CMS PHP Script a specially designed for people who want to create and manage various sections like pages, posts, tags, categories, etc on a website with ease.

So, today in this blog you will find well-elaborated details related to 6 CMS PHP Scripts.

The PHP scripts defined here are responsive in design, affordable in cost, provide multiple customizations, and offer multilingual support as well.

That is not all.

Most of these scripts are equipped with powerful admin panel which allows you to add, edit and delete user details, website pages, blog posts and apply custom changes.

Moreover, these scripts can help you handle multiple as well as single websites or portals for the same console without much hassle.

Now let’s get on with each and every script details explained below.

1. Portal CMS PHP Script

Portal CMS PHP script is designed for those who want to create professionally crafted web portals.

With this script, you can manage multiple portals on different niches like real estate, travel, product & service listings, marketplace, etc.

The admin panel of the script gives you full control over add, update and remove operations which you performed on various web sections.

Price Plans:-

  • The cost of regular plan offered by this PHP script is $50. It includes various features, CMS services, free updates, and 6-month support.
  • The extended plan will cost you $900 with which you can design websites and portals for different business needs.

Features That This CMS PHP Script Holds:-

  • Allows you to manage users details, forms, categories, pages, menu, newsletter and other important settings.
  • With this script, you can easily add, edit, and delete categories on your website for different products or services.
  • It helps you manage various users details like username, name, email, date of registration and allows you to edit them as well.
  • You get the option to change logo, labels, content details along with the facility to approve or disapprove product listing and many more.
  • Different type of forms with custom fields can be created using this script. Plus, you can also add SMTP settings for effective emailing.

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2. DOT Micro CMS – PHP Script

You can use DOT Micro CMS script for creating blogging as well as normal websites with static content.

This script comes loaded with multiple widgets, image manager, sidebar sections and style options.

In addition, you can apply page templates, categories, tags, image and text styling as well. It also holds a full-fledged demo which is provided for the testing purpose.

Price Plans:-

  • Features offered by regular license of this script will cost $25.
  • $325 will be charged for the extended license of this PHP script. It holds frequent updates, quality check, support and CMS services.

Features That This CMS PHP Script Holds:-

  • The dashboard provides you an overview of posts, categories, users, pages, and helps you manage other website details.
  • This script has got a page builder which offers 21 content widgets, 13 post widgets, 6-page templates and multiple page options.
  • Allows you to create posts which can have featured image, page templates, tags, categories, and more.
  • You can define different type of tags with a tag name, slug, content description, feature image, etc.
  • With this CMS script, you can build pages and menus through an easy to use drag & drop builder.

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3. Consultine – Website CMS Script

Using Consultine CMS PHP script you can effectively handle consulting, business and finance related websites with ease.

The back-end panel is extremely user-friendly and permits you to perform all kind of internal changes on a website.

Plus, it also protects your website against admin level security and invalid page URL submission.

Price Plans:-

  • For the regular plan, you will have to pay $25 which includes multiple updates, support, basic CMS services, and browser compatibility.
  • For the extended plan of this PHP script, you will be charged $125 which offers enhanced features and services.

Features That This CMS PHP Script Holds:-

  • Through the admin dashboard, you can view users, categories, news, photos, videos, and team member details.
  • Helps you define custom settings like the logo, favicon, general content, email settings, news, banner and other details.
  • This is an SEO friendly CMS script that supports all major social media platforms and provides Facebook comment section for each post.
  • You can create and manage unlimited posts, pages, testimonials, news categories, FAQ categories and many more.
  • With this script, you can simply add and edit partner details like photo, name, URL and you get delete option as well.

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4. Vitubo – CMS PHP Script

Vitubo is a top class yet simple CMS script which is used by developers, agencies, and personal users to build a website.

With the help of this script, you can add pages, posts, menus, galleries, contact forms, accept reviews and more.

Another than that it enables you to add widgets and plugins, optimize your website for SEO and permits different customizations.

Price Plans:-

  • The regular plan has got a price tag of $24. It provides basic features, updates, quality check along with support.
  • The extended plan of this PHP script will cost you $120 which has various advanced features and CMS services.

Features That This CMS PHP Script Holds:-

  • This CMS application script offers responsive layout for both backend and front-end layouts.
  • With this script, you are allowed to add widgets with drag and drop on website pages.
  • Provides multilingual support for 8 different languages like English, Dutch, Spain, French, Russian, Portuguese Brazil, Japanese, Chinese.
  • It offers multiple theme options, unlimited color styles and supports different type of customizations.
  • This PHP script is compatible with the latest browsers like IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, etc.

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5. Prablo – PHP Blog CMS Script

If you want low price guarantee, free support, regular updates, and an easy to use CMS system then you should opt for Prablo CMS script.

This script has an advanced admin system which comes with multiple stylings, content settings, and edit options.

It will allow you to post blogs which hold categories, recent posts and advertise links in the sidebar section.

Price Plans:-

  • $19 is the amount which is payable for the regular plan of this script.
  • To enjoy the enhanced features of the extended plan you will have to pay $57.

Features That This CMS PHP Script Holds:-

  • Prablo is a simple CMS script which is fully responsive, easy to install and comes with multiple customizations.
  • It supports different type of tags for links, images, videos, etc.
  • This is a bootstrap based PHP script which looks great on a different type of devices with large and small screen sizes.
  • Allows you to add additional content to pages and posts with ease. Plus, you can perform various edit operations.
  • This script is translation ready and provides two different theme options for custom design.

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6. Simple CMS – By PHPJabbers

Simple CMS is one of the best content posting and editing PHP script for websites. It allows you to publish content on a website with text, images, categories, tags, etc.

This script provides developers license to users and accepts all type of customizations. In order to keep the data protected, it creates backups at regular intervals as well.

This script also provides demo options for both the front-end and back-end admin panel separately.

Price Plans:-

  • The user license of this responsive PHP script is priced around $25.
  • For the developer license, you will have to pay just $49 and you will get various advanced features and services.

Features That This CMS PHP Script Holds:-

  • The script offers a simple file upload option using which you can add different type of files like documents, images, archive files, etc.
  • The history log is a specialty of this PHP CMS script with which you can monitor each and every change performed on different sections.
  • It provides multi-language support for the front-end, pages, posts, and for other sections of the website.
  • With the help of Simple CMS PHP script, you can create an unlimited number of users who can have different access rights.

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We are all done with the 6 best CMS PHP Scripts here in this blog. Now, it is your call to select the script which best suits all your needs and requirements.

I hope that you must have found the one which fulfills all your requirements.

As most of the scripts defined here are loaded with essential features and services which are offered at an affordable cost.

For doubts or queries related to these scripts, you can contact us in the comments section below.

Also, have a look at the articles listed below as they hold PHP scripts that are currently in demand these days.