Most nonprofits are bound for time and budget, so how can they construct a base of supporters while offering help to those in need?

Email marketing is one of the successful promotional channels available, as reviews show that it is the second stage, after online networking, that motivated people to support a cause.

Using email marketing, nonprofits can inform supporters & generate donations without taking the focus away from its clients.

Works very quickly: The complete process from preparing a concept & creating the message to delivering into the subscriber inboxes can take just a few hours.

Communicative: Today’s tech-savvy people are used to email communication & are familiar with the idea of receiving & responding to such messages.

Results are measurable: Precisely track the performance of email campaigns & the stats helps to improve the next message.

To give you some inspiration for using emails to support nonprofit agencies, here is a list of best charity email marketing services for NGOs & social welfare. All of them are reliable in sending emails to your database, coupled with images, CTAs & list segmentation.

The email marketing service provider mentioned in this round-up are devised using a powerful Drag & Drop builder – an integral part of online marketing tool MailGet Bolt.

Email Marketing For Charity Organizations & Funding Agencies

Email marketing for charity organizations & funding agencies enables to build emails using easy-to-use builder. Add images, text related with philanthropy association in the predefined content blocks of the email templates.

The software promises high inbox delivery rates of the emails, thereby increasing the chances of email opening & clicking. Easily manage huge contact lists & send them bulk emails in few clicks.

Charity Email Marketing Services

Features Of Charities Email Marketing Software

  • This email marketing software displays the bounced, spammed & unsubscribed contacts.
  • Maintain a fruitful communication with the donors & users using the autoresponder email feature.
  • Send charities related emails with personalized tags, as this will indeed catch the attention of recipient.
  • One of the main features of this service is the dashboard, which discloses the email opening, unopening & clicking rates.

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Email Marketing For Fundraising Companies

A top-class email marketing for fundraising companies will not just advertise the fundraising activities & events, but also shape a relationship with people for society’s welfare.

Create email templates for funding institute with the help of handy email builder tool or use the free readymade theme templates available with this software. Track the sent emails & upgrade your messaging style by monitoring the previous campaign’s results.

Email Marketing For Fundraising Companies

Elements Of Fundraising Companies Email Marketing Software

  • Revert back to your subscribers & volunteers without being online with the help of autoresponder emails.
  • Use the auto-follow-up feature to resend the same emails to those clients who haven’t opened the messages for the first time.
  • Add/relocate/rearrange pictures, text of fundraising events to build email templates suiting the funding firm’s standard.

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Email Marketing For Child & Human Rights NGO

A resposnive email marketing for child & human rights NGO will do wonders for the agency. Collect email addresses by embedding subscription forms on high-traffic websites & continuously grow the contacts list.

Autoresponder & drip emails are the best way to keep the conversation going. Drips are a series of pre-scheduled emails to help you explain how the organization works and how the funds are used in a systematic manner.

Email Marketing For Child & Human Rights NGO

Attributes Of Child Rights NGO Email Marketing Software

  • Send automated welcome email & let the subscribers know that they are important to the success of the NGO.
  • Want to check that how the emails look in the inbox? Use the email inbox preview feature of this child rights email marketing software to do so.
  • Design email templates for promoting the special human rights events & add an unsubscribe handle to empower users to discontinue the email service.

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Email Marketing For Women Empowerment Organizations

Build emails for news, occasional messages or any event information of the women empowerment organizations & send them to thousands of prospects appealing them to join your drive.

Make sure that the subscriber list is always up to date & segregated by using the list segmentation facility of this email marketing service. This ensures that the recipient not only opens & reads what you have to share but also gets occupied.

Email Marketing For Women Empowerment Organizations

Details Of Women’s Rights Agencies Email Marketing Service

  • The purpose of email marketing campaigns is to get the subscribers to take action, so remember to tell what you need from them with a strong call to action in the email templates.
  • Schedule the emails to be sent a later point of time, so that you can target prospects living in different time zones
  • Methodically set the date & timings of a series of emails using the drip feature to educate the volunteers & subscribers about details of women’s rights agencies.

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Email Marketing For Human Rights Groups & Welfare Foundations

Utilize email marketing services to promote human rights groups by sending a series of provoking messages regarding welfare foundations among wider audience by running a regular or automated drip campaign.

