A good news, for taxi agencies & travelers alike, is that the email marketing for cab companies can bring everyone together in a very quick & cost-effective manner.

It provides modern methods that traditional marketing platforms do not offer.

  • Cons: Print media marketing – paper ads/newspapers easily ignored & missed.
  • Pros: Online marketing personalized emails – chances of emails being read by users.

It is affordable & easy to operate for any non-technical person.

  • Cons: Cab companies work with a thin margin of error  can’t afford big additions.
  • Pros: Email marketing  send bulk emails – raise profit while reducing expenses.

The integrated features result in interactive communication.

  • Cons: Most marketing & advertising tools  one-way endeavor – no intercommunication.
  • Pros: Emails with images, text  people see the taxi firm in action  more interactive.

Here is a collection of best taxi services email marketing software to help you find a perfect solution, that could increase the cab booking agencies & car rental companies revenue.

1. Email Marketing For Carpooling Services

Carpooling has become a very profitable mode of traveling because of the environment-friendly results. Use advanced email marketing for carpooling services & promote your agency among thousands of customers.

Design attractive emails using the handy email builder tool. Simply add images, text, CTAs & much more to the pre-defined fields of the templates. You can drag-n-drop these blocks to create emails that suit your taste.

Email Marketing For Carpooling Services

Features Of Cab Sharing Agencies Email Marketing Service

  • Increase the chances of user engagement with the taxi promotional emails because of the 100% inbox delivery rate offered by this cab sharing agencies email marketing service.
  • Easily manage a huge contacts list by segmenting them into different groups according to their cab ride preferences.
  • Build a lead nurturing program right from the beginning by using the autoresponder emails & drip features.

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2. Email Marketing For Tricycle Taxi Services

This email marketing for tricycle taxi services is integrated with power-pack functionalities that simplify the process of creating emails & sending them to a bulk of clients.

Collect the leads of potential customers by embedding subscription form on high-converting websites. This software provides a list segmentation & contacts management feature that results in high click-through rates.

Email Marketing For Tricycle Taxi Services

Main Features Of Email Marketing Software For Rickshaw Services

  • Design best email templates using the drag-n-drop builder tool. Or else you can also use the free readymade theme templates provided by this email marketing software for rickshaw services.
  • Before sending the emails you can also see the email inbox preview to rectify any errors if made.
  • Add pictures of the tricycle vehicles, social icons in the email templates & you can also include an unsubscribe handle, which prevents the emails to be marked as spam by the users.

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3. Email Marketing For Cab Driving Business

The email marketing for cab driving business has extraordinary components through which appealing emails can be made effortlessly. Create contacts list by importing the contacts of your cabs agencies either manually or simply add a CSV file.

Start sending emails to the subscribers by running a regular or drip email campaign. This drip emailing feature provides you an extra edge in business promotion as it sends out a series of messages at a time when the users are most likely to engage with it.

Email Marketing For Cab Driving Business

Key Features Of Email Marketing Service For Cab Driving Agency

  • One of the key features of this email marketing service for cab driving agency is that you can track the sent emails, i.e., opened, unopened & clicked email rates.
  • This software promises a successful email campaign by providing a high inbox email delivery standard.
  • Target your cab service audience right from the first day of their subscription with the help of autoresponder & auto-follow-up emails.

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4. Email Marketing For Kids Cab & Travel Services

A reliable kids cab services is a strict demand of the parents & to help them out, any hackney travel agency can reach them via emails. Build emails featuring the cabs, vehicle pictures & offers with the help of uncomplicated email builder tools provided by this email marketing for kids cab services.

To achieve high email opening rates, send the emails of your kids’ travel service to the users along with a personalized tag. This will give them a sense of recognition & thereby increases the chances of their alliance with your transportation trade.

Email Marketing For Kids Cab Services

Traits Of Email Marketing Software For Kids Cab Services

  • Send automatically triggered emails to the clients according to their action using the auto-follow-up emailing feature.
  • One of the highlighting traits of this email marketing software for kids cab services is that you can create different contacts list & send them emails according to their travel preferences.
  • Schedule the emails to be sent at a later point in time & target those users who are living in different time zones.

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5. Email Marketing For Airport Cab & Charter Services

Email marketing for airport cab & charter services can be very productive if implemented in a correct manner. All the elements of this software are so integrated, that they help to reach the recipients’ inbox without many efforts.

Insert an email signup form on high-traffic networks & increase the contacts list easily. Manage all the collected leads by segmenting them into different lists according to their airport cab service requirements.

