Using CodeIgniter URL class’s function, we can retrieve information from URI string. In this tutorial we are going to explain how we can use the URI class in CodeIgniter to retrieve information from URI segment.

Note: This class is initialized automatically so we do need to do it manually.


Segment function allow you to retrieve a specific segment form URI string where n is a segment number.Segments are numbered from left to right.For example,if  your URI like.

By the above example URI segment function give result by n parameter.

echo $this->uri->segment(1);//it will print blog
echo $this->uri->segment(2);//it will print language
echo $this->uri->segment(3);//it will print php
echo $this->uri->segment(4);//it will print function


slash_segment function allow you to retrieve a specific segment form URI string with slash and second parameter add slash to trailing and/or leading point. If the parameter is not used, added slash on trailing point. For example

echo $this->uri->slash_segment(1);//it will print blog/
echo $this->uri->slash_segment(2,'leading');//it will print /language
echo $this->uri->slash_segment(3,'both');//it will print /php/


uri_to_assoc function allow you to make associative array of key/value pairs from URI string.For example
$temp=  $this->uri->uri_to_assoc(2);
//it will print associative array of key/value pairs
//NOTE: change parameter 2 to n based on your URI length

Array ( [blog] => language [php] => function)


assoc_to_uri function use for generating  URI from associative array.For example

$url_data=array ( [blog] => language [php] => functions);
$str = $this->uri->assoc_to_uri($url_data);
it will Produces



uri_string function use for generating string from complete URI. For example
echo $this->uri->uri_string();
//it will return


total_segments function return the total number of segments. For example

echo $this->uri->total_segments();//it will return 4


segment_array function returns an array containing the URI segments. For example


/**  it will Produces
Array ( [1] => blog [2] => php[3] =>language [4] =>function )
//Or you can use  like

$uri_data= $this->uri->segment_array();
foreach ($uri_data as $segment)
echo $segment;
echo '<br />';


This was all about URI class in  CodeIgniter by using this we can perform different task by catching URI segment. Hope you like it, keep reading our other blogs