“Email marketing is all about building long-term relationships with the prospects via emails”

Ecommerce email marketing is a business tactic of using emails to generate more sales for your online store.

It can be easy like sending an email to people who have abandoned their shopping carts. Or complicated, like having several email campaigns that work together synchronously in multiplying the sales of your online shopping market.

Keeping this viewpoint in mind, online publicizing will help the online retailers:

  • To create superior promotions -> Drive in more customers.
  • Nurture subscribers from the beginning -> 100% engagement with them.
  • Manage & segment the contacts list more effectively -> Generate more sales.

To help you find a suitable software, here is a list of responsive & best eCommerce email marketing services for online shopping stores, which not just allows sending bulk emails, but also empowers to design custom emails for the e-retail shop.

All these email marketing software are build on the foundation of a powerful Drag-n-Drop builder, which is an integral part of the powerful tool MailGet Bolt.

1. Email Marketing For Resellers & Affiliate Marketers

Trying hard to save your vendor & reselling business with high exposure & advertisement? But still not able to achieve the desired goal? Try this email marketing for resellers & affiliate marketers that allow you to target your customers via their mobiles & desktops.

Easily design beautiful email templates for the affiliate business using the handy email builder tool, where you can add pictures, text, social icons by just dragging & dropping the contents. Send these promotional emails to a bulk of users & watch the business boom like anything.

Email Marketing For Resellers & Affiliate Marketers

Main Features Of Email Marketing Software For Resellers

  • Collect leads of all potential clients from all over the world by embedding email sign-up forms on high-converting websites.
  • The collection of contacts is not sufficient to & so, this email marketing software for resellers does the work of contacts segmentation & list management, which is a must for a successful email campaign.
  • The service is completely responsive which fits into any screen size & displays all the main features of the reselling trade’s effectively on any device.
  • Keep a track of the sent emails using the stats of the opened, unopened & clicked email rates being displayed on the dashboard.

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2. Email Marketing For eCommerce Businesses & E-markets

Enhance the brand of eCommerce businesses by building productive email templates & send them to the right bunch of audience at the right time. Take the help of this email marketing service designed to fulfill the online advertising needs of e-markets owners.

Collect numerous leads by placing subscription forms on various high-traffic websites & import contacts either manually or by uploading a CSV file to manage a huge number of subscribers. You can initiate a profitable communication with the users using the autoresponder & drip emailing feature of this email marketing service.

Email Marketing For eCommerce Businesses & Online Shopping

Salient Features Of eCommerce Businesses Email Marketing Tool

  • Group the subscribers into different categories according to their demands using the list segmentation feature of this eCommerce businesses email marketing tool.
  • Design custom email templates using handy email builder tool or else you can also use the free readymade email templates provided by this software.
  • The software ensures a high inbox email delivery, thus promising continuous user engagement & helps in the brand recognition.

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3. Email Marketing For Online Grocery Shops

Create awareness about the fresh & natural products of your store among a wider audience using this email marketing for online grocery shops. Create contact lists according to the types of customers, i.e., registered users, subscribed users or your partners. And send them only those messages with which they are likely to engage.

Before sending bulk emails featuring the various deals & offers, you can also view the email inbox preview. Just select a particular contacts list & start sending them emails. You can also track the rates of opened, unopened & clicked emails.

Email Marketing For Online Grocery Shops

Advanced Features Of Online Grocery Shops Email Marketing Software

  • Drag-n-drop pictures, texts, CTAs in the pre-defined blocks of the email templates to create attractive emails for the grocery store.
  • Using this premium online grocery shops email marketing software, you can also add an unsubscribe handle in the template, which will prevent the emails to be spammed.
  • One of the advanced features of this tool is integrated Google analytics by which you can monitor the email campaigns & the visitors coming to online grocery website.

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4. Email Marketing For Online Retailers

Accelerate the online retailing trade by sending catchy deals & offers straight to the fingertips of your probable customer base via emails. This top email marketing for online retailers is integrated with all premium elements which starts the email marketing process from scratch but makes the whole procedure an easy going one.

Collect thousands of contacts, easily manage them, send your subscribers & users personalized emails. This will give them a sense of recognition & thereby increases the chances of email opening & might also turn them into your customers.

Email Marketing For Online Retailers

Key Features Of Email Marketing Service For Online Retailers

  • Devise appealing email templates for online retailers & other key features of the eCommerce marketing using email builder tool. You can also use the pre-built templates which come free with this email marketing service.
  • You can run a regular email campaign or else send the subscribers a series of automatically triggered emails by running a drip campaign.
  • The autoresponder feature gives automated replies to the subscriber based on their activity on your e-retail website.

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5. Email Marketing For Online Toys Sellers

Employ the quickest & most affordable email marketing solutions to expand your online toys sellers business. Easily design tempting emails for the colorful range of toys with the use of pictures, taglines in the pre-defined fields of the email templates.

This email marketing for online toys sellers also offers free pre-built templates which get cloned & stored in the dashboard in just a single click. You can also schedule the emails to be sent at a later point of time & efficiently reach users living in different time zones.

Email Marketing For Online Toys Sellers

Striking Features Of Email Marketing Software For Online Toys Sellers

  • Apart from sending thousands of emails with this email marketing software, you can also track the sent emails. This tool shows exact statistics about opened & closed email rates and much more.
  • Send auto-follow-up emails to the subscribers based on their contact information or the action taken by them.
  • Promote all the striking features of your toys selling trade by sending a series of automatically triggered emails via drip feature & deliver the message at an appropriate point of time.

