

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3. Skype Chat – WordPress Plugin

This is the most widely used plugin in the WordPress Skype plugins list. The plugin enables a chat box on your website. The chat box is developed for the visitors to your website so they can communicate with you through Skype.

Then it helps you to do instant messaging which is much faster than Emailing. Also, it is the easiest way to get connected with your various users at a time as everything will be in real time.

Skype Chat WordPress Skype Plugins

Pricing :

This plugin is available at just $17 with 6 months support. You can extend your support up to 12 months by paying $4.88 only.

Features :

  • It supports chat with multiple users and visitors at the same time.
  • This plugin helps in photo and file sharing with a complete chat history available.
  • You can showcase chat box on any page or post on your online business website.
  • Skype Chat WordPress plugin supports both voices as well as video calling option.

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4. Ultimately Social – Skype WP Plugin

This WordPress Plugin is the best media plugin which helps to put various social media icons to your WordPress Website. Ultimately Social WP plugin helps you to pick from more than 200 design styles to give your site a better presentation.

Further, the plugin has the faster response so that you can share maximum content at a time. Moreover, you will be getting more access to your website with the help of amazing social media icons provided by this plugin.

Ultimately Social WordPress Skype Plugins


Buy Ultimately Social WP Plugin at $24.98 with 24/7 support.


  • It has a subscription form by which users can get new post notification via email.
  • The plugin has various placement options through which you can define the location of social sharing icons on the page.
  • You can get more followers to your website by displaying a pop up asking users to follow you.
  • There are more than 76 social sharing platforms with the help of which you can connect with your users.

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5. Wow Skype Buttons Pro – WP plugin

Wow Skype Buttons Pro plugin add the Skype button on your website with adjustable functionality and display options. It helps you to communicate with users through Skype so that there is no need for additional communication channel or chat support.

This plugin does multipurpose tasks at a time. Some of the actions are recorded the voice message, send contact details or attachment, voice or video call etc.

 Wow Skype Buttons Pro WordPress Skype Plugins

Pricing :

  • Single site license – Available at $8.00.
  • Five site license – Available at $15.
  • Unlimited site license – Available at $30.

Features :

  • It allows you to select the skype icon size according to your choice.
  • Wow Skype Buttons Pro plugin helps you to select any color you want for the dropdown.
  • You can showcase your Skype status by enabling Skype status button on the site, so the clients could see when you are online.
  • This plugin helps you to create multiple numbers of Skype buttons and place them anywhere on your website with a shortcode.

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6. Skype Legacy Buttons – WordPress Plugins

Skype Legacy Buttons plugin is simple yet effective WP plugin in the list of WordPress Skype plugins. This plugin helps you to add multiple Skype buttons to your website as well as it allows you to put Skype button themes in your pages and posts content.

Skype Legacy Buttons WordPress Skype Plugins


Skype Legacy Buttons plugin is free of cost. You can download it from

Features :

  • The plugin is translation ready in nature so that you can convert it in your language easily.
  • Skype Legacy Buttons plugin allows you to create your own shortcodes.
  • You can put various button themes such as call me, skype me etc in the frontend of your website.
  • The plugin is highly customizable so that you can make easy changes according to your need.

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7. Social Media Share Buttons – WordPress Plugin

Social Media Share Buttons plugin is a professional WordPress plugin. It is developed for social media sharing and optimizing your online website content. Further, this website gives you prominent share buttons for your Twitter tweets, Facebook shares etc.

It is highly customizable and user-friendly plugin with several filters and design. Moreover, this plugin is extensible with many Add-Ons such as Google analytics, YouTube video share and many more.

Social Media Share Buttons WordPress Skype Plugins

Pricing :

Download Social Media Share Buttons plugin Free of cost from official WordPress website.

Features :

  • The plugin consists of high-resolution social sharing buttons icons.
  • It allows objecting and transient caches to provide fast execution speed of Social Media Icons.
  • Consist of custom CSS field for styling of the social media shares buttons according to your wish.
  • Social Media WP plugin has share count function which helps you to show a number of shares on your post.

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We hope you like this collection of 6+ WordPress Skype plugins. This article consists of both free as well as paid plugins you can choose accordingly.

You can ask your queries in the comment section. Also, you can provide suggestions, Your valuable suggestions are most welcome.

Stay tuned for more plugins.