Without any second thought, emails are one of the most effective promotional channels when it comes to drawing more sales for any fashion retail business.

That’s because the client’s email inbox is their personal online environment & getting an authority to have a business conversion there gives a level of distraction-free attention to your message that you can’t get on social networks.

But even with a clear-cut list of email subscribers & with an upright marketing strategy, sometimes it can be challenging to think of a conversion focused email campaigns for fashion houses & clothing line store owners.

With this approach in mind & to help you find a suitable way to promote your vogue shop amidst a huge number of potential customers, here is a list of 12+ best fashion email marketing services for clothing, footwear shops & all fashion related business.

All the email marketing services discussed below are created using a Drag-n-Drop email builder, which is a unified feature of a powerful tool – MailGet Bolt.

1. Email Marketing Service For Model Wear Shops

This email marketing service has all the elements to share regular updates about the latest fashion and brands with people via attractive email templates. Design the templates to feature the range of model wear clothes, deals & offers on them with easy to use builder tool.

You can run regular as well as drip email campaign according to what suits best with the fashion business perspective. Track the email campaigns promoting model wears with the stats displayed on the software’s dashboard & revise your messaging style according to it.

Email Marketing Service For Model Wear Shops

Features Of Email Marketing Software For Model Wear Stores

  • The email templates designed with this email marketing software are completely responsive which means they efficiently fit any device.
  • Start building a consistent communication with fashion freak crowd right from the first day of their subscription with the help of autoresponder emails.
  • Add images of model wear clothes, social icons, powerful buttons in the email body to drive more & more customers to your website.

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2. Email Marketing Software For Groom Shopping Outlets

If you are having a groom shopping store and want to lead the race with your competitors, then you must definitely start promoting the dashing collection of groom wears with email marketing services. You can showcase the wedding clothes, accessories over attractive email templates & send these emails in bulk quantity.

Collect numerous contacts by embedding email sign-up forms on various high-traffic websites & arrange these subscribers according to their wedding clothes preferences with the list segmentation feature.

Email Marketing Software For Groom Shopping Outlets

Key Features Of Groom Shopping Stores Email Marketing Tool

  • Keep your subscribers updated by sending them e-brochures of latest groom wears collection with the autoresponder feature.
  • This email marketing tool promises a high email inbox delivery rate, which helps in improving your apparels brand.
  • Track the success & failure rates of the previous email campaigns with the data displayed on the dashboard.

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3. Email Marketing Service For Beauty Exhibitions & Fairs

Advertise your beauty exhibition organizing portfolio by sending emails regarding the same to a bulk of clients with this email marketing service. You can design email templates by just dragging & dropping the pre-built content blocks.

This tool has a unique list management facility, which arranges thousands of contacts in a well-accessible manner. To make your subscribers feel special & to gain their engagement, you can send them the beauty events managing emails with personalized tags.

Email Marketing Service For Beauty Exhibitions

Traits Of Beauty Exhibition Email Marketing Software

  • Evaluate, analyze & rectify your beauty fair’s email campaigns easily with this top-class email marketing software.
  • You can also preview the emails before sending them, so as to have an idea about how the emails look in the inbox.
  • Drips, autoresponder & auto-follow-up emails are the perfect mode to stay connected with clients 24*7.

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4. Email Marketing Tool For Closet & Wardrobe Managers

With a number of powerful options available with this email marketing tool, closet organizers can showcase their wardrobe management skills to a wide orbit of potential customers via emails.

Build creative & informative email templates with handy builder formats & send them either by using regular or drip campaign. Drips are a series of emails which are pre-scheduled to be delivered at a later point of time to advertise the closet features in a systematic manner.

Email Marketing Tool For Closet & Wardrobe Managers

Elements Of Email Marketing Service For Closet Managers

  • To ensure that right email is delivered to the right person, segment your subscribers according to their preferences in closet organization.
  • Use the email personalization tactic to gain secured attention from the recipients.
  • The auto-follow-up emails are a perfect medium to automatically send the same emails to those who haven’t opened the message for the first time.

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5. Email Marketing Software For Fashion & Vogue Houses

Expand fashion house in the most exotic way with the help of email marketing software, as you can design the email templates for the complete range of apparels & send them in bulk quantity to thousands of clients.

Give updates about the latest brand in your shop via drip & autoresponder emails, schedule the emails to be sent at a specific point of time, so that the users get engaged & are tempted to buy from your shop.

Email Marketing Software For Fashion Houses

Key Features Of Email Marketing Tool For Fashion Houses

  • Either send emails with multimedia options, text messages or you can even create your own fashion house templates using HTML & CSS codes.
  • Nurture a healthy communication with clientele right from the moment of their subscription by linking email signup forms with the autoresponder feature.
  • To ensure that the fashion related emails are not marked as spam by the user, you can also add an unsubscribe handle in the message body.

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6. Email Marketing Service For Virtual & Online Stylists

Email marketing software for virtual stylists is equipped with the many beneficial features which can prove commercial for any fashion styling agent. You can showcase all your styling skills with images & text in the email template.

Remind customers about the upcoming styling sessions with the autoresponder & drip emails. Build the virtual styling service into a huge brand, as this software assures that the emails are delivered right to the subscriber’s inbox.

Email Marketing Service For Virtual Stylists

Features Of Email Marketing Solution For Virtual Stylists

  • To grow your contacts list without any efforts embed sign-up forms on high traffic websites.
  • Track all the fashion service emails with the Google analytics integrated with this software to analyze the success & failure of the campaigns.
  • Use powerful button links in the email templates to ensure that the fashion freak crowd are driven to your styling company.