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6. Email Marketing For Beauty & Cosmetics Stores

Know your customers’ requirement, keep up with the market & offer quality service to your clients with the help of a pro software – email marketing for beauty & cosmetics store. Promote the exclusive range of beauty products & discount offers with the help of stunning email templates.

You can either use ready-made email templates provided by this tool or custom design them by a simple drag-n-drop concept. Know the best time to send emails in order to improve the email opening rates & make the campaign successful.

Email Marketing For Beauty & Cosmetics Stores

Major Features Of Beauty Store Email Marketing Service

  • Establish a fruitful contact with the beauty store’s subscribers & users with the use of autoresponder & drip email features.
  • Pre-schedule the emails to send them later at a time when they are most likely to connect with your message in order to get 100% engagement with the user.
  • This beauty store email marketing service systematically manages all the contacts & segments them according to their beauty product requirements.
  • Easily build a list of subscribers by importing the contacts manually or by adding a CSV file. Select a particular list to start sending them emails about newly launched beauty products or promotional messages about the major features of cosmetics.

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7. Email Marketing For Ecommerce Fashion Stores

Build a brand reputation of your fashion eCommerce store with the help of this top-class & professional email marketing software. Smoothly create impressive emails featuring pictures of the fashion outlet & catchy headings, which are a sure-shot solution to hit the demands of prospects.

Regularly keep a track of the sent emails via the stats displayed on the dashboard. This data is very crucial for monitoring the performance of the sent emails & gives you the power to react according to what works best for the subscribers.

Email Marketing For Ecommerce Fashion Stores

Key Features Of Ecommerce Fashion Stores Email Marketing Tool

  • The key features of this software include automatically triggered emails, drip emailing facility & you can also re-send emails to those clients who did not open the emails for the first time.
  • Boost the eCommerce fashion stores email opening rates by sending messages with personalized names of the users.
  • Add & move/relocate images, text, social icons & CTAs in the email templates to design them according to your taste.

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8. Email Marketing For Fashion Designers & Boutique Shops

Want to magnify your fashion designer brand & grow the sales of your style store, then use this email marketing software to reach out to your potential customers via emails. This online promotional tool is quick, affordable & simplifies the whole process of email building & sending them in bulk.

Get a high-conversion rate through your email campaigns by using the auto-follow-up feature. Start contacting the users by sending them emails with personalized tags & you can also rectify any errors present in the message with the help of email inbox preview.

Email Marketing For Fashion Designers & Boutique Shops

Chief Features Of Fashion Designers Email Marketing Software

  • Design the email templates that suits the style of your designer outlet by adding multiple images, catchy deals on fashion products & much more to the pre-constructed fields of the email layout.
  • Enhance the chances of user engagement with the help of auto-responders, drip emailing feature of this fashion designers email marketing software.
  • Embed email signup forms on various high-traffic websites & constantly expand the contacts list without any effort.

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9. Email Marketing For Cars & Automotives Dealers

Promote brand new cars, automobiles & after-sale services offered by your automotive store with the help of emails & drive more customers to your car dealer shop. This premium tool – email marketing for cars & automotive dealers in integrated with all the elements, that provide:

  • Handy builder tool to devise emails for car deals & offers.
  • Collect numerous contacts & manage them without any difficulty.
  • Send the automobile promotional emails to thousands of users in a single click.

Sending emails to the subscribers isn’t enough to get a fruitful result for the cars business from the email campaigns. The inbuilt Google analytics tool helps you to keep a track on the sent emails & helps you to perform better.

Email Marketing For Cars & Automotives Dealers

Prime Features Of Cars Email Marketing Service

  • The cars email marketing service promises a 100% inbox delivery, which builds the brand & increases the chances of email opening.
  • Schedule the emails to be sent a later point of time so that the users are more likely to engage with the message.
  • Feature images of cars, promote the exclusive discount offers in the email templates & visualize their inbox preview, before sending them.

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10. Email Marketing For Fitness Equipment Dealers

Start getting more sales on your fitness equipments deals by using an online means of promotion. Design email templates starring the gym machines & send them in bulk to a huge number of subscribers.

This email marketing tool for gym appliance dealers fits the templates & messages into any screen size, thus helping in reaching the techno-friendly users. Use the autoresponder & drip emails to connect with gymming freaks right from the beginning.

Email Marketing For Fitness Equipment Dealers

Major Features Of Email Marketing Tool For Fitness Appliances Dealers

  • The interactive dashboard gives complete details of the email opening rates, unopened emails & other information.
  • Utilize the feature of personalized tags to deliver the emails to subscribers with their names. This gives a sense of recognition & increases the chances of customer conversion.
  • You can also see inbox preview of the emails starring major features of gym machines before actually sending those messages.

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11. Email Marketing For Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Astound your potential clients by sending them offer, uncommon deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Self-design your email templates with simple to utilize drag and drop email builder.

For attaining huge sales on these super-offer days, you need to get the emails delivered to the right bunch of customers at the most appropriate time. List management helps to devise a proper subscribers list & the drip feature assists in flinging the messages to them at the right time.

Email Marketing For Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Features Of Email Marketing Software For Black Friday Deals

  • Group the users according to their requirements using the list segmentation feature & send them only those messages with which they are likely to relate.
  • Track the performance of email campaigns as the dashboard displays all the stats regarding the email opening & unopened rates.
  • Send emails with personalized names of the user, as this will grab their attention & increase the click through rates of the emails.

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Ending Words!

The above collection of best email marketing software & services for eCommerce businesses is responsive, quick & enables to target the potential customer base via emails. Employ the one that fits into your business perspective & starts a smooth online promotional ride with the well-integrated features.

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