Email Marketing For Airport Cab Services

Features Of Email Marketing Software For Airport Cab Agencies

  • Send auto follow-up emails to the clients according to the message or action taken by them & provide them a 24*7 communication service.
  • To send bulk emails to thousands of clients, just select a particular contacts list & start sending messages.
  • The inbuilt Google analytics feature can be used to track the performance of the sent emails, whether how many of them have been opened, clicked or unopened.

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6. Email Marketing For Charter & Transportation Services

In order to get immense profit from the rental transportation services & earn a brand recognition, one should go for email marketing for charter business. Use this top online marketing software to custom design email templates & send them to users across the world in just a few clicks.

To get high opening rates & high conversion rates from the email campaigns it is very important to have a proper contacts management facility. This service provides it & assists in doing so very systematically.

Email Marketing For Charter Transportation Services

Advanced Features Of Charter Service Email Marketing Software

  • The handy email builder tools provide pre-defined blocks in an email template structure, where you can add pictures, CTAs, social icons & rearrange them.
  • Send emails with personalized names of each subscriber to get maximum results from an email campaign.
  • The autoresponder & drip emails are advanced features of charter service email marketing software that promote the transportation business even if the service is offline at a particular moment.

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7. Email Marketing For Pilot Car & Escort Vehicles Services

Advertise the pilot car business by using the latest email marketing software for escort vehicle services. Build & send a bulk of emails, promoting the pilot vehicle via images & text, to clients & prospects.

Send personalized email to multiple users using the pre-built functionalities, which saves the time of writing the same message again & again for different users. You can also see the lists of unsubscribed users, bounced email & spam rates from the contact tab on the dashboard.

Email Marketing For Pilot Car & Escort Vehicles Services

Prime Features Of Pilot Car Email Marketing Service

  • Recheck the email before sending it using the inbox preview option provided by this pilot car email marketing service.
  • Schedule the transportation-related marketing emails to be sent at a particular date & time.
  • You can add images, text describing the prime features, catchy deals offered by the escort car trade & an unsubscribe handle in the template.

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8. Email Marketing For Taxi Services & Cab Booking Companies

Extend the cab booking companies & facilities to a huge number of people by email marketing for taxi services. This will help you to educate users about the different conveniences that the travel vehicle agency provides via emails.

Design attractive emails by using templates or else, use the exclusive & free pre-built theme templates provided by this software. To create a list of the subscribers, import the contacts manually or by uploading a CSV file.

Email Marketing For Taxi & Cab Booking Companies

Supreme Features Of Taxi Services Email Marketing Software

  • Run either a regular campaign or send the users a series of automatically triggered emails using the drip facility.
  • Increase the engagement with the users by sending automated emails to those subscribers who have not read the emails in the first time using the follow-up feature.
  • You can keep an eye on the performance of the recipients as well as on the sent emails.

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9. Email Marketing For Taxi Business & Chauffeur Services

With this excellent email marketing service, send mass messages to clients about chauffeur ride details, send promo codes, ride alerts, discount coupons, send ride flyers & more to lift the taxi appointments business.

The autoresponder is an interesting element of this email marketing for taxi business which is linked with the subscription forms on the taxi booking site. Any new client enlistment will get an auto-created email because of this feature.

Email Marketing For Chauffeur Services

Major Features Of Taxi Business Email Marketing Software

  • This email marketing software assures that the emails get delivered to the customer’s email inbox.
  • Create email templates with multimedia options or simply send textual emails using the basic text editor tool.
  • Send time scheduled emails to the taxi customers by running a drip campaign. A series of emails will be circulated to users at the set date & time.

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10. Email Marketing For Moto Taxi Agencies & Car Rental Companies

With the assistance of email marketing for moto taxi agencies, you can make huge amount of publicizing emails for your car rental companies. Send them to the clients as per your need & according to the demands of the clients.

Create different lists of subscribers so that you can easily recognize them & send them only those messages which suit their travel requirements. Resend emails to those prospects who haven’t opened those messages for the first time.

Email Marketing For Moto Taxi Agencies & Car Rental Companies

Key Attributes Of Email Marketing Software For Moto Taxi Agencies

  • Create numerous email templates concerning your moto taxi agencies with content & pictures. You can likewise include a link or call to action button to drive the users to the website.
  • Send text only emails by a basic text editor, create emails with custom HTML codes or use the free readymade theme templates.
  • Keep a track of the sent emails, their opening & clicking rates with the data displayed on the dashboard of this software.

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Let’s Wind It Up!

The above email marketing services are a sure-shot solution for a trouble-free promotion of the taxi company. They are responsive – fits into any device & screen, accessible – easy to work & the most important, affordable!

Pick the one that blends with your cab agency’s promotional standard & begin your journey in the email marketing world.

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