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7. Email Marketing Service For Wedding & Marriage Dress Shops

Flaunt the beautiful collection of wedding dresses & apparels with their pictures, deals offers on them on the email templates. You can automate the whole process of email sending using the drip, autoresponder & auto-follow-up emails.

Sending the emails to your potential customers is not enough to grow your business. The encapsulated Google analytics feature can be utilized to keep an eye on the previous emails & know that how many of them are opened, clicked or unopened.

Email Marketing Service For Wedding & Marriage Dress Shops

Attributes Of Email Marketing Software For Marriage Dress Stores

  • To reach your prospects with the most targeted message, firstly segment them according to their preferences.
  • This email marketing software helps in building a reputation of your wedding apparel shop by ensuring that the emails are sent to the inbox.
  • To have an idea of how the wedding store’s emails look in the inbox, you can use the email preview option, while designing the email templates.

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8. Email Marketing Solution For Vintage Clothing Shops For Men

To attract more & more shoppers to your vintage apparel store and make more profit by increasing the sales, you should go for this email marketing solution. It has all the elements to easily design templates for displaying vintage clothes collection & send them in bulk.

You can even track the sent emails with the help of statistics displayed on the software’s dashboard & know the behavior of users towards the sent emails. By knowing this you can change the messaging style according to what works for the subscriber.

Email Marketing Solution For Vintage Clothing Shop For Men

Key Features Of Vintage Clothing Shops Email Marketing Tool

  • Send pre-scheduled emails to market all the premium vintage products & offers on them with the drip emails.
  • Actively respond to the action taken by the clients on your men’s vintage clothing business & service with the autoresponder feature.
  • Build an accessible email list of subscribers by importing the contacts manually or upload a CSV file.

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9. Email Marketing Service For Vintage Clothing Stores For Women

Email marketing service for vintage clothing shops is an effective tool which allows sending bulk emails to a number of customers at the same time & enhances the productivity of the clothing business.

The email builder can be used to create emails which will look captivating, where you can include images, text and buttons as well to redirect the customers to the clothes selling website.

Email Marketing Service For Vintage Clothing Stores For Women

Features Of Email Marketing Tool For Women’s Vintage Clothing Shop

  • Use the autoresponder emailing feature to send welcome emails or offers on the vintage clothing line to newly subscribed users.
  • The contacts tab on the dashboard of this email marketing tool displays unsubscribed, spam & bounced email ids.
  • All the emails sent from this email marketing software are responsive.

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10. Email Marketing Service For Fashion & Trend Academies

Emails can make or break opportunities for fashion schools, so it’s necessary that the emails are informative enough to explain your fashion training skills. This email marketing service is the one-stop solution for trend academies

With the premium features available, build email templates starring the fashion degree courses & their fee structure in a self-explanatory manner. Schedule the emails to be sent later when they are most likely to be absorbed by the recipient.

Email Marketing Service For Fashion Schools

Elements Of Email Marketing Tool For Fashion Academies

  • An autoresponder delivers a pre-written greeting or discount email immediately whenever subscriber registers for your email service.
  • To get a profitable response & higher sales conversion use the email personalization strategy.
  • This powerful email marketing tool gives you the freedom to segment the contacts according to their fashion interests.

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11. Email Marketing Service For Trendy Shoe & Boot Stores

Advertise your trendy shoe store’s collection among a wider orbit of potential clients by sending them emails promoting the shoes & boots. Add pictures, text, social icons, button links in the email templates & tempt your subscribers to try your training academy.

The email tracking analytics helps you to regularly keep an eye on the previous email campaigns & have a detailed idea about what works to drive more enrollments for the fashion academy.

Email Marketing Service For Trendy Shoe & Boot Stores

Prime Traits Of Email Marketing Software For Shoe Stores

  • Boost up the sales of shoe shop by automatically sending offers & deals on the range of shoes via drip email campaigns.
  • The drag and drop email builder & custom code editor is the highlight of this email marketing software.
  • Administer thousands of contacts with the list segmentation & management feature of this tool.

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12. Email Marketing Service For Luxury Bags Stores

This email marketing service for luxury bags stores offers the facility to send bulk emails to the clients in a very cost effective manner. You can send the emails with personalized tags & track the behavior of these emails with the email opening, clicking & unopened rates.

Resend the same emails to those subscribers who have not responded to the first emails. This will help you to make a consistent communication with the clients.

Email Marketing Service For Luxury Bags Stores

Key Features Of Luxury Bags Stores Email Marketing Software

  • Increase the engagement of subscribers with the luxury bags store’s services with the help of auto-follow-up feature.
  • Segment your customers in order of their choices like ladies go for handbags, kids go for school bags & accordingly send them only those messages.
  • Exhibit pictures of the bag shop, business motto & also add unsubscribe button so that the clients don’t mark your emails as spam.

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13. Email Marketing Solution For Fashion Accessories Stores

Start promoting accessories store to increase sale with the help of emails using this cost-effective email marketing solution specially designed for doodads shops.

Create email templates using HTML codes, drag-n-drop builder or just send text emails to the subscribers in order to advertise the handbags & purses. Drive infinite amount of prospects to your business by implanting email sign-up forms on high-profile networks.

Email Marketing Solution For Fashion Accessories Stores

Elements Of Fashion Accessories Stores Email Marketing Tool

  • Easily & quickly manage the list of contacts according to their handbags preferences to send them only targeted messages.
  • The auto-follow-up emails & drips are the best solution to build a profitable communication bridge with the clients.
  • Using personalized tags in the emails will definitely grab the attention & increases the chances of lead conversion.

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Concluding It Up

We hope that after checking up this post, you would be able to select the best email marketing services for your fashion related business, in order to effectively promote and manage your brand.

To your amazement, all the above-listed email marketing services are built on the framework of MailGet Bolt.

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