This best software furnishes you with a colossal number of components that you can use for tracking the performance of email campaigns. Drive in more support for the nonprofit group by regularly updating your messaging style.

Email Marketing For Human Rights Groups

Details Of Human Welfare Email Marketing Software

  • Addressing the subscribers with personalized tags enhances your reputation & shows that some effort has been taken to avoid sending the same message to everyone.
  • This human welfare email marketing software provides a very efficient list management service showing you the details of bounced/spam/unsubscribed ids.
  • The email templates are completely responsive which means that you can aim the users via their mobiles, iPads, etc.

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Email Marketing For Crowdfunding Companies

Promote the goodwill message that you strive for via emails & draw more supporters using this email marketing for crowdfunding companies. Easily build email templates to showcase crowdfunding ideas or use the pre-built & free theme templates.

Create contacts list according to their funding capabilities & send them only those messages to which they can relate to. Use the integrated Google analytics feature to trace the sent emails & subscriber’s action.

Email Marketing For Crowdfunding Companies

Particulars Of Email Marketing Service For Charity Fund Companies

  • Use drips & auto responder emails to stay connected with new crowdfunding donors right from the point of their subscription.
  • Acknowledging the user personalized emails will give them a feeling of recognition & also establish the charity’s worth & brand.
  • Resend emails to those subscribers who haven’t opened the emails for the first time.

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Email Marketing For Youth Empowerment Organizations

Flourish your youth empowerment programs across the globe with the help of email marketing & motivate more youth to join the initiative by sending them influential emails.

To build up an accessible contacts list you can either import the contacts manually or simply add a CSV file. Group the subscribers into different categories using list segmentation feature as this will empower you to send a specific message to any particular contact list.

Email Marketing For Youth Empowerment Organizations

Features Of Youth Empowerment Agencies Email Marketing Software

  • Target the selective youth by choosing the right campaign: regular or drip emails.
  • This youth empowerment agencies email marketing software promises a high inbox email delivery rate.
  • Email scheduling feature allows pre-setting time, date & day to send emails automatically at the right time.

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Email Marketing For Old Age Homes & Elderly Care Centers

Email marketing is a very effectual way to inform the needy people about old age home services. You can custom design email templates to feature the services & facilities of the elderly care center by using the simple email builder tool.

Just click on any of the contacts lists that you have built earlier & start sending them bulk emails without any hectics. To keep you updated about the behavior of users & emails, the dashboard displays all the stats of opened/unopened/clicked email rates.

Email Marketing For Old Age Homes & Elderly Care Centers

Main Features Of Old Age Homes Email Marketing Software

  • Collect numerous contacts from all over the world by embedding sign-up forms on high-traffic websites.
  • Drips are automated set of emails that go out based on the user’s action & helps to maintain a constant communication.
  • Use the auto-follow-up feature to send emails to those subscribers who have not reacted to your previous messages.

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Email Marketing For Charitable Trusts & NGO

Spread out the message of your charity all over the world with the help of emails. Use email marketing for charitable trusts to plan, design inspiring email templates & send them to thousands of people readily.

Employ the regular or drip email campaigns to make your subscribers aware about the social endeavors of your agency. Manage the contacts by segmenting them according to their social welfare interests, as this will help to deliver specific messages.

Email Marketing For Charitable Trusts & NGO

Prime Features Of Email Marketing Tool For Charitable Trusts

  • Send innovative welcome emails to grab the attention of users right from the moment of their subscription.
  • This email marketing solution provides a very interactive dashboard, which has contact tab where you can see the bounced, unsubscribed & spam email Ids.
  • Drive in more volunteers & supporters for your agency by delivering emails with personalized names.

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Wrapping It Up!

A responsive email marketing solution must fulfill the needs of email recipients & compel them to 1) open & read the message, 2) consider acting on it, & 3) take the requested action. All the above-listed email marketing service providers will help you do so. Choose the one that matches with your commercial requirements & start your online marketing journey.

Excited to see that how these email templates have been designed & want to create templates on your own? Then, click here.

If you are planning for e-advertising of other business niches, like for restaurants or doctors, then find a suitable tool from our huge collection of email marketing services for various professions.

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