If you are looking for a responsive Directory PHP Script which is loaded with multiple features and advanced facilities.

Then you have landed at the right place.

In this blog, we have listed and defined some of the Best Directory Scripts which are currently available in the market.

Most of these script helps you manage directory lists, locations, customer details, vendor info, advertisements, categories and other essential business details. In addition, they offer responsive design, multilingual support, cross-browser compatibility, and all this at an affordable price point.

So, if you are willing to create a responsive business directory which is beneficial for users as well as your business.

Then let’s dive into the details of these PHP scripts.

1. DirectoryApp – Business Directory Script

DirectoryApp is another PHP business directory script which is equipped with geolocation facility. This script has got fast page load, supports different languages, multiple currencies, rating system and has other directory business essentials as well.

It also has an inbuilt contact form, search field, allows creating static pages, and more. Plus, you can also create custom fields for each and every category.

DirectoryApp Directory PHP Script

Price Plans Of This Directory PHP Script:-

  • Just $37 is the amount which will be charged for updates, 6-month support, directory features, custom fields and powerful admin panel.

Features Offered By This PHP Script:-

  • DirectoryApp PHP script supports multiple payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, 2Checkout, MercadoPago for easy and safe payment collection.
  • Provides exact directory locations as it is compatible with Google Maps, Mapbox, OpenStreetMap, HERE, TomTom, etc.
  • With the help of DirectoryApp script, you can create custom fields for different categories. You are also permitted to create global custom fields with this script.
  • Other than that multi-currency support, Facebook, Twitter & email login, user reviews, and SEO optimizations are also provided.

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2. Listing Portal – Business Directory PHP Script

This is a customizable Listing Portal PHP script through which admin can manage advertisements, directory membership plans, clients details, etc. It allows PayPal payment integration, dynamic email templates, multiple settings along with other facilities.

You can add and manage plans, different type of listings and visitors using this script. It also allows you to upload images with drag & drop.

Listing Portal Directory PHP Script

Price Plans Of This Directory PHP Script:-

  • Regular license will cost you $30 for all the basic services of this PHP script.
  • Extended license comes with a price tag of $625 with which you get enhanced directory features.

Features Offered By This PHP Script:-

  • Listing Portal directory script helps you handle user registrations, vendors status like active, inactive or blocked, view total ads, and allows you to filter list results.
  • With this script, you are allowed to create new plans with time duration and multiple details. You can also manage existing plans and edit their details with ease.
  • The vendor section comes with search option through you can fetch vendors by name, email ID or plan. It allows you to view, block and activate any vendor on the list.
  • You are permitted to create category and sub-categories in this script. Add a listing and manage different list details along with different type of advertisement as well.

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3. PHP Business Listings Classified Directory Script

This Business Directory script is specially designed for people who are willing to handle business profiles with details like contact info, business description, website link, email address, multiple categories, location links, etc.

With this, you can add custom categories that are associated with different businesses. You can create backups for directories and manage payment, inquiry, rating, gallery, FAQ and other types of modules.

PHP Business Listings Directory PHP Script

Price Plans Of This Directory PHP Script:-

  • The regular plan of this script will cost you $33. It will include various business directory features, frequent updates, and more.
  • For the extended plan, an amount of $121 will be charged. With this plan, you get advanced services, multi-browser compatibility, demo and installation guide.

Features Offered By This PHP Script:-

  • The script offers listing management, text editor, ban list creation, and 30 directory configuration settings which are easy to use.
  • This is an advanced directory script through which you can manage customers, listings, create categories, manage words, etc.
  • It provides a variety of pre-designed email templates which you can edit, delete or even create new. Plus, mass email campaigns for promotions can also be conducted with ease.
  • You can also manage payment details like different type of currencies, advertisement plans, order details and payment related statistics.

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4. Viavi – Directory Listing Script

Viavi is one of the most effective directory script with which unlimited listings, user ratings, and essential directory details can be managed. The users are allowed to submit listings from the front-end, login facility through Facebook, Google Plus, and other platforms is allowed.

Customer changes like the logo, favicon, site title, SEO optimizations, etc can be applied through the admin panel with ease.

Viavi Directory PHP Script

Price Plans Of This Directory PHP Script:-

  • The first plan of this script comes with all the basic directory features which cost around $25.
  • The second plan has got a price tag of $125 which holds 6 months support, updates, and multiple facilities.

Features Offered By This PHP Script:-

  • Using this PHP script you can create unlimited listings, categories, and sub-categories which can be managed from the admin panel with ease.
  • The dashboard gives an overview related to details like users, listings, locations, categories and more.
  • With this script, users can conduct a location-based search. It allows you to add, edit as well as delete different location from the admin panel.
  • The listing feature of this script comes with details like username, category, title, featured, status and action details.

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5. Online Business Listings Directory PHP Script – My Directory

If you want to create an online classified, business directory, business listings, etc then My Directory script will be best for you. It is easy to manage and customize PHP script which is fully responsive in design.

You can define logo, working hours, videos URL, website links, images, contact number etc in your directory. That is not all you can edit, add and delete different details from the admin panel.

Online Business Listings Directory PHP Script

Price Plans Of This Directory PHP Script:-

  • $23 is the price which is charged for the regular plan that holds entry-level services.
  • Next is the plan which offers extended features and enhanced services all at a cost of $115.

Features Offered By This PHP Script:-

  • The script is equipped with auto-suggest search, bulk importing, Google API, and multiple customizations.
  • You can manage product listing, users, categories, customer details, and menu options. Plus, this script is fully responsive and cross-browser compatible as well.
  • Through the admin panel, you can search, add, view and delete different advertisements. Users can submit new custom designed ads with just a few clicks.
  • Apply various customizations for language, email notifications, advertisements, locations, and for payment gateways as well.

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6. Clix – Business Directory Listing Platform

Clix is an advanced business listing script that allows you to create an effective listing directory without much hassle.

This script provides SEO optimization, directory section, login & registration system, social media sharing and more. It also supports various payment options like PayPal, Bitcoin, Stripe, cards etc.

Clix Directory PHP Script

Price Plans Of This Directory PHP Script:-

  • The regular plan of the script that holds basic features of directory management will cost you $36.
  • The extended plan of the same script with enhanced features comes with a price tag of $155.

Features Offered By This PHP Script:-

  • The users are allowed to post new directories, upload photos, add multiple currencies, send email notifications and manage profiles.
  • With this Directory PHP script, admin is allowed to handle list, category, locations, currency and other important settings.
  • You can simply create categories as well as sub-categories with details like name, image, creation date.
  • It permits you to import details like the location, customers list, categories, subcategory and other details in different file formats like Excel, CSV or PDF files.

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We have now arrived at the closure of this article. I am hoping that you will surely find a script which is useful for your business.

As most of the directory scripts defined here are loaded with features like customer management, user addition, listing facilities, category creation and much more.

We are also ready to entertain any type of doubts or queries related to these directory PHP scripts. You can freely mention them in your comments below and we will get back to you soon.

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